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40 min walk in from the car park with a well cleared trail. Take plenty of water.



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Grade Route
3 *** Skyline Traverse Traverse 1800m

An excellent excursion along the ridge of the amazing Yulladinida dyke formation. More akin to walking along the back of a stegosaurus than climbing, but some parties may want to rope up for some of the more exposed sections.

40 min hike in from car park. As soon as you breach the tree line, head right until you cant head right anymore (sheer cliff), then follow the ridge line.

Walk out is a bit of bush bashing if you follow the ridge to the end and drop down to the crater level to follow bottom tree line. Suspect the NP may put in a trail if popular.

12 Stugglers Lament Trad 75m, 3

Fused basalt rock following a gully/chute with the climb running up right hand side. Nice abseil down with good placements. Take plenty of slings.

  1. 10m (6) Scramble up from floor of crater to first grassy ledge.

  2. 30m (12) Start up right hand side of gully / chute.

  3. 30m (12) Interesting features carved by water. Stay right.

FA: Struggler & Tom WYnne, 2016

12 Dog-eared Trad 50m, 2
  1. Head diagonally right to to reach cracked rib from slab. Up crack then more easily to block.

  2. Up.

Start: At the tree at the end of the break in the main North face overhang.

FA: Joe Friend & Leon Lerer, 1977

12 * Misty Mountain Hop Trad 130m, 3
  1. 50m (12) Up 'Dog-eared' to cracked rib then up corners trending right past three bushes to right of orange alcove, 12m above third bush.

  2. 40m (-) Up towards tree on 'The Rocky Horror Show' then right until level wiht tree and 10m right of it. Climb the big, blocky corner to bush just past a tricky bit. Start: As for 'Dog-eared'.

  3. 40m (-) Up wall right of blocks in corner, then blocks above to ridge.

FA: Ian Brown & warwick payten, 1981

12 * Hot Chocolate Trad 140m, 4
  1. 50m (12) As for pitch one of 'Misty Mountain Hop'.

  2. 30m (-) As for 'Misty Mountain Hop' until corner steepens. Belay on slabby section.

  3. 30m (-) Traverse right then up to gain rib. Up rich brown rock on beautiful holds.

  4. 30m (-) Up blocky buttress to ridge.

FA: Ian Brown (solo), 1981

18 The Rocky Horror Show Trad 230m, 6
  1. 25m (-) Awkwardly on to sloping ledge, then right up rising traverse to Piton Belay on yellow sloping ledge just left of a large cracked block.

  2. 50m (18) Delicately right to cracked block, up then left. Surmount several overhangs with sparse protection and up to Gum tree.

  3. 40m (-) Traverse easily right on good rock to stance.

  4. 50m (-) Continue traverse right to stance at the base of huge orange block next to isolated grass tree right of two others.

  5. 30m (-) Rightward rising traverse to base of crack-corner on right side of orange blocks. Up with some difficulty, left and up to stance.

  6. 30m (-) Straight up to crack through roof on right, then up.

FA: Mark Colyvan & Brian Birch, 1980

15 * Wanderlust Trad 160m
17 * The Lorelei Trad 120m
7 * No Time at All Trad 96m

FA: J.lattanzio & G.Pritchard, 1980

10 ** Cyclops Trad 50m
4 * Peanut Alley Trad 50m

Climb juggy wall then follow groove left to triple headed, mutant grass tree, then up.

Start: At the base of a ramp 20m left of 'Perpetual Motion'

FA: Graham Sefton (solo), 1979

10 Perpetual Motion Trad 50m
10 * Tacos for Dinner Trad 45m
13 Wild Magic Trad 55m
10 Sahara Trad 90m
10 Shark Attack Trad 90m
12 * Flake Out Trad 90m
12 ** Bojangles Trad 110m


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