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The largest crag at Brooyar both in number of climbs and in height, with the main wall some 45 metres in height.

Numerous routes offer long moderate climbs to short crimpy overhung affairs in the mid-20s.

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Park at the large carpark immediately adjacent to the lookout. The most direct access to the climbing is to walk back down the road towards the campground about 50 metres and then follow the light footpad to the cliffs.

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Some content has been provided under license from: © Australian Climbing Association Queensland (Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-Alike 2.5 AU)


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Grade Route

The obvious finger crack 20m from the road. More of a protectable boulder problem than a climb.

FA: FSA Herb Brandmeier & Paul Wright, 1991

15m L of L. Up to L of crack.

FA: FSA Herb Brandmeier & Paul Wright, 1991

Up the orange streak 2m L of G.

FA: FSA Herb Brandmeier & Paul Wright, 1991

Up fine seam at black streak at L end of this wall. Poor protection.

FA: FSA Herb Brandmeier & Paul Wright, 1991

Up the well protected blunt arete, steeper than it looks. Please update with the name if you know.

Up the sloping ramp on good holds to a set of big Brooyar rings on top.

The line of FH's starting partway up the gully of UR3 and heading R up the face.

Line of FH's up the sloping gully just L of UR2.

Long (pointless?) traverse.

Start: Starts off the block at the start of The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill.

FA: Saul Squires & Dani Geraghty, 1993

Start up slabby crack clipping UB before ledge. Lean out clipping second UB, then juggy climbing up the black featured wall past two more UBs before moving L to join MKK at its final bolt. Lower off as for MKK.

FA: Sam Cujes, 3 May 2009

The line going directly up the R arête of the scoop past five RBs to finish at rap rings. Nice juggy going to the top of the scoop, then open, balancy climbing to the station. Lower off.

FA: Lee Cujes & Erik Smits, 1999

Scramble up to the base of the orange scoop. Clip a piece of history (!) before moving into the scoop proper and the first of four UBs. Good moves take you up and L to the zenith of the scoop and small rooflet. A little corner caps things off. Lower-off.

FA: Lee Cujes, 3 May 2009

Start 4 meter left of 'Fatman Scoop'. Follow the shallow rib till you hit the break. Rock over a rooflet to get to the anchor. Unfinished, needed to recharge.

Set by radest, 2010

The next few climbs start from the legde and can be accessed by scrambling up to the start of 'Fatman Scoop'; left of 'Miss Kandy Kane'.

The climbs down the left end can also be done as a continuation from 'Digit Crucifixion'

Initialled. Starts at the L of the white scoop. Up thin vertical flakes. Move L onto the big protruding horn, FH. Hard move up and onto the face with BR. Up tending R to the cave and through the centre of the roof (hidden BR). Take assorted wires and slings.

FA: Herb Brandmeier Paul wright, 1991

Up thin black arete onto prominent flakes, RB. Straight up rain drain on RB's. Up onto and through steep orange wall. Start: Start 3 left of Tally-ho the fox

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Paul Wright, 1991

A steep, fun start off the ledge. 7 UBs and take a couple of slings. You can finish either L through the bulge (recommended) or R up the black slab (both variants are bolted).

Start: Belay from bolts on ledge.

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 2002

Great climb up some beautiful and exposed orange rock. Access the start of the climb by climbing 'Digit Crucifixion' or scramble up to large ledge from the right. Belay from DUBB. BR's have been replaced with hangers.

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 2002

The next two climbs start from the ground and finish at the ledge.

Tough start.

Start: Start 3 metres left of TGWLOHH.

FA: Saul Squires & Dani Geraghty, 1993

Anyone who can provide any insight into the rationale for this route name or provide route beta please do so here, thanks.

FA: Saul Squires & Dani Geraghty, 1993

The next two climbs are found by going down and then left (facing away from the cliff) from the base of 'Digit Crucifixion'.

The L route with two RBs. The topout mantle is interesting.

FA: Saul Squires, 1996

The R route with three rings. You'll want to stick clip the first one.

FA: Aubury Carter, 1997

Back up on the main wall.

The best route here - a must-do! It's a pity this amazing route is somewhat spoilt by a vicious little start. Oh well. Start 3m L of the previous route at the mini-arête. Up this to the FH and then a hard move past it to the break. Natural pro leads you up into the sweet orange rock and UB. Beautiful jugs up and R to UB, then up and L to a crack line. Up this placing lots of gear to ledge, then more juggyness past UB to cave. Sit and have a break before facing the rock again. Step R out of cave and up the pumpy, black, overhung groove to the top. Superb!

Start: Start 3m L of the previous route at the mini-arête.

FA: Saul Squires & Dani Geraghty, 1993

A couple of metres L of LFTS. Little run out at top, on jugs. 11 RBs.

FA: Graham Page & Clint Westwood, 2000

A good introduction to lead climbing, 11 RBs lead to a pumpy and steep finish, mantle then a top belay.

Start: 5m L of LFTS.

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 1998

Little trad climb. Take a big cam

Start: Below the starting boulder of '2 For Tea'.

FA: Matt Schimke & Chester Ryan, 20 Jul 2008

Now fully bolted with rings. Headwall might be a bit stiff for the grade, use extenders on the last two bolts to reduce drag if belaying a second.

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 1998

Now fully bolted with rings.

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 1998

Nicest of the three.

Start: Start at right of tree at end of corridor

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 1998

10 bolts

FA: G Page & D O'Flaherty

Start at the end of the corridor, about 5m left of LFTS. Up slings and natural gear

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 2002

Start: Start about 35m L of LFTS and 1m L of detached pillar of rock.

Now a fully bolted sport route.

Start: Start 4 metres left of CAC

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 2002

Start: Start 3 metres left of CW

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 2002

Start: 2 Metres left of 'Prima Diva'

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Joan Vickers, 2002

Stickclip ringbolt in corner. Scramble up to start ledge. Fierce layback straight off the deck (poor shorties!), then onto good holds on the slab (RB). Up slab and then juggy wall (RB) to sloping topout and useless anchor back from the edge.

FA: Hayden, 2004

FA: Hayden, 2004

Climb the crack on natural gear to the juggy 1m roof. Clip BR around lip, then pull through to face above. Up to ledge. Final wall (BR) to tree. Rap off. At the moment it's vegetated and needs cleaning.

Start: Starts about 15m L of "CAC" at crackline running through the middle of the wall below the roof.

FA: Herb Brandmeier, 2000

The small roof to the right of CH. Closed project.

There's not many roofs you can get a hands-free rest on. This popular testpiece is located 5m L of WOF and 1m R of arête below overhanging, triangular prow below roof. Up and out the prow (awesome jughandle threads) then move into roof flake while copping that rest with a styleboss leg-hook maneuver over the top of the prow. Clip RB on lip and then power up the wall above (RB) to ledge. Wade carefully through the lichen up and R to the recently installed rap station.

FA: Herb Brandmeier

3m L of the arête you can walk into a small enclave-corner. Do it. Good. Now climb the blocky corner on natural gear to beneath the daunting but surprisingly juggy wall (BR and FH). Climb this overhang on jugs to a horrendously hard and sloping top out (a chain is needed here).

FA: Herb Brandmeier & Paul Wright, 1991

Start 2m R of CTBH the right trending line of bolts under the scary block. Crank around the lip and climb up to DBB.

FA: Steve Kloske & Henk Morgans

FFA: Steve Kloske, Jan 2014

FA: Graham Page, 2 May 2009

L of a couple of trees at the L end of the amphitheatre is this pleasant-looking naturally protected crackline running up the slab. With its bottomless start, it could be harder.

An unfinished project to the right of Woosah on slab. Has a black diamond sling threaded through first ringbolt. Bolting is unfinished, as it needs a second bolt and anchor.

Nearly gets a star! Start up corner as for Woosah Variant, using ring bolts for Unknown on your right or natural gear, take your pick. Continue straight up to horizontal hand crack, traversing right and up crack on good natural pro. Rap off huge tree or chains as for Woosah.

FA: Ryley Broekman & Adam Finney, 25 Mar 2016

Climb Woosah until you reach the large ringbolt where you would normally move left to the arete. Instead move right and up into the corner, before moving back left to finish up Woosah at its last bolt. Confusing, I know.

FA: Graham Page

Starts 10 metres right of JG in corner. Start easily on rings trending right (ignore the two bolts out left up the small seam, they need to be removed). Clip 6th bolt with a long sling and move out left to the arete. Climb arete to anchor at top of the wall.

FA: Graham Page

Cue the 70s porn music. Up wall to ledge below roof (2 BRs), then great roof jugs past a FH. Move around the lip (crux) and clip the second FH then onto ledge with double ring rap station.

FA: Neil Monteith, 1997

Scramble up to starting platform as per the next route, and continue scrambling up the gully a little. Stick clip first bolt on left wall of the gully. Climb the right trending rings to high anchor at the top of the wall.

Starting about 30metres left of JG on obvious platform, with a gully/scree on the right. Scramble up to starting platform, but can belay from the ground. This is the right of the three close together climbs on the platform. Climb the jugs for four rings, before a hard topout. The climb completely changes character, as you move up the slab staying right of corner feature, while encountering a few sketchy moves on gritty rock. Anchor is way over the top out of sight.

The middle of the three routes on the platform. Steep jug pulling for three bolts, until a tricky move right to topout. Keep moving up the slab, staying on the left side of the corner feature, finishing with some gritstone style trickery to anchor.

FFA: Zac Trembath-Pitham

FA: Zac Trembath-Pitham

Starting on same platform as previous two climbs. This is left route of the three. Climbs the steep wall trending left for three bolts before tipping out and continuing up slab for another two bolts to anchor.

FFA: Zac Trembath-Pitham

FA: Zac Trembath-Pitham

Climb up corner trending right to pull the lip out left past 4 RBs to anchor on large ledge.

FA: Steve Kloske, 13 Apr 2014

Climb left from the corner then blast straight up passing several RBs until you reach the DBB.

FA: Steve Kloske, 13 Apr 2014

This is a good beginner route with great gear up a corner finishing at a tree belay.

Start: 8m R of the Let's Bail arete.

Was a mini-route, now a boulder problem. Single ringbolt on white wall. Boulder problem to dyno, then up to tree. V5 or 26

FA: Hayden, 2004

Feeling kinda sporty?

Start: The thin wall 3m L of corner and 2m R of arête.

FA: Albury Carter, 1997

The vertical crackline 1m R of LB.

One move to a BR, then up and swing L around arête to pockets (FH). Crux moves above this (?) up the blank arête lead to a break and another BR. To finish, "let's bail" off to big tree on R to avoid the mank.

Start: The arête 5m L of corner.

FA: Saul Squires & Dani Geraghty., 1993

Marked BAM. Four BRs and optional nuts to chains (straight up). A LHV was also climbed a month later.

Start: 3m L of arête

FA: G Page, 2004

Up arête to thin crack. Follow the crack as it widens up a mini-corner to a tree belay. (Safety note: we've been told this tree is now very dodgy - take care!)

Start: Starts 1m L of CH on the arête.

Shallow orange corner. BRs.


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