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Grade Route Quality Style Crag Climber Date
22 * Force Of Habit Sport 8m Goombungee Neil Monteith
Tue 13th Apr '10
17 Mini Corner Average Sport 8m Goombungee
Tue 1st Dec '98
17 * Pumpy Wall

Sustained and fun. Starts 3m R of Thin Crack. Reachy crux moves straight off the ground passing a perfect pocket to a FH. A single move to the unnecessary second FH. Now fun jugwork trending L up the wall passing two protruding BRs to chains.

Very Good Sport 10m Goombungee
Tue 1st Dec '98
10 Cracked Pillar

Onsight. 5m R of Force Of Habit. Up the cracked pillar. Quite a well-worn naturally protected beginner route. The crux (such that it is) is down low.

Average Unknown 8m Goombungee
Tue 1st Dec '98
13 * Sloper Slab

A very good beginner route. Ascends the longest section of smooth slab on the buttress about 6m R . Use pillar to gain the main wall and first BR (alternatively climb direct at about 18). Walk up slab passing another BR to ledge. Final steeper wall passing a third BR to top and chains.

Good Sport 11m Goombungee
Tue 1st Dec '98
17 * Pumpy Wall Sport 10m Goombungee Neil Monteith
Tue 13th Apr '10
22 * Force Of Habit

Line through largest section of roof. Two black FHs.

Very Good Sport 8m Goombungee
Mon 28th Dec '98
15 Sting

Starts 1m L of arete. Up thin weakness to break (cam). Short smooth section (crux with a FH) then overhung juggy top. Belay off chains a way back.

Average Unknown 8m Goombungee
Mon 28th Dec '98

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