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A solid piece of sandstone on the fringes of Pyrmont. Ensure you show all due respect when climbing here as it will look straight into the neighbouring apartments windows. Your send could end up with a visit from Police.

This crag is also located in a council garden so please show all due respect if climbing here to the local fauna.


Turn into Mount Street from the Miller Street and travel 30m where the road stops at the cliff face.

View in Google Street View at:,151.192869&spn=0.001198,0.002642&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=-33.869497,151.192835&panoid=M-r-bekOUbIGR2lmzjoPAA&cbp=12,349.73,,0,-10.87

According to "Sydney and Sea Cliffs", the climbs are below and to the left of the stairs.


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Described in "Sydney and Sea Cliffs", published 1991.


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Problem starts at a long 3.5m drilled hole/shaft about 10m left of the stairs. Standing start finish on the big jug about 40cm above the top of the shaft. Use other holds too.


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