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This is the northern-most section of the 'Kangaroo Point' cliffs, beginning at the stone stairs and continuing north to where the cliff ends near Riverlife. CLIMBING IS CURRENTLY PROHIBITED HERE!

The Australian Climbing Association (Qld) is currently negotiating the reopening of at least part of this section of cliff. In order not to jeopardise these negotiations, please do not climb here. Please do join the ACAQ.

Climbs are listed from left to right.

Access issues inherited from Kangaroo Point

The cliffs are part of the Brisbane City Council River Terrace Park. While the BCC is generally supportive of climbing, issues regarding access and facilities are ongoing. The Australian Climbing Association (Qld) is the official voice of the climbing community in Queensland and works hard to improve the situation for all climbers. Please consider joining.

Ethic inherited from Kangaroo Point

Climbing at 'KP' has a long, rich history and the cliffs are used by a huge number of climbers of very varied styles and abilities. For these reasons ethics here are complicated. However here are some undisputed points:

  • Avoid lowering off directly through the anchors. All lowering off and top roping should be through quickdraws attached to the anchors. If you are last then rethread and rap off to avoid wearing the anchors.
  • Don't ever chip holds.
  • Don't paint on any new initials.
  • Retrobolting is acceptable only after consensus is reached with a large cross section of the 'KP' climbing community. New bolts that don't meet this criteria are chopped, often within a few days.

Some content has been provided under license from: © Australian Climbing Association Queensland (Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-Alike 2.5 AU)


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Grade Route
18 Untitled Route Trad 10m

FA: Chris O'Neill & Peter Stebbins, 1999

25 Mutant Sea Bass Trad 10m

FA: Peter Stebbins & Chris O'Neill, 1999

14 Trash Thrash Trad 14m

FA: Jonathon Dwyer & Michael Woodrow

18 Dazed and Confused Trad 14m

FA: Tony Young & Michael Woodrow


FA: Richard Henderson & Scott Camps, 1986

FR A1+ Magic Carpet Ride Aid 14m


FA: Fraser Chetterton & Matt Tatham, 1996

22 * Spack Attack Sport 14m

A direct finish was done by Paul Hoskins at about 25. The name was a tribute to Moira who had her leg broken in an accident on Crookneck.

FA: Michael Woodrow & Jonathan Dwyer, 1986

23 * Raped in a Church Trad 11m

FA: Michael Woodrow & Jonathan Dwyer, 1986

24 ** Tode Mode Trad 11m

FA: Roger Bourne, 1985

20 ** The New Order Sport 11m

FA: Saul Squires & Dave Whitworth, 1993



FA: Roger Bourne, Even Bieske & Andrew Barry, 1984



FA: Roger Bourne, 1984

FA: Solo Roger Bourne, 1984

17 * Gash Flash Trad 11m

FA: Andrew Barry, Roger Bourne & Evan Bieske, 1984


FA: Reynold Cope & Paul McAntee, 1986

17 R Jets Over Jordon Trad 10m

FA: Nick Heywood, 1985


FA: Darren Holloway & Jonathon Dwyer, 1985

FA: Darren Holloway & Jonathon Dwyer, 1985


Mick Woodrow's first FA... ignominious!

FA: Michael Woodrow & Eddie Irvine, 1984

14 M1 R Garbage Aid 25m

Possibly the worst excuse for a climb at 'Kangaroo Point'. Neil meerly used this climb as an extended test block for his newly purchased hand-drill and etriers. On the same day he had to rescue a lost student who decided to solo up the white choss to get to TAFE.

Start: A few metres left of big white choss pile.

FA: Neil Monteith, 1996

24 Foreclosure V Trad 20m

FA: Unknown ('s), 1980


FA: Neil Monteith & Simon Hennig (toprope), 1993

19 Forever Gumby Trad 18m

FA: Steve MacGillivray & Geoff Baker, 2000

24 Miasma Trad 20m

FA: Lee Skidmore, 1999

18 GR Trad 20m

FA: Unknown, 2000

17 R EC Trad 20m

FA: Unknown ('s), 1970

19 R Suicidal Tendency Trad 13m

Not pretty and not popular. Neil's first ever new route.

FA: Neil Monteith & Simon Hennig, 2000

14 A2 R Initial Adustment Aid 15m

Simon and Neil intially adjusted about two tonnes of loose rock off this route before roping up for the first ascent. It was top-roped originally at grade 17, ignored for many years (for good reasons) then Neil came back and aided and drilled his way up for practice one afternoon. The remaining hangerless bolts are questionable!

FA: Neil Monteith (FTRA - Neil Monteith & Simon Hennig -), 1993


FA: Edwardo Irvine & Darren Holloway ('s), 1988

21 ** Rear Entry Sport 20m

FA: Andrew Barry & Robbie Allen, 1984


FA: Andrew Barry, 1984

20 * Wallbanger Trad 20m

FA: Andrew Barry, 1984

19 Call the Cops Sport 15m

FA: Dave Whitworth & Darrin Carter, 1996

16 Trolly's Triumph Trad 17m

FA: Geoff Baker & Michelle Spuler, 1997

21 Where's Rocky? Trad 17m

FA: Geoff Baker & Michelle Spuler, 1997

24 Oh Mighty Gumby Trad 17m

FA: Steve MacGillivray & Geoff Baker, 1997

21 Lord Gumby Trad 17m

FA: Steve MacGillivray & Geoff Baker, 1997

18 Gumby's Demise Trad 17m

FA: Geoff Baker & Steve MacGillivray, 1997

14 Bum Full' Pikers V Trad 16m

At the 3rd BR, go right.

FA: Neil Monteith, 1996


FA: Evan Bieske, Roger Bourne & Andrew Barry, 1984