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These boulders are on the other side of the ridge from Niblo and may be best accessed from the Kambah side of the ridge rather than Chapman. As you wander along the walking trail at the bottom of the hilly parts of the ridge from sun blocks or the other boulders, you'll see two distinct sets of boulders close to one another - those closest to Kambah are Horse Paddock boulders whilst those closest to sun blocks are Pony Boulders.

Access issues inherited from Cooleman Ridge Bouldering

Please be sensible accessing the Horse Paddock boulders if walking in from the Kambah side and go around the horses rather than straight through the pen. Parking for access from this side is on Hake Street.

Ethic inherited from Cooleman Ridge Bouldering

While some of the harder climbs on the ridge were created by chipping, where previously no climb was possible, please leave your chisels at home. There are not so many climbs at the higher grades that they should be brought down to lower levels!

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