Topo #7193 - Siren wall

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Route Grade Popularity Style
7 Siren

Up the face then continue right to the base of the arête. Up the arête to double rings. About 6 bolts. Start: Starts from the top of the gully. Double rings at base.

23 Sport 15m Unlink route
8 Unknown

Start as for 'Siren', but up the left-hand line. Ring bolts & FHs to the same DRB as 'Siren'.

23 Sport 15m Unlink route
9 Unknown/unfinished 35m 26 plus DEATH

At the time of writing the ring bolts were NOT GLUED IN on this route. Start: The route which starts lower down on the wall about 15m left of 'Siren'.

26 X Trad 35m Unlink route

Topo #4852

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Route Grade Popularity Style
14 Unknown 27 plus unfinished route

The next route down and left. This line of bolts finishes through a blank overhanging grey arête which looks virtually impossible and hasn't been climbed. The bottom 20m is good in its own right.

Sport Project Unlink route
13 Unknown 25

The line with 9 bolts and a hard start. It is possible to avoid the start by traversing in from the right, in which case the route goes at about 23.

25 Sport Unlink route
12 * Creole Cruiser

Up left past two bolts to a cave and big thread (120cm sling). Up to a rest in the next cave and then up past two more bolts to a double bolt belay. Start: From the same belay as 'This is Hip'.

22 Mixed 18m, 4 Unlink route
11 * This is Hip

Rap down to the double bolt belay. Good climbing on pockets and jugs. The furthest right line of bolts (facing the cliff).

22 Sport 15m Unlink route

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