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This small easy cliff is separate to the main cliff at 'Kangaroo Point'. It has a series of (not very imaginatively named) climbs perfect for beginners.

Climbs are listed from left to right. There are bollards at the top for top rope anchors.

Access issues inherited from Kangaroo Point

The cliffs are part of the Brisbane City Council River Terrace Park. While the BCC is generally supportive of climbing, issues regarding access and facilities are ongoing. The Australian Climbing Association (Qld) is the official voice of the climbing community in Queensland and works hard to improve the situation for all climbers. Please consider joining.


You can get to the base of the 'Nursery Cliffs' by walking up the metal stairs at the rightmost (southern) end of the main cliff, by walking down the stairs next to the gazebo on River Terrace or by walking/driving up Lower River Terrace off Ellis St.

The top is accessible directly off River Terrace.

Ethic inherited from Kangaroo Point

Climbing at 'KP' has a long, rich history and the cliffs are used by a huge number of climbers of very varied styles and abilities. For these reasons ethics here are complicated. However here are some undisputed points:

  • Avoid lowering off directly through the anchors. All lowering off and top roping should be through quickdraws attached to the anchors. If you are last then rethread and rap off to avoid wearing the anchors.
  • Don't ever chip holds.
  • Don't paint on any new initials.
  • Retrobolting is acceptable only after consensus is reached with a large cross section of the 'KP' climbing community. New bolts that don't meet this criteria are chopped, often within a few days.


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Grade Route
17 Climb 1 Trad 10m
10 Climb 2 Trad 10m
10 Climb 3 Trad 10m
14 Climb 4 Trad 10m
18 Climb 5 Trad 10m
8 Climb 6 Trad 10m
8 Climb 7 Trad 10m
12 Climb 8 Trad 10m
6 Climb 9 Trad 10m
18 R Climb 10 Trad 10m
13 Climb 11 Trad 10m
14 Climb 12 Trad 10m
10 Climb 13 Trad 10m
9 R Climb 14 Trad 10m