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Boulder Rock

Free standing egg-like boulders with easy access.

The Witch Area

The first area encountered when walking up the slab.

The Witch Area
V7 Beta Boy

Jump start to the obvious edge with desperate finish. Classic.

V9 to V10 Smiley Face

Start on crimps on the left and long move to nipple pinch.

V2 The Witch

Stand start on the left of the face on good edges. Desperate top out.

V7 The Witch SDS

Sit start on heinous crimps down low and up to good edges (stand is V2). Scary/desperate top out. Originally graded V9, closer to a solid V7 with some alternative beta.

V2 The Warlock

Stand start on the good edge on the right and then trend left to top out as The Witch.

V0 Problem #6

Warm ups.

V0 Slab

Up the face. Slippery now due to graffiti unfortunately

V5 4 Husbands 1 Wife

Start on the far left, low on the slopers of the slab and traverse right to finish.

V8 to V9 One Mover

Sit start on the poor crimps and low foot. Big throw to the arete and then follow the arete right and up. Second problem in this video:

V1 Problem #14
V1 Problem #15
V1 Problem #16
V1 Problem #17
V1 Problem #18
V6 Panic Button

Sit start on right and traverse left on slopers to direct. Scary.

V4 Panic Button Direct

Jump to the lip on the left corner to a desperate and scary mantle.

V3 Problem #9
V8 Baked Nipple

High-ish start on left hand edge and a right hand crimpy pinch.

V2 Problem #11
V1 Problem #12
Highball Area


Highball Area
V2 Himalayan Hopefuls

V2/V3, highball.

V6 Compression Bloc

Stand start and slap up the bulge. Highball.

15 Limestone Cowboy
20 An Adventure Out
18 The Mask of Death
Rightward Rise Project

Looks like there's enough there... Top looks a bit blank. High

Direct Project

If this goes then the traverse will go - not sure if there is enough up. Highball

V1 Slab 2

Up slab. Cool.

Watermelon Area

Home to the crag classic Watermelon.

Watermelon Area
V2 Slapspastic

Stand start. Slap up to top.

V7 Whatchadoingandy

Sit start on flake. Straight up to tiny crimps.

V6 Watermelon right

Traverse the seam to the original.

V5 Watermelon

Stand start on good holds and straight up flake. Awesome.

V6 The Press

Stand start with good crimp. Desperate mante....

V6 Watermelon Left

Sit start at the base of the left side of the flake and up into the original.

V4 Problem #28


V0 Problem #29
V1 Low ball warm up

Juggy warm ups.

V2 Undercling sit
V1 Problem #26

Stand start, mantle.

V4 The 26-27 Traverse

Stand start as Problem #26 then traverse right into Problem #27 and mantle.

V3 Problem #27

Jump to the lip and mantle.

V1 Tree Hugger

Up the obvious crack. Mind the tree...

V3 Bermuda Triangle

Follow the crack rightwards.

Possibly sit start?

Might have been done - there's some chalk burn there... Sit start with undercling.

In-stink area

Cool area off to the side. Less rubbish and graffiti here so a nicer part of the crag

In-stink area
V8 Use Your In-stink

Sit start, desperate to slab.

V4 Boulder Rock Renaissance

Difficult rock over to gain slab. Marginal slab moves to top-out.

Looks Possible
Hard and High Project

Potential classic

V0 Left Rise

Follow the obvious arete to the peak and rock over. Good warm up.

V0 Right Rise

Arete on the right of the peak.

V1 Gurning

Up the slab, avoiding the easy scoop for feet on the right.

V2 Gill Skill

Middle slab, avoiding the flakes of John Dory.

V0 John Dory

Up the obvious flakes on the left.

V0 Problem #45

Start 1m left of John Dory

V2 Problem #46
V0 Problem #47
V0 Problem #48
V1 Problem #49

Showing all 63 nodes.