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One of the larger cliffs in the area. It faces South so stays shaded most of the day. The area called dead mans cave stays dry after rain due to the roof capping it.


Access to Never Never Land is a little tricky. Follow Sherwood forest road and at the communications tower (6.2km north of Waihoo Rd) turn left. Drive 1.4km and park at end of the road (be careful near end unless you have 4WD),

Walkin acceess: walk approx 80m back up the road to a rock cairn and a track that will head west back towards car park but in bush. follow down hill and roughly leftward until you find rock cairn and rocky drop offs. Head down these and then south (left facing out) and around the ridge and follow cliff line back east. The track will drop down a little from cliff line and eventually you will get to dead mans cave (15mins walk) which is the obvious orange wall capped by a roof

Abseil access: ...

Ethic inherited from Coffs Harbour

Climbing ethics in the Coffs Harbour area generally follow those of the rest of Australia. The sandstone often offers solid, natural protection which should be used instead of fixed protection where possible. Tape, ribbon, or something similar tied around a bolt or inserted in the route will indicate an incomplete route. Please respect these routes as projects until the marker is removed.


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