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In Jun 2014 theCrag community made 22,535 updates and and added 398 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 183,485points
2 Brendan Heywood 144,565points
3 144,067points
4 Kieran Loughran 134,644points
5 122,742points
6 74,339points
7 70,209points
8 66,862points
9 Brendon Flanagan 50,705points
10 Tim Haasnoot 47,419points
11 Kyle Dunsire 44,765points
12 Vanessa Wills 40,824points
13 40,707points
14 Todd Free 37,372points
15 Dan Roe 34,538points
16 Tom Kjaer-Olsen 34,320points
17 Mark Ashmore 32,669points
18 31,215points
19 31,076points
20 rod 25,851points
21 Stephen Hawkshaw 25,620points
22 Philip Armstrong 24,406points
23 Ranger Dave 24,327points
24 John Lattanzio 23,539points
25 Brian Cork 23,301points

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