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Access issues inherited from Victoria Range

The Victoria Range was badly burnt in the fires of February 2013 but all areas are now open to climbing (Feb 2014). However there are access changes to the cliffs in the Eureka area.

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Grade Route
21 Burning Black Boys Unknown 22m

Start as for 'Fox Tail' (which starts 5m right of a wide corner on the north-facing yellow buttress).

FA: Joe Goding & Sharyn George, 2002

16 * Fox Tail Trad 30m

Up the small corner through a bulge, step right and continue up the next line.

Start: Start 5 metres right of a wide corner.

FA: James & Melanie McIntosh, 1991


Up the overhanging chimney-corner 5 metres right of "Fox Tail" then head left at the roof, finishing as for "Fox Tail"

FA: Michael Woodrow & Marc Syndnor, 1997

21 M2 * Hell Bent Aid 18m

Follow chimney of Addicted to Placebo, then step right and up through overhanging crack.

FA: Jacqui Middleton & David Ceber

15 Arctic Fox Trad 25m

Up short wall just right of arete. Step back left to arete and up easily.

Start: Start about 10 metres right of "Hell Bent" at a grey arete.

FA: Campbell Mercer & Mark Poustie, 2000

12 Foxy Sox Trad 10m

Up line to arete, follow the arete to the horizontal break, traverse left (continuing up arete from break is grade 14) then to top.

Start: Start at the diagonal 2 metres from the left arete of the little wall..

FA: Julie Nitschke & Campbell Mercer. Direct variant by same pair with lead swapped., 1991

20 Hot, Salty, Sticky, Yum Mixed 5m, 1

Roof on scooped boulder at left end of cliff

FA: Rick Jeukin & Ross Meffin, 1991

22 * Warwick's Wafflecone Mixed 15m, 4

Slab, then overhanging face.

Start: Start at slab opposite "Hot,Salty,Sticky,Yum"

FA: Rick Jeukin & Ross Meffin, 1991


???? Needs checking

Start: Start as for "Warwick's Wafflecone"

FA: Rick Jeukin & Ross Meffin, 1991

16 Intoxication Trad 45m

Not positively located

FA: Brian Fish, Craig Nottle & Mike Stone, 1983

24 Partners In Sleaze Trad 25m

Corner left of "The Radgel" past BR to falkes to "Norton Is For Nancy's

FA: Rick Jeukin & Ross Meffin, 1991

18 R The Radgel Trad 20m

Apparently radgel may be Cornish for fox. Later accidentally retro-bolted as Warm Salty Bottom Washer; fortunately both the bolts and name have been consigned to the dustbin.

FA: Robin Miller (solo), 1983

20 M0 Foxy Lady Trad 26m

Blast up arete left of "Reynard's Last Run". Apparently a different arete than that of "The Radgel".

FA: Darren Maskell & Steve Holloway, 1997

17 * Reynard's Last Run Trad 44m, 2

Start: Start at the chimney just left of "Fox On The Run"

  1. 26m (-) Climb the chimney to the roof and then the corner-crack above the roof to a large ledge on the left.

  2. 18m (17) Up the beautiful yellow corner to the roof. Exit right and finish easily.

FA: Chris Baxter, Matt Taylor & Mike Stone, 1976

14 Sly Dog Trad 26m

Alternate first pitch to "Reynard's Last Run"

Start: Start at the corner just right (?left) of "Fox On The Run"

FA: Bruce Sommerfield & Steve Hains, 1990

14 Fox on the Run Trad 46m

The right-hand of twin lines left of "Fox Trot".

17 * Fox Trot Trad 44m, 2

The crack on the arete left of "Foxfire" has a good start but then gets quite easy.

  1. 26m (17) Step into the crack from the right (direct into crack is grade 18) and up to a ledge.

  2. 18m (-) Finish up the line.

FA: Matt Taylor, Chris Baxter (alt) & Mike Stone. Direct Star : Steve Hains, 1990

21 * Foxfire Trad 48m

Originally required extensive cleaning and sieging.

FA: Mike Stone, Chris Baxter (alt) & Peter Lindorff, 1977

21 *** Pretty Foxy First Half Mixed 17m, 1

Corner crack that ends at old rusty carrot.

26 ** Pretty Foxy Trad 50m

Stunning route up middle of wall. It has been queried if this climb is actually possible but this from Mike Law : "I got pulled /tensioned/short-roped off last moves when belayer collapsed with heatstroke, finished right instead I think. Crux is the steep wall above the crack - pretty Foxy 25+"

20 R ** Foxtel Trad 50m

Excellent, but serious

FA: Tim Day & Wade Stevens, 2006

22 R ** Finger Sighs Trad 50m, 2

Despite the addition of a bolt on the initial arete this is still fairly bold.

  1. 27m (22) Climb the short, rounded arete 3 metres left of "Twentieth 'Century' Fox" past a bolt, stepping right into that climb at 9 metres. Continue up the flakes on TCF and traverse left to the second bolt on that climb. Now diagonally right to another bolt and go right and up to a ledge and bolt anchors.

  2. 23m (19) Climb delicately left and up with poor protection.

FA: Mike Law, 1983


Simply awesome. Sustained, technical and amazing climbing the whole way.

Start: As you walk up to the cliff you chimney just past the start (on a sloping ledge to your left) before you get to a ledge and big flat rock up on your right (great place for photos).

FA: Chris Baxter, Michael Stone & David Gairns, 1978

22 * Heaven Seven Eleven Trad 50m, 2

Start: Start at the base of 'Leaner'

  1. 30m (22) Follow the traverse line left to the arete. Up the arete past a bolt (hard to clip) to ledge and bolts. The original poor bolts have been replaced.

  2. 20m (22) Move right into "Leaner" and go up 2 metres. Now go out right onto the overhung arete, passing a fixed wire, or not, as the case may be.

FA: Mike Law. Ian Ravenscrof, Chris Baxter & Robin Miller followed the first pitch only., 1983

24 Leaner Trad 45m

Wildly overhanging corner right of the silver screen. Rarely repeated. Might need a new bolt.

FA: Mike Law, Kim Carrigan & Greg Child. Summer, 2000

14 Blood Sport Trad 40m

People who climb chimneys probably shoot foxes too.

FA: Mike Stone, Francine Gilfedder & Chris Baxter, 1976

25 * Baron Von Marlon Sport 25m

Start: The arête 2m right of 'Blood Sport' requires creativity and determination.

FA: Nicholas Kiraly & Anthony Pattison, 2007


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