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Ethic inherited from Coffs Harbour

Climbing ethics in the Coffs Harbour area generally follow those of the rest of Australia. The sandstone often offers solid, natural protection which should be used instead of fixed protection where possible. Tape, ribbon, or something similar tied around a bolt or inserted in the route will indicate an incomplete route. Please respect these routes as projects until the marker is removed.


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Grade Route
V2 ** A Volley of Dunlops Boulder 3m

SDS, LH arete

V5 ** The Kremonator Boulder 4m

SDS at big hueco. Straight up. Probably harder now that the starting foothold has broken

FFA: Artie Schultz

V4 * Mini Ninja Boulder 4m

SDS at big hueco. Traverse R and up.

FFA: Rhys Van Gastel

V2 ** Rumplesgotskillskin Boulder 3m

A cool traverse under the lip left of the Scarlet Manuka, cool slopers.

FFA: Artie Schultz & Brian Cork, 2012

V1 * The Scarlet Manuka Boulder 4m

SDS. Up central, juggy arete.

V0 Cecil Boulder 4m

SDS as per Scarlet Manuka but traverse R onto ramp.

V2 * Slap and Tickle Boulder 2m

SDS overhanging wall L of RH arete.

V6 Mind the Dab Boulder 5m

Low traverse begins near Cecil and finishes up on Iron Paw. Crux is a drop down move into the base of Iron Paw, mind the dab - hence the name.

FA: 2015

V0 Iron Paw Boulder 3m

SDS, face to R of arete.


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