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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Cape Willoughby Lighthouse Wall
17 unknown
Trad 25m
19 Finger in Seagull,
Trad 30m
22 R Phallic Broccoli
Trad 30m
14 Spudmatic
Trad 23m
16 To Kick a Porcupine
Trad 22m
19 Lenin on the Lamppost

The main diagonal crack on the wall L of Midnight Sun. If the start is wet, climb a crack parallel to and just R of the main line to a stance at 5m. Gain the crack proper and follow it all the way.

FA: David Cox, 1993

Trad 23m
13 Midnight Sun

The steep corner at the L end of the wall to a pleasant wide crack and direct finish. Puts value back in the grade.

FA: Colin Reece, Mike Round & Martin Bell, 1972

Trad 29m
19 Attila the Nun

Start R of Midnight Sun but make a rising traverse R to overlaps. Continue up to the thin crack 3m R of Midnight Sun.

FA: Pete Rigby, 1994

Trad 28m
19 Thunder Road

Begin 10m R of Midnight Sun, just L of a square cut block. Take the crack to the roof and pull through on the R to a stance. Step R and follow the L leaning flared crack to easier ground.

FA: Ryan Robertson & Glen Hordacre, 1987

Trad 28m
15 Glissading Penguins

Start 2m L of Lamplighter. Up the twin cracks and continue in line to the short crooked jam crack.Step R, move up then L along the ramp a bit and finish up the vague crack,

FFA: David Chenery & Paul Gray, 1987

Trad 26m
14 The Cad

Glissading Penguins into Pavements from Shanghai. From above the tiny corner at the end of the ramp, climb diagonally R via a vegetated ledge to finish up a V corner.

FA: Erik Lock, Caroline Lock & Lee Heard, 1997

Trad 26m
13 Pavement from Shanghai

Up Lamplighter 's corner then L along the ramp to finish as for Thunder Road.

FA: Dave Trehearne & Peter Kraehenbuehl, 1987

Trad 26m
14 Lamplighter

The R facing corner in the middle of the wall. When it ends, step R and continue up the narrow crack. Finish with care up R across vegetated ledges.

FA: Colin Reece, Mike Round & Martin Bell, 1972

FFA: Glen Hordacre, 1987

Trad 26m
15 Fush and Chups

Start at the niche 7m R of Lamplighter and climb the L leaning crack to a ledge. Move L and finish up the slanting cracks.

FA: Paul Gray & Dave Chenery, 1994

Trad 22m
16 Made in England

The parallel cracks 2m R of Fush and Chups to a ledge. Continue up the L crack.

FA: Ed Darling, 1994

Trad 20m
Cape Willoughby Ugly Death Wall
14 Ugly, Ugly, Ugly

The L arete.

FA: Dave Shelton & Erik Lock, 1997

Trad 25m
16 Boomer Beach

Begin 15m R of Ugly and follow the flaring crack past the main horizontal. Continue as you like.

FA: Paul Gray & Dave Trehearne, 1987

Trad 30m
Cape Willoughby Schweppes Wall
5 Terina Spa Water

The R facing corner then the shallow L facing corner to a ledge. Straight up to finish at two boulders.

FA: Peter Kraehenbuehl & Ryan Robertson, 1987

Trad 15m
7 Seven Up

The wall between Terina Spa Water and Solo Orange.

FA: Nick Neagle, Lee Heard & Caroline Lock, 1997

Trad 15m
6 Passiona

The R leading diagonal beginning 3m R ofnTerina Spa Water to cross Solo Orange at the diamond shaped boulder. Step R and head up.

FA: Peter Kraehenbuehl, 1987

Trad 17m
7 Solo Orange

A bouldery start 3m R of Passiona, then tackle the deep L leaning crack.

FA: Ryan Robertson, 1987

Trad 15m
8 Creaming Soda

Start as for Solo Orange, then the wall between Passiona and Solo Lemon. Move L around overhang, taking note that it consists of suspended avalanche debris.

FA: Paul Badenoch & Luke Adams, 16 Apr 2011

Trad 17m
8 Solo Lemon

Also starts as for Solo Orange but move up R to gain the obvious flake system.

FA: Paul Gray, 1987

Trad 19m
Remarkable Rocks
8 Strawberry Jam
Trad 8m

Showing all 24 routes.