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Rank Climber Karma
1 Kieran Loughran 2,575points
2 361points
3 Philip Armstrong 234points
4 @sticks_23 9points
5 Michael 'Wonderdog' Woodrow 5points
6 gavin reynolds 4points
7 Ramon Francis 2points
7 Tony Williams 2points
7 Ian Thomas 2points
7 Rod Young 2points
7 Heath McCrossin 2points
12 Mattyj 1point
12 Richard Curtis 1point
12 andy 1point
12 Gareth Llewellin 1point
12 Benjamin Robert Carter 1point
12 Neil Monteith 1point
12 Wendy Eden 1point
12 Matt Madin 1point
12 Martin Vestol 1point
12 Rob Baker 1point
12 Adam Bramwell 1point
12 Ben Cirulis 1point
12 Glen Buchanan 1point
12 1point

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