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Table of contents

1. Fingal (Bare Rock) 39 routes in Crag

Sport, Unknown and other styles

Long/Lat: 147.986344, -41.666619

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Faggus 16Unknown 200m
2 McCavity-Batten Memorial Route 17Unknown 200m
3 Boneyard 15Unknown 240m
4 Fionn McCool 19Unknown 210m
5 Little Pinocchio A2+Aid 95m
6 *** The Sapphire Rose 22Sport 95m
7 Padraic Pearse 21Unknown 270m
8 Finn Crisp 18Unknown 200m
9 No Name 18Unknown 85m
10 MacDonagh 17Trad 200m
11 Hardly Worth the Effort A2+Aid 140m
12 Conan MacMorna 17Unknown 180m
13 Red Sonja 18Unknown 25m
14 ** Tomorrows Dream

A 'mostly' sport route offering three varied pitches. P1 is a fully bolted slab (16). P2 follows loose right trending diagonal line (camming devices) before traversing to bolt on left wall (17). Up to belay. P3 is brilliant fully bolted grade 19 climbing on great rock.

19Sport 100m 3

1.1. Boneyard 25 routes in Area

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 147.990478, -41.666501


A world class wall of long test-piece classics in a very unlikely area. The secret is out so get in to sample the delights of the boneyard. Superb winter climbing with free camping at the base of the walk.


Route descriptions and further info 'Climb Tasmania' Gerry Narkowicz.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

These first two routes are on the lower ledge on the walk in.

1 Simons new route

Starts up Fire in The Sky heads left on rings.

24Sport 30m
2 ** Fire in the sky

The easiest sport route in the area, technical face climbing.

23Sport 30m, 16

Jug the 10m fixed rope to access the main ledge of glory.

Stay leashed to the fixed ropes at all times, and wear a helmet..

3 *** Redneck Love

The line above the jumar approach. Mixed, long, sustained and hard for the grade. There are two way to climb at the crux, out left to the bolts gives the route it's grade. Climbing directly up the crack is considered much closer to 25+ but much better.

FFA: Andrew Martin, 2012

24Mixed 35m, 16
4 *** Heaven Can Wait

The standard warm-up. Long and sustained face climbing.

FFA: @gerrynarkowicz, 2011

24Sport 30m, 14
5 *** Dopamine

The direct line branching off Heaven Can Wait at the 4th bolt. Thin face climbing.

FFA: @gerrynarkowicz, 2012

25Sport 30m
6 * Latex Evening

The prominent crack bordering the orange.

FFA: @gerrynarkowicz, 2012

22Mixed 40m, 10
7 *** Chase that Feeling

Just right of Latex Evening, a classic for the grade.

FFA: Chris Coppard, 2012

28Sport 35m
8 *** Velvet Morning

"A mind-bending excursion up the awesome orange shield"

Follow the orange crack on to the face then out the top roof, world class.

FFA: Ingvar Lidman, 2011

26Sport 30m, 14
9 *** Barberella

Climbs the R-trending diagonal line on the orange shield. Crosses Chainsaws, Guns and Dogs then finishes at the same anchors.

FFA: Ingvar Lidman, 2013

27Sport 30m
10 ** Chainsaws, Guns and Dogs

Climbs the left leaning crack from the big guano patch up onto the orange wall then head back right 5m and out to the barbarella anchor.

FFA: @gerrynarkowicz, 2012

25Mixed 30m, 16
11 Project

Set by Garry Phillip's

32Sport Project 30m
12 *** White Powder

Hard man power endurance up a fantastic line

FFA: Garry Phillip's, 2012

31Sport 25m
13 *** Jetstream

Climbs Vapour Trail to the first anchors then left via a V5 boulder.

FFA: Garry Phillip's, 2012

28Sport 35m
14 ** Vapour Trail (Pitch 1)

Climb Vapour Trail for 25m to a DBB Sustained climbing, big moves on big holds.

26Sport 25m
15 *** Vapour Trail 28Sport 57m
16 ** Legends Never Die

Climb Vapour Trail then head far right via a steep boulder problem.

FFA: Garry Phillip's, 2013

27Sport 35m
17 ** Give a Dog a Bone

Start up Passchendaele then break left up thin jamb crack to lower off.

FFA: @gerrynarkowicz,Ingvar Lidman, 2012

23Trad 20m
18 *** Passchendaele

Two pitches The central overhanging crack. Tassies answer to Trojan followed by a 22 bolted face pitch.

FFA: @gerrynarkowicz, 2011

25Trad 50m
19 ** Angel of Pain

Climb the thin grey crack right of Passchendaele then join it at its upper crux and anchor

FFA: @gerrynarkowicz, 2012

26Trad 25m
20 *** No Space in Time

Third line right of Passchendaele, a brilliant prominent mixed crack/face route.

FFA: Invgar Lidman, 2011

28Sport 25m
21 *** Atomic Vampires

Another brilliant line of powerful dead points and amazing side pulls, the top section is no cake walk either.

FFA: Ingvar Lidman, 2012

27Sport 15m
22 ** 2 Fast 2 Furious

Sustained excellent climbing.

FFA: Garry Phillip's, 2011

27Sport 15m
23 ** Gerry Crack.

Finger crack to lower off.

FFA: @gerrynarkowicz

24Trad 18m
24 ** Tiger Bean

Powerful boulder climbing.

FFA: Garry Phillip's, 2011

28Sport 15m
25 ** Bad to the Bone

The last current climb on the wall, technical fingery climbing.

FFA: Garry Phillip's, 2011

26Sport 15m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
15 Boneyard Unknown 240m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
16 Faggus Unknown 200m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
17 Conan MacMorna Unknown 180m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
MacDonagh Trad 200m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
McCavity-Batten Memorial Route Unknown 200m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
18 Finn Crisp Unknown 200m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
No Name Unknown 85m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
Red Sonja Unknown 25m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
19 Fionn McCool Unknown 210m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
** Tomorrows Dream Sport 100m 3 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
21 Padraic Pearse Unknown 270m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
22 *** The Sapphire Rose Sport 95m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
* Latex Evening Mixed 40m, 10 1.1. Boneyard
23 ** Fire in the sky Sport 30m, 16 1.1. Boneyard
** Give a Dog a Bone Trad 20m 1.1. Boneyard
24 ** Gerry Crack. Trad 18m 1.1. Boneyard
*** Heaven Can Wait Sport 30m, 14 1.1. Boneyard
*** Redneck Love Mixed 35m, 16 1.1. Boneyard
Simons new route Sport 30m 1.1. Boneyard
25 ** Chainsaws, Guns and Dogs Mixed 30m, 16 1.1. Boneyard
*** Dopamine Sport 30m 1.1. Boneyard
*** Passchendaele Trad 50m 1.1. Boneyard
26 ** Angel of Pain Trad 25m 1.1. Boneyard
** Bad to the Bone Sport 15m 1.1. Boneyard
** Vapour Trail (Pitch 1) Sport 25m 1.1. Boneyard
*** Velvet Morning Sport 30m, 14 1.1. Boneyard
27 ** 2 Fast 2 Furious Sport 15m 1.1. Boneyard
*** Atomic Vampires Sport 15m 1.1. Boneyard
*** Barberella Sport 30m 1.1. Boneyard
** Legends Never Die Sport 35m 1.1. Boneyard
28 *** Chase that Feeling Sport 35m 1.1. Boneyard
*** Jetstream Sport 35m 1.1. Boneyard
*** No Space in Time Sport 25m 1.1. Boneyard
** Tiger Bean Sport 15m 1.1. Boneyard
*** Vapour Trail Sport 57m 1.1. Boneyard
31 *** White Powder Sport 25m 1.1. Boneyard
32 Project Sport Project 30m 1.1. Boneyard
A2+ Hardly Worth the Effort Aid 140m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)
Little Pinocchio Aid 95m 1. Fingal (Bare Rock)