Publications linked at this crag and above:

Mount Buffalo

Printed Guidebook(s):

Mt Buffalo

Author(s): Jeremy Boreham and David Brereton

Publication date: March 1996


Printed Guidebook(s):

RockGUIDE: Victoria

Author(s): Chris Baxter & Glenn Tempest

Publication date: 1994

Eastern District Guide

Author(s): Glenn Tempest & Richard Smith

Publication date: 1988

Pocket RockGUIDE: Werribee Gorge and Victoria's Central West

Author(s): Ken James & Ken Wheat

Publication date: Spring 1995


Printed Guidebook(s):

Pocket RockGUIDE: New Climbs including Nowra Update

Author(s): Rod Young

Publication date: Autumn 1997

Pocket RockGUIDE: New Climbs including Perth Update

Author(s): Jim Truscott

Publication date: Autumn 2000

Pocket RockGUIDE: Mt Geryon and The Acropolis and New Climbs

Author(s): Chris Baxter

Publication date: Autumn 1999

OZ Rock

Author(s): Alastair Lee

Publication date: 1997

Pocket RockGUIDE: The Rock and New Climbs

Author(s): Jeff Boyton & Robert Cowan

Publication date: Summer 1998