Topo #12824 - Showpiece Crack - P4 circled

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Route Grade Popularity Style
9 * Showpiece Crack

A good sustained climb leading to an appealing crack high on the cliff. Previously described in disjointed fragments as variants to 'Flypaper Wall'. 1) 27m (11) Climb the first pitch of 'Flypaper Wall'. 2) 36m (11) As for the second and third pitches of 'Flypaper Wall' 3) 20m (14) Climb the corner directly above the belay, taking care with some loose rock at around 6-8m, to belay below the clean wide crack. 4) 33m (12) Climb the wide crack in a great position for 18m and step right onto a ledge. Now easily to the top.

14 Trad 33m 3 Unlink route

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