Topo #1050

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Route Grade Popularity Style
13 * Muffin top
20 Sport 18m Unlink route
11 The Devil Wears Prana

3rd route on the buttress. Care clipping second bolt if short. Has own anchors.

19 Sport 18m, 6 Unlink route
9 Bumbled Beginings

The left hand end of the big slab. Fixed hangers.

14 Sport 18m, 6 Unlink route
10 Tractor Tippin

Climb 4m right of arete, up fixed hangers.

16 Sport 18m Unlink route
3 Baby Pinnacle

Bouldery start then up front of pinnacle to anchors

16 Sport 10m, 4 Unlink route
2 Wildey on Wheels

Starts 10m left of baby pinnacle on main wall. Through bulges passing 2 RBs to ledge then up following bolts to slightly tricky finish and DBB..

19 Sport 20m, 10 Unlink route
8 Nick and the Amazing technicolour Dream Tights

The overhanging blunt arete in the gully opposite the pinnacle. Easier if you are tall.

22 Sport 15m, 6 Unlink route

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