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Mother Beddock is a large balancing rock in Horseshoe Bay near Bowen. It is the star attraction of the Mother Beddock Walking Track.

Access issues inherited from Bowen

No access issues really, except don't walk through any of the resorts to shortcut areas, this will only annoy the owners and could cause problems in the future.


Access is by hiking the Mother Beddock Walking Track.

Where to stay

Accommodation of all levels is available both in Horseshoe Bay and Bowen.

Ethic inherited from Bowen

Like most other areas, clean off your chalk marks, don't chip holds, if you need to chip it means you're just not strong enough so go train, and you're ruining it for others. Always go to the toilets in the carparks, don't do it anywhere else, nowhere here is it acceptable for a bush poo!


Check out what is happening in Mother Beddock.