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1 Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone is located under the upper Knox Carpark. To Access it head diagonally left (facing towards cliff) from the car park and down a ramp, then back under the cliff to access to climbs.

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2 Wild Dog

Wild Dog Wall are directly below the upper Fort Knox car park but at the bottom of the valley (two tiers down)

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3 Niles Roof Area

About 10m below and 30m left of 'The Strong Room'

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4 Strong Room

The first section of cliff that you approach from the top car park. The climbs are described from left tonight. This contains a good selection of moderate routes. The middle section of the cliff can drip after rain. Most routes are equipped with fixed hangers and chain anchors.

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5 The Alcove

Beautiful curved orange wall just past the strong room. Some routes stay dry in the rain.

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7 Goodvibes Wall
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8 Pooh Wall

Good warmups or beginner routes. This is named after a famous animal character, not the famous poo dog. It is the slabby wall right of the descent gully at the end of 'Goodvibes Wall'. Much potential still exists especially for beginners. There are some natural lines that have been done through the horizontal breaks here but have not been recorded.

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9 The Motherlode

Features a massive overhang

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