Topo #2179

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Area Type
7 Whipping wall

The southern end of Wonderland.

Sector Unlink area
6 Overdrive Wall

About 80m past Silk 'n' Steel.

Sector Unlink area
5 Silk 'n' Steel Wall

About 100m right of Grab the Gristle. Just after a short, steep slope on the approach trail.

Sector Unlink area
4 Grab the Gristle Area

About 80m right of Canine Wall. After an alcove section of chossy cliff.

Sector Unlink area
3 Canine Wall

Some masochist should do the first ascent of the offwidth in the middle.

Sector Unlink area
2 Warped Wall

A 100m section of cliff comprising of six faces and a large variety of grades and climbing styles.

Sector Unlink area
8 The Top Tier

The top tier is situated directly above Exterminator.

Sector Unlink area
1 The Change Room

An overhanging section of cliff dominated by hard sport routes.

Sector Unlink area

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