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Grade Route Quality Style Crag Climber Date
22 * Force Of Habit Sport 8m Goombungee
Tue 13th Apr '10
17 Mini Corner Average Sport 8m Goombungee
Tue 1st Dec '98
17 * Pumpy Wall Very Good Sport 10m Goombungee
Tue 1st Dec '98

Sustained and fun. Starts 3m R of Thin Crack. Reachy crux moves straight off the ground passing a perfect pocket to a FH. A single move to the unnecessary second FH. Now fun jugwork trending L up the wall passing two protruding BRs to chains.

10 Cracked Pillar Average Unknown 8m Goombungee
Tue 1st Dec '98

Onsight. 5m R of Force Of Habit. Up the cracked pillar. Quite a well-worn naturally protected beginner route. The crux (such that it is) is down low.

13 * Sloper Slab Good Sport 11m Goombungee
Tue 1st Dec '98

A very good beginner route. Ascends the longest section of smooth slab on the buttress about 6m R . Use pillar to gain the main wall and first BR (alternatively climb direct at about 18). Walk up slab passing another BR to ledge. Final steeper wall passing a third BR to top and chains.

17 * Pumpy Wall Sport 10m Goombungee
Tue 13th Apr '10
22 * Force Of Habit Very Good Sport 8m Goombungee
Mon 28th Dec '98

Line through largest section of roof. Two black FHs.

15 Sting Average Unknown 8m Goombungee
Mon 28th Dec '98

Starts 1m L of arete. Up thin weakness to break (cam). Short smooth section (crux with a FH) then overhung juggy top. Belay off chains a way back.

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