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Area Type
1 Fossil Wall Not yet drawn

This wall is located 5 minute walk down hill from parking area. Easy climbs on good rock, if you're climbing sub 20's this is the area for you. The foot of the wall is heavily covered in ferns but the climbs are worth the small bush bash at the base. There are occasionally leeches but Aeroguard keeps them away.

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3 Moto Cross wall Not yet drawn

Long broken wall of approx 100 metres in length, ranging in height from 10-15 metres. From Slab to roofs its got it all.

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5 Faraway Wall Not yet drawn

One of the best areas at MtK with good rock to 20m height. Also features a great outlook over 'Berowra' creek.

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6 Lost & Found Wall Not yet drawn

This crag consists of face, overhang and slab so it has a bit of everything. Most certainly the choice crag out of the lot in this area so well worth the effort put into the walk in and hike out.

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Route Grade Popularity Style
3.3 Dinosaurs must die

Up left side of cave onto tricky face. 4RB's to lower offs. Start: 2m rt of ENFSG

19 Sport 12m, 4 Unlink route
6.40 ** Siliconciousness

Start: Right of F on main face Up past balancy flake following orange streak. Jugs above anchors.

22 Sport 14m Unlink route

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