Topo #6799

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Route Grade Popularity Style
17 ** Widow Of Opportunity

Great start on pockets leads to nice arete and exciting finish. A satisfying pitch. Start: Start from ledge just above cave right of "Hysteria Lane".

17 Sport 25m, 10 Unlink route
18 ** Barefoot and Poignant

Follow crack line straight up and continue up wall when it fades. Start: Start in same place as "Widow Of Opportunity".

23 Sport 20m, 10 Unlink route
20 ** Fairies and Blutterfies

Next line up right of 'Barefoot And Poignant' starting with some beautiful pockets. A little crumbly rock higher doesn't really detract.

24 Sport 20m, 9 Unlink route
21 ** Let it Burn!

Right of F&B. Start at base of corner, far right end of wall. Up to bottom of shallow closed corner, move left past single digit pocket, then up shallow pocketed flake system (crux) to jug, leftwards rising traverse on amazing jugs to finish up headwall and lower off

23 Sport 25m, 9 Unlink route

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