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The main area on the hill, comprising Glitz Rock and a number of other boulders nearby.

Cantaloupe Hill can be found near Corin Road. 200 metres after passing the turn-off to Woods Reserve, some 6km along the road, there is a forestry track on your right. This goes straight up the hill for about 200 metres, before branching left and right. Park at the fork and keep going straight up the hill, marked by a cairn or two, presuming they haven't been blown over!

As you head up the hill, you cross a gully, then there's a small group of rocks you pass on your left with no currently marked climbs, and then the first climbing area is found on your right, with a roughly marked trail giving way to overgrown brush. This leads to The Hand. If you continue up instead of turning right, you will eventually come to another right turn, and following that track you'll find Glitz Rock. You might need to wander around a bit before finding the right places to turn. Once you pass Glitz Rock, uphill and heading in a starboard direction is the fabulous Spruce Moose rock, and a little bit behind is a big blobby slab with a nice traverse.

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This area was found and developed by Chris Warner in 2003.

Access issues inherited from Corin Road Bouldering

Access is along forestry roads, which in most cases seem to have been closed and gated. Park a few hundred metres past the Woods Reserve turnoff (good visibility both directions for parking and also driving away) and walk up from there. It is about 200m to the dirt road, and another 200m to the 4WD parking area, so it isn't a great deal more effort.


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