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Rank Climber Karma
1 Vanessa Wills 1,052points
2 Tim Haasnoot 360points
3 JJ 62points
4 daniel wilde 58points
5 David Gray 56points
6 Ben Jenga 50points
7 Chris Bentham 6points
8 Tony Williams 5points
8 Nick Kaczorowski 5points
10 Jimmy Mullan 4points
10 John Hollott 4points
12 Georgia Rose 3points
12 Jon Ash 3points
12 Keith Hannan 3points
15 Jens Plinke 2points
15 Trent Wright 2points
15 Josh Caple 2points
15 Kate Doherty 2points
19 Stephen Hawkshaw 1point
19 Trent Lee 1point
19 Daniel da Silva 1point
19 shaunm 1point

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