Topo #5863 - Browns Road Crag Map

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Area Type
1 Courtyard Area Not yet drawn

The main area of Browns Road. Many hard short climbs with some slabs, cracks and offwidths. Its worth bringing a rack to this area. Many of the worthwhile top rope problems are being equipped as mixed routes and will make a nice area for an afternoon of climbing.

Area Unlink area
2 YKS Wall Not yet drawn

A Short wall to the north of the Courtyard.

Area Unlink area
3 Lower cliff Not yet drawn

Short cliff down the hill from YKS Wall One lonely carrot sits on the top of the arete. Its possible that some of these lines have been soloed in the past. Numerous lines are being cleaned and equipped as mixed routes where possible and will open up some mixed lines under grade 16.

Area Unlink area
4 The High Alley Not yet drawn

Head along from YKS wall you enter an Alley with short walls on either side. The area offers good bouldering and traversing with decent landings.

Area Unlink area
5 TCFTH Area Not yet drawn

At the northern end of the cliff. Less then 10m from your car. An Area with good longer Trad, Mixed and Sport Climbs. (Area is in the process of being re bolted with new stainless hangers and lower off.)

Area Unlink area
Route Grade Popularity Style
1.25 Slap and tickle

Sit start. 1. Pull up off button hold and two-finger hole to slap right ledge. 2. Switch feet, and compress to higher right foot, then heel hook to match foot to left hand hold. 3. Reposition to slap left sloper and standup to jugs.

V1 Boulder 3m Unlink route

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