Topo #1049

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 ** Don't cry for me its Bulahdelah

The slab on the left of the crack. fixed hangers.

22 Sport 10m Unlink route
3 * Evita

The corner crack to dual lower offs. Trad. #2-4 cams.

14 Trad 15m Unlink route
4 ** Eva Peron

Start at the bottom of Evita, traverse right onto the slab bout halfway up wall.

20 Sport 15m Unlink route
5 ** Argentina

Straight up the middle of the main slab starting down low.

21 Sport 20m, 7 Unlink route
1 * Buenos Perros

Up the weakness in wall to left of arete. Shares anchors with Evita

24 Sport Project 12m, 5 Unlink route

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