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Nearer to the water tank on the ridge, this area encompasses a few spread out boulders starring one that looks just like a split cherry, and then further up the ridge a funky stacked set of boulders right near a tree. Topo now added - not every climb is shown, but you should be able to find your way around.

Access issues inherited from Cooleman Ridge Bouldering

Please be sensible accessing the Horse Paddock boulders if walking in from the Kambah side and go around the horses rather than straight through the pen. Access from this side is at the end of Hake Street - drive past the pony club and park near the 'Arawang' sign.


Head to the water tank and have a look around

Ethic inherited from Cooleman Ridge Bouldering

While some of the harder climbs on the ridge were created by chipping, where previously no climb was possible, please leave your chisels at home. There are not so many climbs at the higher grades that they should be brought down to lower levels!


Some content has been provided under license from: © Canberra Climbers' Association (CC BY-SA)


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Grade Route
V5 * #38 / Split Cherry Boulder 2m

Sit start.

V3 #38A Boulder 2m

Sit start, climb arete and top out.

V2 * #39 Boulder 2m

Up the side of the split cherry.

V0+ Cherry Pip Boulder 3m

Around the other side of the split cherry (#38).

V3 * Unnamed problem Boulder 2m

Sit start, around the back end of a boulder that looks like a split cherry, but is not the split cherry. Nicely compressive and balancy, but only a move or two in it.

V0+ Distillation Boulder 3m

Opposite side of the boulder to 'Unnamed problem'.

Sit start eliminate - do not go left, keep to the blunt arete.

V2 ** #40 Boulder

Sit start traverse, boulder close to the split cherry.

V0 Left Arete Boulder 3m

Sit start from base of arete, climb up trending rightwards and top out.

V5 Raw Beauty Boulder 3m

Sit start from incut edge and undercling at base of rounded bulge. Climb straight up and top out.

FFA: Bevan Ashby, 2015

V5 to V6 Raw Beauty RHV Boulder 4m

Sit start right of Raw Beauty and throw to the incut or alternatively, use thumb press to progress. Need a big reach.

V0 Easy Leap Boulder 4m

Dyno variant of Cream. Place feet, jump.


Straight up just left of the crack. Standing start.

V4 * Musashi Boulder 4m

Up the rock directly right of the crack. Standing start. Crux hold is a nice sloper. Very tensiony. Be careful of the blank topout. Slap up the arete if you wish but avoid getting into the crack.

FA: David Nott, 2012

V2 to V3 Mosquito Traverse Boulder 2m

Traverse left from about 1 metre right of #41 (shares a start with #41 LH variant), around to the big crack and up.

V1 * #41 Boulder 3m

Sit or stand makes little difference. Directly up goes at a harder grade with some compression moves. Topout is BLANK - be careful.

V3 * Full Traverse Boulder 10m

Start as for #41. Full traverse of boulder.

V2 #41 LH variant Boulder 4m

Direct up the boulder starting about a metre left of #41, sharing a start with the mosquito traverse. Topout is dangerously blank - you have been warned.

V4 #41 LH variant sit Boulder 4m

Sit start, climb up and top out.

V2 #42 Boulder

Not a hugely difficult climb for the grade!

V1 ** #43 Boulder 2m

Boulder right near number 41/42, under the shade of the tree. Straight up the arete from a sit-start.


Check out what is happening in Split Cherry.