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Table of contents

1. Moto Cross wall 30 routes in Area

Sport, Trad and other styles

Long/Lat: 151.124696, -33.628316

Description:© (rodw)

Long broken wall of approx 100 metres in length, ranging in height from 10-15 metres. From Slab to roofs its got it all.

Approach:© (rodw)

Continue past locked gate along the fire trail to motcross course. Veer left along Gundah ridge track for 5 minutes until it takes a sharp right turn. Here take a foot track on your left to the cliff top and scramble down ill defined gully system. If you don't exit the gully at a short 3 bolt wall ("The Grudge") walk right (facing cliff) Update** Cairns are clearly marked on the Gundah Ridge track where you need to turn. However people have been knocking the cairns over. Beware.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Grudge

Staight up face on wall directly after access gully. 4RB's. Top out, belay off trees at the top.

Start: In walk down gully.

FA: rod wills, 2004

18 Sport 10m, 4
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 Extinction Never Felt So Good

Up over two ledges to face and crux. 4RB's to lower offs.

Start: 15m rt of TG on next prominant wall.

FA: Rod Wills, 2004

17 Sport 10m, 4
3 Dinosaurs must die

Up left side of cave onto tricky face. 4RB's to lower offs.

Start: 2m rt of ENFSG

FA: rod wills, 2004

19 Sport 12m, 4
4 Life On Hold

Hard start. Up right side of slab over small rooflet and onto slab. 4RB's to lower offs.

Start: 2n rt of LOH

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2003

20 Sport 10m, 4
5 Petrified Wood

Up corner block through break over roof. Will it ever get repeated? 2RB's to shared lower offs with LOH.

Start: 2m rt of LOH.

FA: V Wills, 2003

20 Sport 9m, 2
6 A dream, nothing more

Up corner crack (RB), then to up easy corner, placing gear if neeeded.

Start: At corner rt of PW.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2003

15 Trad 9m
7 Fossilized thought

Boulder up face left of corner crack, step across right to face. Then easily up slab to hard finish. Bridging in the corner up high only gets you 15. 3RB's to lower offs.

Start: As for ADNM

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2003

18 Sport 10m, 3
8 7 rusty carrot bolt ladder

A line of old rusty carrots half-way along the wall between "Fossilized thought" and "Open Project".

The key 3rd bolt seems to be missing.

Sport 10m, 7
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
9 Open Project

Very bouldery steep start out through low roof to easier headwall to lip below upper cave

Sport Project 7m, 3
10 ** Do you dyno

Finger crack lay-back onto slab. From the ledge acquire overhanging arete (height specific) then up to RB lower off.

FA: Beth Raymond, 2015

23 Sport 15m, 7
11 ** Ragged Claws

Over bulge, onto slab then thin face. RB's to lower offs.

Start: Start middle of next face around arete.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2004

24 Sport 15m
12 ** Rains of Destiny

Start 3m R of RC on the obvious crack. Up to Ledge, and then hit the wall and enjoy some big moves on some nice small crimps, finishing on DRB’s on headwall.

FA: Tim Mayer, 2014

25 Sport 12m, 5
13 Two short scrambles and a long walk

Start just left of SoP.

  1. Up to ledge. Walk left along ledge to corner.

  2. Up corner

FA: Christian Diemont,@happygoblin, 2012

18 Trad 20m 2
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
14 ** Screams of Pashion

Start: Start on bulging ramp about 1.5m left of Pinkie Shredder. Up ramp jump or power to big hole, and then fire up and left on small crimps and bad footers. Classic.

FA: 2013

25 Sport 15m, 5
15 Pinkie Shredder

Straight up large obvious splitter crack.

Start: On the next wall

FA: duanne white, liz drummond, 2005

18 Trad 10m
16 ** The Devil Inside

Bouldery start up prow then onto to thin techy face. 4RB's to lower offs

Start: 1m R of PS.

FA: V Wills, 2004

23 Sport 15m, 4
17 ** Heresey

Crimpy classic my all accounts. Bouldery start over bulge onto face. 5RB's to lower offs.

Start: 2m rt of TDI

FA: rod wills, 2004

22 Sport 15m, 5
18 Project (closed)

Up wall and arete, 3 Rb's to lower offs.

Start: 2m rt of H.

FA: Project by Josh, 2000

Sport 15m, 3
19 Project- Josh Sport
20 Goblin Grotto

Up crack, aidthrough roof up small gully tending left over boulders to top

Start: Start in grotto/cave thing left of 'Goofy Foot'

FA: Colin Larter

15 AID:A2 Aid 15m
21 Goofy Foot

Up right side of "cave" through jug to top.

Start: 2m rt of GG

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2004

19 Sport 10m
22 Babsgotabz

8m R of GF. Over ledge through middle of "wave" shaped wall. One move Crux weird and high dependent.

FA: Equipped by Vanessa, 2000

FFA: Heath Millard, 2013

24 R Sport 15m, 5
23 Malibu Rider

Start as for open project, (cam i break if needed) then traverse rt acroos slab (RB) to corner crack then easily up to lower offs.

FA: V Wills, 2004

16 Trad 10m
24 Grommet

Direct start to MR, straight p crack, lower offs at the top.

Start: Start as for MR

FA: V Wills, J Caple, 2004

17 Trad 12m
25 Project (Josh) Unknown 14m
26 Skank

1m R of G. Up through rooflet to shallow corner.

FA: Tim Mayer, 2007

21 Sport 10m, 3
27 Guns, Germs and Steel

The slab to the small bulging crack line.

Start: 5m past cave

FA: Luke Atkinson, 2004

17 Trad 10m
28 Unfinished project

Up through some very hard territory in the middle of the cave. Stil needs another bolt.

Start: Middle of cave

FA: Equipped by Josh, 2000

Sport 10m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
29 Ball Buster

Up face and left side of weakness. 3U's to lower offs.

FA: Equipped: Vanessa Wills, FA: Tim Mayer, 2007

23 Sport 12m, 3
30 Somewhere Down The Barrel

Up orange face and weakness. 4RB's to lower offs.

Start: 5m rt of GGAS

FA: Elliot Braham, 2004

21 Sport 12m, 4

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
15 A dream, nothing more Trad 9m
15 A2 Goblin Grotto Aid 15m
16 Malibu Rider Trad 10m
17 Extinction Never Felt So Good Sport 10m, 4
Grommet Trad 12m
Guns, Germs and Steel Trad 10m
18 Fossilized thought Sport 10m, 3
Pinkie Shredder Trad 10m
The Grudge Sport 10m, 4
Two short scrambles and a long walk Trad 20m 2
19 Dinosaurs must die Sport 12m, 4
Goofy Foot Sport 10m
20 Life On Hold Sport 10m, 4
Petrified Wood Sport 9m, 2
21 Skank Sport 10m, 3
Somewhere Down The Barrel Sport 12m, 4
22 ** Heresey Sport 15m, 5
23 Ball Buster Sport 12m, 3
** Do you dyno Sport 15m, 7
** The Devil Inside Sport 15m, 4
24 ** Ragged Claws Sport 15m
24 R Babsgotabz Sport 15m, 5
25 ** Rains of Destiny Sport 12m, 5
** Screams of Pashion Sport 15m, 5
? 7 rusty carrot bolt ladder Sport 10m, 7
Open Project Sport Project 7m, 3
Project (Josh) Unknown 14m
Project (closed) Sport 15m, 3
Project- Josh Sport
Unfinished project Sport 10m