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Rank Climber Karma
1 Neil Monteith 778points
2 313points
3 Gareth Llewellin 292points
4 120points
5 Chris Wallace 20points
5 Constantine Dritsas 20points
7 ross taylor 16points
8 12points
9 Phil Neville 2points
9 Matt Brooks 2points
9 Martin Vestol 2points
9 Torbjorn 2points
13 Adrian Ridgley 1point
13 Harsha Param 1point
13 Paul De Keizer 1point
13 muki woods 1point
13 Andrew 1point
13 steve pollard 1point
13 Rob Baker 1point
13 Adam Bramwell 1point
13 Steve 1point
13 1point
13 Demo Account 1point
13 muki Woods 1point
13 Simon 1point

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Note: not all contributions may be shown here as some accounts are private and some information sources are not associated with accounts.