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Access issues inherited from Grampians

Please note that due to the fact that the Grampians is a national park, pets are illegal inside park boundaries. That also includes inside vehicles.


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Grade Route
19 Knockout Trad 30m

"Obvious" jam-crack in descent gully.

6 September '55 Trad 99m

Start at large tree 3 metres left of descent gully.

14 Triapathy Trad 64m

Initialled line 24m left of descent gully.

13 Squaw Trad 90m

Corner 4m left of 'Triapathy', just right of huge ceiling.

21 * Flaming Arrow Trad 100m

left-facing corner 55m left of 'Squaw'

19 ** The Head Shrinker Trad 84m

Left-leaning corner 30m left of 'Flaming Arrow'.

18 M1 The Guinea Pig Aid 87m, 2

Initialled, 35m left of 'The Head Shrinker'


Initial N, 2m left of 'The Guinea Pig'

17 Justine Trad 99m

Start 19m left of 'The Guinea Pig'

10 M4 Pipe of Peace Aid 130m, 2

Start 13m left of 'Justine'

18 ** The Warpath Trad 92m

Start 16m left of 'Pipe of Peace'. Initialled

  1. 12m 13. Corner system to ledge.

  2. 18m 18. Steeply up corner to hard moves around overlap. Up very sustained V groove to top. Committing swing L to gain ledge. [This pitch originally escaped L half way up]

  3. 22m 15. Up and L into corner. Climb this and short chimney to terrace.

  4. 40m 8. Up more easily.

FA: Geoff Gledhill Alan Gledhill, 1969

18 ** Sojourn Trad 96m

Initialled, juggy corner 26m left of 'The Warpath' Sustained and committing.

  1. 17m 12. Juggy corner to 6m below roof.

  2. 33m 18. Corner to roof, exciting moves L to stance, then boldly head diagonally L to orange corner. Up corner around small overhang to belay below next overhang.

  3. 33m 17. Hard moves around roof and on up to second ledge.

  4. 13m 10. Line veering slightly R.

FA: Peter Canning, Roland Pauligk & var, 1971

12 Circus Trad 74m

Line 16m left of 'Sojourn'. Initialled.

8 Balthazar Trad 95m

Initialled corner 10m left of 'Circus'

13 Clea Trad 84m

Start at block 60m left of 'Balthazar'

9 Grasshopper Trad 81m

Start 20m left of 'Clea'. Initialled.

16 ** Opium Trad 88m, 2

Good fun.

Start: 8m left of 'Grasshopper'. Initialled.

  1. 25m (16) Up wall, tending right along ramp for a few metres, then back left into shallow corner. 'Layback' this to belay on good ledge with tree.

  2. 25m (16) Up and right along corner/seam to base of big corner. Directly up for about 8m, then right onto face and belay at (new) rap station. 60m rap to ground.

FA: Roland Pauligk & Peter Jacob, 1971

10 Scavenger Trad 81m

Juggy line 5m left of 'Opium'

10 Little Black Cloud Trad 83m

Start 6m left of 'Scavenger'. Initialled.

12 The Rose Trad 66m

Start 3m left of 'Little Black Cloud'. Initialled.

12 Tunc Trad 85m

Start at scrubby corner-ramp 26m left of 'The Rose'. Initialled.

8 Papoose Trad 56m

Start 24m left of 'Tunc'. Initialled.

15 Blazing Ferrets Trad 53m

Start 35m left of 'Papoose' at little corner below a major corner high on the cliff.

7 Little Horn Trad 55m

Probably the vegetated gully system right of 'Trilogy'

13 Trilogy Trad 40m

Start at corner-crack 25m left of 'Blazing Ferrets' and 35m right of promontory below left end of cliff. Initialled.

10 Holy Mackerel Trad 62m

Corner just down and left from distinctive promontory at foot of far end of cliff


Groove on buttress between Central and Southern cliffs


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