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Table of contents

1. Lost & Found Wall 47 routes in Crag

Sport, Trad and Unknown

Long/Lat: 151.123642, -33.624048

Unique Features And Strengths:© (rodw)

This crag consists of face, overhang and slab so it has a bit of everything. Most certainly the choice crag out of the lot in this area so well worth the effort put into the walk in and hike out.

Description:© (rodw)

An extensive area of around 200m of broken cliff lines 8-20m high. A gully come down near the middle, by Flash the Ugly Pony.

Amazing views of the river below, brilliant climbs and well bolted, steeps to slabs, it has it all!

Approach:© (rodw)

Follow fire trail around to right after Motocross wall access gully then left along walking trail along ridge line down the hill. Turn off main walkway (marked cairns) to rock shelf, look over edge and follow cairns down to Lost & Found Wall, including one rope down a broken cliff halfway down the hill. Can also be accessed from 'Faraway Wall', from the top turning right (instead of left) along cliff top to gap to big cave, then down the hill. You may want to put your harness on to get through the final stages of the access gully. Rope in place to hook in to. At base of Gully, Flash the Ugly Pony is the first route on your right.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Shoe Lizard

Crawl up through hole then up good hand crack to ledge.

Start: At far left end of Furnace Environs in little cave under block.

Note Shoe Lizard to The Welsh Route are all at the Furnace Environs which is around 50m past lactose free slightly up the hill.

FA: Colin Larter, 2008

17 Trad 12m
2 Hot Flake 9 Unknown 8m
3 * Solar Flare

Up pocketed face down low following flake at the top.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2007

22 Sport 15m
4 Great Balls of Fire

Sharp edgy face to bigger holds and ledge, up thru orange top section

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2007

22 Sport 15m
5 The Welsh Route

Up cracks on left side of gully

Start: At the right end of Furnace Environs.

FA: Bryony Ruscoe, 2007

10 Trad 8m
6 Bumphlegm

Scramble up short chimney to top of block. Up seam to top.

Start: At base of big block 3m left of 'Goblin Horde'.

FA: Colin Larter, 2007

15 Trad 10m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
7 Goblin Horde

Start: Chimney 1m left of Lactose Free.

FA: Colin Larter, 2007

8 Trad 10m
8 Lactose free

Straight up featured face.

FA: Rod Wills, 2005

16 Sport 13m
9 Ding bat

2m right of Lactose Free, up juggy wall.

FA: Kevin Van tilburg, 2005

14 Sport 11m
10 Pig Shootin'

Start: 15m right of project past cave around corner. Trad route up nice looking crack with bomber pro.

FA: Dale Tweedie, 2004

13 Trad 15m
11 ** Bummagedon

Start: 3m right of PS, up steep scoops over bulge.

FA: Rod Wills, 2005

20 Sport 15m
12 * Tingles

Start just right of Bummagedon and left of the crack. Directly up the wall.

FA: Bundy, 2008

21 Sport 16m
13 Kodak Moment

Trad route up a nice looking crack

FA: Elliot Braham, 2004

15 Trad 15m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
14 Flash the ugly pony

Start: 2m right of gully. Up corner, across mossy slab, rest in cave, then mount the pony. Awkward moves past 2 bolts to tree (or rap from last bolt). Probably best to place long sling oon second last bolt on rappel before starting this route.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2006

22 Sport 12m, 7
15 * Dog Beta

Start: left side of cave step left at 2nd bolt then up to ledge, step right to shared anchors

FA: V Wills, 2006

22 Sport 15m
16 * Dead Letter Office

Start: As for Dog Beta, then straight up past left of smaller higher cave to lower offs

FA: V Wills

22 Sport 15m
17 Lichen A virgin Dog

Start: as for IADL, then left at 1st bolt. Straight up above cave to shared lower off with DLO.

FA: Tony Tang, 2006

18 Sport 15m
18 * Its A Dogs Life

Up middle of face just right of small cave, over ledge to slab.

FA: Rod wills, 2006

19 Sport 15m
19 ** Foundlings

Start 2m right of IADL, up past thin flake to arête.

FA: V Wills, 2006

17 Sport 15m
20 Lost property

Start 2m right of F. Up obvious crack tending left to finish up arête of Foundlings.

FA: V Wills, T Tang, 2006

15 Trad 15m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
21 ** Woken Furies

Start: Up hill in big cave. Up steep wall on left hand side.

FA: Rod Wills, 2006

18 Sport 10m
22 *** STW

Up steep terain over small roof to lower offs. 3 RB's to lower offs.

Start: 3m right of WF

FA: Andrew Fell, 2007

20 Sport 6m
23 Roxie and Matey go Quantity Surveying

Start: On slab wall just right of big cave and left of Scorpion. Up slab to short steep headwall.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2006

20 Sport 12m
24 Scorpion

Start: The route in the middle of the slab right of big cave. Slab to short steep headwall.

FA: Rod Wills, 2006

18 Sport 13m
25 Brokerib Mountain

Start: 2m right of Scorpion. Slab to short steep headwall. Clipping the rings is rather hard for a 14.

FA: rod wills, 2006

14 Sport 12m
26 Worth the walk?

Next lot of routes found around the corner up the hill above previous climbs.Obvious off width roof crack. Not the most glorious of routes, but fun little moves and surprisingly easy.

Start: 20m left of Bill.

FA: Greg Hislop, 2008

15 Trad 6m
27 Bill

Wide Flared Crack. mmmm, sounds great !

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2006

14 Trad 10m
28 Ben

Start: 2m right of B. Up crack with a steepish start.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2006

17 Trad 10m
29 Project - Rod1

Steepish bouldery start onto slab up right side if cave.

Sport Project 12m, 4
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
30 Intelligent Design

Mantle start, straight up blunt arête.

FA: Rod wills, 2006

16 Sport 9m
31 Evolution

Start: 2m right of arête. Tending left to shared anchors. (staying off arête until3rd bolt)

FA: Rod wills, 2006

17 Sport 9m
32 The Meaning Of Life

Straight up middle of slab.

FA: Rod Wills, 2006

15 Sport 11m
33 Hillsong Brainwash Syndrome

Right side of slab, following edge tending left to shared anchors with TMOL

FA: 2015

FFA: @rodw, 2015

12 Sport 11m, 3
34 Down and Out in the Bible Belt

Around corner at same level on next wall. Up slab onto short face to lip and anchors.

FFA: @rodw, 2015

16 Sport Project 10m, 3
35 Jihadi Wanker

Up short slab though flakes with mantle to anchors.

FFA: @rodw, 2015

14 Sport 8m, 3
36 * Hello to Fear

Next climbs found past big cave, do not head up hill to Evolution wall just continue along track. Best protected by placing a long sling from the 3rd bolt after doing FTF. Takes the low traverse via tiny holds and pockets then thinly up to rejoin FTF at prominent horizontal break

Start: Off block as for 'Dendrobium'

FA: V Wills, 2009

24 Sport 15m
37 * Farewell to Fear

Start: up on ledge right of big cave. Step left at 2nd bolt traversing left then up arête.

FA: V Wills, 2006

19 Sport 15m
38 ** Dendrobium

Start: for as FTF. Bridging up orange face to airy headwall. 6Rb's to lowers offs. (Do not use higher second set of lower offs as rock there could be unstable.)

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2006

18 Sport 12m
39 Ficus

Start: Up easy corner right of Dendrobium. Sounds like another classic !!

FA: Vanessa Wills (solo), 2006

9 Trad 12m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
40 ** Siliconciousness

Start: Right of F on main face Up past balancy flake following orange streak. Jugs above anchors.

FA: Vnessa Wills, 2006

22 Sport 14m
41 *** Carbon Credits

Start: 5m right of S. Up thin face onto sharp arête and continue up to the top.

FA: V Wills, 2007

24 Sport 16m
42 ** She Who Must be Obeyed

Start: 5m right of CC. Middle of wall following obvious ramp. 8 RB's to DRB.

FA: Rod Wills, 2006

20 Sport 20m
43 * Tickfest

Start: 5m right of SWMBO. Hard start up through shallow cave to head wall.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2006

22 Sport 20m
44 * Aerospace

Start: 2m right of Tickfest. Straight up faint arête tending left at the top. Slightly run out at the top. 5BR's to lower offs.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2006

18 Sport 16m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
45 * Black Box

Start: 2m right of Aerospace, straight up the face.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2007

21 Sport 15m
46 Wing Commander

Start: 2m right of BB, straight up the face on big holds. 4 RB's to shared lower offs.

FA: Vanessa Wills, 2007

17 Sport 15m
47 * Zozo the Mandarin Fiend

Start: 100m right of WC, past big cave, Up obvious right leaning orange crack to top.

FA: Vanessa Wills, Anthony Geogheghan, 2007

18 Trad 16m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
8 Goblin Horde Trad 10m
9 Ficus Trad 12m
Hot Flake Unknown 8m
10 The Welsh Route Trad 8m
12 Hillsong Brainwash Syndrome Sport 11m, 3
13 Pig Shootin' Trad 15m
14 Bill Trad 10m
Brokerib Mountain Sport 12m
Ding bat Sport 11m
Jihadi Wanker Sport 8m, 3
15 Bumphlegm Trad 10m
Kodak Moment Trad 15m
Lost property Trad 15m
The Meaning Of Life Sport 11m
Worth the walk? Trad 6m
16 Down and Out in the Bible Belt Sport Project 10m, 3
Intelligent Design Sport 9m
Lactose free Sport 13m
17 Ben Trad 10m
Evolution Sport 9m
** Foundlings Sport 15m
Shoe Lizard Trad 12m
Wing Commander Sport 15m
18 * Aerospace Sport 16m
** Dendrobium Sport 12m
Lichen A virgin Dog Sport 15m
Scorpion Sport 13m
** Woken Furies Sport 10m
* Zozo the Mandarin Fiend Trad 16m
19 * Farewell to Fear Sport 15m
* Its A Dogs Life Sport 15m
20 ** Bummagedon Sport 15m
Roxie and Matey go Quantity Surveying Sport 12m
*** STW Sport 6m
** She Who Must be Obeyed Sport 20m
21 * Black Box Sport 15m
* Tingles Sport 16m
22 * Dead Letter Office Sport 15m
* Dog Beta Sport 15m
Flash the ugly pony Sport 12m, 7
Great Balls of Fire Sport 15m
** Siliconciousness Sport 14m
* Solar Flare Sport 15m
* Tickfest Sport 20m
24 *** Carbon Credits Sport 16m
* Hello to Fear Sport 15m
? Project - Rod1 Sport Project 12m, 4