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Table of contents

1. Omega Block 62 routes in Cliff

Unknown, Trad and Sport

Long/Lat: 144.596172, -37.369510


5/10/11: whoever did these topos - they are crap. Half the routes are totally wrong.

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RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Hawker

Rarely done but looks ok.

Start: Start 5m L of WR.

FA: Bruno Zielke, Fred Langenhorst, 1968

7Trad 15m Anthony 3 years ago

Really nice diagonal crack. Good pro.

Andrew Clark 5 years ago

John led. Had trouble finding decent gear.

2 Size Matters

Start as for "Good Things" and climb direct past 2FH. Move left to "Wee Ripper" anchors.

FA: Ian Boorman, 2013

18Sport 8m, 3
3 Good Things Come in Small Packages

Start at obvious jugs from platform down left of Wee Riper. Somewhat usurped by LM but worthwhile. Adds 4m to Wee Ripper. Thin moves Diagonally past RB bring jugs on WR to hand. Finish up the original. Start at obvious jugs from platform down left of Wee Riper

FA: Mark Atkinson, Mark Rewi, 2012

18Sport 12m, 3 Anthony Cuskelly 11 months ago

Well, this is a squeeze job if ever I've climbed one. I think I had a hand in both of the neighbo...

Sofie 11 months ago

Fun but a tad short

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
4 Wee Ripper

Like most short routes, a little tricky for the grade.

Start: Start 2m L of 'Powder Hound', off the top of the block.

FA: Joy Fletcher. 1990s?, 2000

17Sport 12m Anthony Cuskelly 11 months ago

Rushed by the rain, retrieving gear.

Sofie 12 months ago

ok climb, went to further left at the top. Good but short warm up

5 An Evil Brew


Start as for 'Powder Hound'. Up short wall past a bolt to anchor above 'Wee Ripper'.

FA: Matt Brooks, Daniel Brooks, 1990

20Mixed 12m, 1 . 2 years ago

She loves chapel street.

Alicia Davis 8 years ago

crimp, crimp, crimp and its all over

6 ** Powder Hound

Surprisingly good climbing for a traverse! A great way to sample territory which is otherwise reserved for much harder routes.

Start: Start 1.5m L of 'Black Magic'.

FA: Mike Law, Chris Baxter. Early 80s?, 2000

21Trad 30m Will Monks 6 years ago

its a good warm up

Cameron McKenzie 6 years ago

With harsh, super soft for the grade. Maybe 19?

7 Black Magic

This grungy flared crack/chimney is quite incongruous amongst all the neighbouring sport routes!

Start: It's the obvious R-curving crack on the left side of the main 'Omega' face.

FA: Calvin Ho, 1968

15 RTrad 20m Anthony 10 years ago

Lint lead, terrible climb

Linton Henderson 10 years ago

Ant 2nd

8 Lola V

Might see a few ascents now that it's sprouted some hardware.

Start 1.5m L of 'Bloodline', 1.5m R of 'Black Magic'. After the third FH step right into Bloodline and up to double rings.

FA: Mike Law, early 80s?, 2000

22 XSport 15m, 5 Matthew Coleman 1 years ago

Yeah pretty cool! did it after its been rebolted (now has 5 bolts I think). TR it and got through...

. 2 years ago

A thai prostitute would have more fashion sense.

9 * Bloodline

If you thought the 3 retrobolts would make the original grade of 22 a bit inflated, think again! This is one very tough unit, even with bolts every 2 metres. You don't want to stuff up the first few clips either.

Start: There's a chimney/crack on the L side of the main 'Omega' face, just R of a pinnacle/boulder. Start beneath the faint groove 3m R of this.

FA: Andrew Thompson, Greg Child (with 1 bolt!), 1978

22Sport 20m Simon Madden 11 months ago

Felt not too bad after ignoring it for a long time, I guess expectation dictates experience.

Anthony Cuskelly 1 years ago

Tough. Lots of small holds! Fell and rested my way up.

10 ** Methotrexate

Meant to be an excellent pumper - if you don't mind the hassles of such a wandery route.

Start: Start as for 'Bloodline'.

25Sport 25m Will Monks 6 years ago

lots of admin for almost nothing new. Bop into Bewitched would be better. cooled down with a lap ...

11 ** The Left Hand of Satan / Unnamed

Rebolted in 2012. Excellent thin climbing previously graded 29, then 27 after a likely FA by Reuben. Seems to be settling in at 28. Certainly much harder than SV Direct.

FA: Reuben Bennett-Daly, 2003

28Sport 15m, 4
12 * Between Good and Evil

Squeezed in but the new climbing is completely independent and would be difficult to escape. Climb SV start to sloper then up and left into ultradirect line via thin hard moves. 3 rings and #8 wire up high to new DRB anchor.

FA: Mark Rewi, 22nd Mar

29Sport 18m, 4
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
13 * Satanic Verses (Direct)

Improves the original by keeping it independent to the top.

27Sport 25m Matt Brooks 11 months ago

Done longo ago when I had hair!

adam demmert 1 years ago

Done Whoohoo felt good. good way to start the summer holidays!

14 ** Satanic Verses

This is the original which joins Bop halfway up.

Start: Start a few metres left of the big pinnacle/boulder.

FA: Matt Brooks, 2000

26Trad 25m Matt Brooks 11 months ago

Done when I was young lol!

Alister Robertson 9 years ago

done, finally. it ends.

15 ** Satan said Dance

Start up Bop for 2 bolts, move left and finish up 'Satanic Verses' Direct. Probably 26 (easier than SV original and HS original), but very nice.

FA: Alistair Robertson, 2000

26Sport 20m Phil Neville 6 years ago

Very cool moves all the way & flows really well. Nice work from big alby mangles....

Phil Neville 6 years ago

not much new, but very cool moves all the way & flows really well. Missed it by a fingertip. Next...

16 ** Bop Till You Drop

Excellent, and not too hard for the grade.

Start: Start 2m L of 'Broomstick', off the top L side of the pinnacle/boulder.

FA: Mark Moorhead, 1982

25Trad 22m . 2 years ago

Failed rp then success on Tr. Perhaps is time to fucking zone the tunnel in towards climbing... N...

Will Monks 6 years ago

warm down

17 * Bewitched

Another good route, this time just slightly harder than 'Broomstick', although the crux is still the bouldery start!

Start: Start as for 'Broomstick'.

FA: Matt Brooks, Daniel Brooks, 1993

24Sport 21m . 2 years ago

She cant actually sit still & watch a movie.....

Neil Monteith 6 years ago

Repeat. Struggles to be independant.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
18 ** The Broomstick / Broomstick

Broken hold at the start means the climb is now more like grade 25. As i havnt dont a lot of 25's myself, this grade was a concensus of other stronger climbers. [Garbage. It's bouldery 23.]

FA: Mike Law, 1982

23 to 24Sport 21m . 2 years ago

ADHD makes for great multitasking though.

Neil Monteith 6 years ago

Repeat. Once u get past the first move its great.

19 * Broomstick RHV 24Unknown 20m . 2 years ago

Bolted now with anchor. OK but nothing that great.

Will Monks 7 years ago

elaborate gear extensions to back up dodgy old pro. Stays 1.5m L of hollow screams, all the way ...

20 Hollow Screams Direct

Maybe harder/easier ... depends on what sequence you use.

28Sport 23m . 2 years ago

Drift all you like from ocean to ocean, search the whole world for drunken confessions and hijack...

Alister Robertson 7 years ago

and we're done!

21 Hollow Screams Original / Boogie LHV / Boogie Direct

Veer L from 2nd FH of BTYP to RBs on arete, then back R up small flake to rejoin BTYP

FA: Matt Brooks, 2000

26Sport 20m Matt Brooks 11 months ago

Done long ago, love this route and its moves!

. 2 years ago

I wanna do the real deal, HOLLOW SCREAMS. Let's start crimping in 2012 kids...

22 * (Unnamed) 21Unknown 21m
23 *** Boogie 'til You Puke

Almost certainly the most popular sport route within 3 hours' drive of 'Melbourne'. Might be slightly solid for the grade... but it's a great route.

Start: Start 3m L of 'Witch', beneath a short finger crack which starts about 4m up.

FA: Mike Law, Ian Ravenscroft. early 80s, 2000

21Sport 30m, 6 Simon Madden 11 months ago

Thrice more into the breech...

Anthony Cuskelly 10 months ago

So cold. Couldn't feel my fingers, peeled out at the 3rd bolt and hung on the 5th to regain circu...

24 ** Warlock

For those at the grade it's an excellent adventure through otherwise hostile territory.

Start as for 'Witch'. Head left along the large flake, joining 'Boogie til you puke' along the way. Clip Boogie's 5th bolt (on the arete) then traverse delicately left. Finish up the final groove of 'Broomstick', passing a carrot along the way.

20Mixed 35m, 3 Matthew Coleman 1 years ago

Yeah scary as shit. Great after I got off it. In book was grade 18 and pretty tough compared to o...

adam demmert 1 years ago

Fun if you have done everything else. Seconded James

25 * Boogie Into Witch LHV Connection / Boogie into Witch LHF

A much better way to approach 'Witch' LHF, with some nice independent moves in between.

Start: Start as for Boogie.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2000

FA: Cameron Fairbairn, 2005

23Sport 20m Will Monks 7 years ago

23 if you use the arete R of the crux bolt, 24 if you don't. the section up to the roof is the be...

Will Monks 7 years ago

[2] once before and once after a good brushing! but no joy... top seems solid

26 ** Witch

An area 'classic'.

17Trad 21m Constantine Dritsas 1 years ago

TR Solo:

Constantine Dritsas 1 years ago

TR Solo: I still have no idea how to jam.

27 Witch Direct Start 15Unknown 8m
28 Witch Left Variant Finish / Witch LHF

Superseded by "Boogie into 'Witch' LHF".

23Unknown 7m Will Monks 7 years ago

did as the RHF to boogie - vastly superior to having to climb the green crack!

Neil Monteith 8 years ago

Headpoint ascent with original crappy bolts. Soft touch - or very contrived.

29 Witch Right Variant Finish / Witch RHF 21Unknown 8m Neil Monteith 9 years ago

Only about 2m of new climbing. Fun though.

Will Monks 9 years ago

worth doing for one move. pity about silly fixed bracket

30 * Wishful Thinking

The best easy route on 'Omega Block'.

16Trad 21m Sofie 12 months ago

Fun route with some nice moves at the start. Next time I should lead trad it, Almar used nuts, on...

Constantine Dritsas 1 years ago

TR Solo

31 Time Child


18Trad 20m Sabu 8 years ago

little mossy on the headwall, fun moves though.

Will Monks 9 years ago

mossy top

32 Romulus 5Trad 12m Stephen Parker 2 years ago

Old school climbing that's over all too soon.

matt schnabl 8 years ago

warm up for the day, but seems a bit harder than a 5

33 Remus 4Trad 12m Stephen Parker 2 years ago

Old school climbing that's over all too soon.

Andrew Clark 5 years ago

Robbie put me up to this. While not difficult, there's really nothing going for it either.

34 Spellbound 19Trad 10m
35 Gun Club 14Trad 10m
36 Sze 12Trad 15m vicki 6 years ago


Sabu 9 years ago

Not much for gear, ok climbing as a warm up

37 Drain Pipes 8Trad 18m Neil Monteith 10 years ago

OS solo - fun route with good rock

38 Jugs and jury

2m R drainpipes. Climb wide crack on its R side, pull through overhang and zoom to top

5Trad 16m
39 Gumslinger 18Unknown 7m
40 A Rook 18Unknown 7m
41 A Knight 18Unknown 8m
42 Next to Impossible 18Unknown 18m
43 Impossible 18Unknown 18m
44 Tyranny and Mutation 18Unknown 16m
45 Cultasaurous Erectus 20Unknown 16m
46 * Dominance and Submission 21Unknown 18m
47 As Beautiful As A Foot 9Unknown 10m
48 Pockets 10Unknown 10m
49 Blue Oyster Wall 14Unknown 10m
50 Career of Evil 20Unknown 20m
51 Nosferatu 14Unknown 10m
52 XTCherie 11Unknown 10m
53 ** From Her To Eternity

FA: Michael Woodrow

22Unknown 14m
54 Biker Mice From Mars 18Unknown 32m
55 Thundering Guns

Bouldery wall L of HS, 2BRs.

Start: Start 2m L of HS.

FA: Matt Brooks, 1991

24Trad 10m Alister Robertson 10 years ago

Ok. after first attempt, untied, walked down, tied in, and sent 2nd shot

56 * Boogie- Broomstick link up / Boogie into Broomstick

Meant to be ok.

Start: Start as for Boogie.

FA: Nick Taylor early 80s, 2000

23Unknown 20m . 8 years ago

Just ok

57 * No Joy- State Of Shock link up 20Unknown 20m . 8 years ago

Done state of Shock before. Good climbing throughout. Beware the 'funnel of death' finish...

58 * Voodoo People

Salvages a precious sliver of hitherto ignored real estate for Melbourne's rock-poor locals.

Start: Start as for 'Broomstick'.

FA: A bit of a group effort through the late noughties!, 2000

24Trad 22m
59 Humping the Camel 9Trad 18m
60 Boogie 'til You Puke RHF

It's hard to see how this is any different to Boogie.

Start: Start as for Boogie.

FA: Matt Brooks, 2000

23Sport 18m
61 * Hollow Screams

The hardest route around 'Melbourne'.

Start: Start 3m L of Boogie on the far R side of the big boulder.

FA: Matt Brooks, 1999

29Sport 22m Matt Brooks 11 months ago

Done long ago. The original way this was done was way left and nails and the new way sounds a lit...

62 First Touch

Almost not worth recording as it's been almost completely superseded. Then again, many 'Melbourne' locals will probably become desperate enough to do it at some point.

Start: Start as for Boogie.

FA: Paul Cuthbert, 1994

21Sport 25m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
4 Remus Trad 12m
5 Jugs and jury Trad 16m
Romulus Trad 12m
7 Hawker Trad 15m
8 Drain Pipes Trad 18m
9 As Beautiful As A Foot Unknown 10m
Humping the Camel Trad 18m
10 Pockets Unknown 10m
11 XTCherie Unknown 10m
12 Sze Trad 15m
14 Blue Oyster Wall Unknown 10m
Gun Club Trad 10m
Nosferatu Unknown 10m
15 Black Magic Trad 20m
Witch Direct Start Unknown 8m
16 * Wishful Thinking Trad 21m
17 Wee Ripper Sport 12m
** Witch Trad 21m
18 A Knight Unknown 8m
A Rook Unknown 7m
Biker Mice From Mars Unknown 32m
Good Things Come in Small Packages Sport 12m, 3
Gumslinger Unknown 7m
Impossible Unknown 18m
Next to Impossible Unknown 18m
Size Matters Sport 8m, 3
Time Child Trad 20m
Tyranny and Mutation Unknown 16m
19 Spellbound Trad 10m
20 An Evil Brew Mixed 12m, 1
Career of Evil Unknown 20m
Cultasaurous Erectus Unknown 16m
* No Joy- State Of Shock link up Unknown 20m
** Warlock Mixed 35m, 3
21 * (Unnamed) Unknown 21m
*** Boogie 'til You Puke Sport 30m, 6
* Dominance and Submission Unknown 18m
First Touch Sport 25m
** Powder Hound Trad 30m
Witch Right Variant Finish Unknown 8m
22 * Bloodline Sport 20m
** From Her To Eternity Unknown 14m
Lola V Sport 15m, 5
23 Boogie 'til You Puke RHF Sport 18m
* Boogie Into Witch LHV Connection Sport 20m
* Boogie- Broomstick link up Unknown 20m
Witch Left Variant Finish Unknown 7m
23 to 24 ** The Broomstick Sport 21m
24 * Bewitched Sport 21m
* Broomstick RHV Unknown 20m
Thundering Guns Trad 10m
* Voodoo People Trad 22m
25 ** Bop Till You Drop Trad 22m
** Methotrexate Sport 25m
26 Hollow Screams Original Sport 20m
** Satan said Dance Sport 20m
** Satanic Verses Trad 25m
27 * Satanic Verses (Direct) Sport 25m
28 Hollow Screams Direct Sport 23m
** The Left Hand of Satan Sport 15m, 4
29 * Between Good and Evil Sport 18m, 4
* Hollow Screams Sport 22m