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An old harbour side quarry from ye olden days. Not the best rock around but pretty good if you're in need of getting your chalked up hands on some rock for some training before your next trip.


Park on Pirama Road and make sure you pay for the parking. Parking Rangers patrol the area looking for a chance to raise some revenue.


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Local Council intended to remove part of the cliff face (Indian Root) in the late 90's early 00's but local resident and first recorded ascentist Giles Yates went in and changed the course of the crag. Thanks to Giles, Indian Root and other climbs/problems are here today for all of us to enjoy.!


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Starting off either side of the arete, follow the corner to the top. A little sandy due to the lack of traffic but for what it's worth it's quite a good climb.

FA: Giles Yates, 1998

** The Quarterdeck Boulder 2m 2

Traverse the 20m wall, keeping feet about 6 inches off the ground. Start is a bit harder due to slim toe holds. Gets easier once there is a line for your toes to follow.

7 * Walk the plank Boulder 2m

Traverse 20m, keeping feet about 4 foot off the ground.


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