Topo #6999

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Route Grade Popularity Style
10 ** Gormenghast

Landmark orange off-width corner in centre of crag. Stem baby stem (no thrutching required). Protected by a heady mix of bolts and trad. Bring doubles of every cam between #0.25 Camalot to the biggest you can find, and some slings. Save a green Camalot for the exciting very last move over the rooflet. Double rap rings at top - lowering off is possible. This route was originally climbed using homemade tubes in the heady days of the 70s. The direct finish over the rooflet was done in 2014.

20 Mixed 28m, 4 Unlink route
11 ** Reality Check

Thin face on the wall right of Gormenghast. Finish up right arete to lower-off.

23 Sport 20m, 8 Unlink route

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