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5 Good Training Ground

Started by Ranger Dave in Pyrmont Spanish Lessons (Inner West) 1 years ago

Sun 10th Mar 13 8:03am

As always Ranger Dave has certainly got his finger on the pulse! SPL (not BP) is a fun and rewarding

1 years ago
Thu 10th Apr 14 5:04am

Hey Heely I was thinking about this crag the other day. Given some of the feed back (though limited

Ranger Dave 10 days ago
Thu 10th Apr 14 9:04am

Any excuse to get back to the beloved BP HA!!! Sure, let's do it.

10 days ago

2 3d topos are very cool

Started by Brendan Heywood in Inner West 12 months ago

Fri 22nd Mar 13 3:03am

hi Chris, I love your 3d topos, great work eg:

Brendan Heywood 12 months ago
Sat 23rd Mar 13 3:03am

Thanks, I just wanted to do them because I knew that locating where the areas or topos are in an cra

Chris Wallace 12 months ago

7 Complex topos

Started by Brendan Heywood in Pyrmont Spanish Lessons (Inner West) 1 years ago

Fri 7th Dec 12 8:12am

I think the tear drop shape is ideal. kinda like a drop of water falling from the top of a crag. I'

1 years ago
Fri 7th Dec 12 9:12am

One last thing, do you have access to previous sydney guides? Id bet my climbing gear that the origi

1 years ago
Fri 7th Dec 12 9:12am

There are two types of PDF's the prebuilt ones which are really fast, and the custom ones which are

Brendan Heywood 1 years ago

1 Anyone like to climb Pyrmont Wall at Lunchtime?

Started by Cameron Shorter in Pyrmont Wall (Inner West) 1 years ago

Mon 26th Nov 12 4:11am

I work 50m from Pyrmont Wall. Anyone interested to have a climb at lunchtime during the week? Say 12

Cameron Shorter 1 years ago

7 Undercliff bouldering?

Started by Iain Duggin in Inner West 1 years ago

Thu 1st Nov 12 10:11am

mmmhhh another crag for the development. Add it to the list eh? Sydney has more than people give i

Ranger Dave 1 years ago
Thu 8th Nov 12 7:11pm

I have been cragging around Sydney for about 7 years now, and have been constantly amazed at the amo

Zorba Parer 1 years ago
Sun 11th Nov 12 8:11am

Zorba! You've got it! Brendon Flanagan and I are super busy developing bouldering in several other

Ranger Dave 1 years ago

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