Topo #2766

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 * Super 8 Traverse

A solid pumpy traverse that tests your core strength Sit start at "SSASS", follow the multi-leveled lip of the cave to the left using the crimps and lip edge. stay low for an extra challenge. Top out just before the fig tree starts

V3 Boulder 6m Unlink route

Topo #2767

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 Shin Splints and Shit sits

Sit start at the right hand side of the rock, where the first starts to show form. Move from one lip to the other without going to far left (that bumps the grade up) Watch your footing and look closely for shin skin!

V1 Boulder 3m Unlink route
3 Project 1

Sit start same as "YGYY" but avoiding the solid incut and all of its holds move up and to the right to the pocket. Keep heading right to a white lichen patch and topout using the crimps

Boulder Project 3m Unlink route
4 ** Wasp Guts, Yummy, Yummy

A fun Start with some power required for the first two moves Sit in front of the first scooped out section close to the floor (showing orange rock). Under cling and reach wide with some laybacking, power up to the solid holds straight up. some cool movements! Topitee-top out straight up

V2 Boulder 3m Unlink route
5 ** Buff Chicks in Spandex

Good climbing with all of the holds on offer at the scooped out section left of WGYY pump up the sides of this mini cave above, hit the lip of the overhang and top out Flex your pecks at the local rowing lasses for extra points!

V2 Boulder 3m Unlink route

Topo #2768

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Route Grade Popularity Style
9 ** Fruit Fetish

Same start as FBB The time move straight up and to the right, topping out to the left of the bulging top of the rock Cool start with a burly finish

V3 Boulder 3m Unlink route
8 ** Figged Beyond Belief

Solid pump with heel hooks and big slaps to good holds Of all the ways to start, sit under the roof to the far left of the cave, right where the fig tree is sending her pain in the butt branches. Reach up and grab the solid holds above. Pull urself up and throw your feet up and love the heel hook/toe jam. Keeping connected to the rock move right while staying at the lip of the cave Top out to the right of the highest point of the rock. Pumpy!

V4 Boulder 4m Unlink route
6 *** Smooth Water

A most satisfying starting move! Sit start just left of "BCIS" with a heel hook and hands on the delicate ledge line. Pull on and throw for the angled pinch on the cave lip left from you. Make for the lip with the right, match and topout straight up. A super satisfying problem

V4 Boulder 3m Unlink route
7 Project 3
Boulder Project Unlink route

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