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Table of contents

1. Lowdina 153 routes in Crag

Unknown, Trad and other styles

Long/Lat: 147.416242, -42.636388

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Scharnhorst 12Trad 15m
2 Blackheads and Beauty Spots 16Trad 15m
3 Drugs on Sunday 16Trad 12m
4 ** Better Get A Bucket 24Trad 18m
5 *** The Spastic Acrobat 20Trad 15m
6 Seagull 10Trad 15m
7 Vulpecula 11Trad 30m
8 ** Punks and Lepers 22Trad 22m
9 Torque Arm 16Trad 15m
10 Ape 10Trad 20m
11 ** Anzac Day 18Trad 20m
12 Lejand 15Trad 12m
13 *** Mick Goes to Moonah 18Trad 15m
14 ** Chook Fever 17Trad 15m
15 * Miss Rightboy 16Trad 20m
16 * Boys in Bikinis 18Trad 15m
17 * What Bunny Likes Best 22Trad 15m
18 Jot Jot Splat 15Trad 15m
19 ** Finn 8Trad 25m
20 ** Bumble 10Trad 25m
21 *** Tim's Excuses 19Unknown 25m
22 Cromlech 13Unknown 18m
23 Tormentil 9Unknown 15m
24 * Hummer 15Unknown 15m
25 Garage Sale 17Unknown 12m
26 Little Black Balls 11Unknown 12m
27 ** Maggot On A Brick 22Unknown 8m
28 The Naughty Bottom Burp 20Unknown 12m
29 * Rogering the Rock 20Unknown 20m
30 * Daytime Delinquents 17Unknown 14m
31 *** Little Squeaky Feet 22Unknown 22m
32 *** Something Scurrilous 19Unknown 25m
33 Mega Smegma 16Unknown 25m
34 Genetic Junk Yard 16Unknown 25m
35 Catoblepas 14Unknown 20m
36 *** Orison 11Unknown 20m
37 * Mulliner's Code 16Unknown 20m
38 Maelstrom 18Unknown 20m
39 Ploughman's Launch 18Unknown 20m
40 Gecko 19Unknown 12m
41 *** Alekhine's Defence 19Unknown 12m
42 ** Electric Exercise Bike 18Unknown 15m
43 ** Liars and Losers 20Unknown 15m
44 ** Bicycles Don't Fly 17Unknown 15m
45 The Ants Pants 13Unknown 15m
46 ** Don't Jolt That Bolt 18Unknown 22m
47 ** Ferio 17Unknown 12m
48 ** Tall Dudes 20Unknown 12m
49 ** Picnic in the Front Room 22Unknown 15m
50 Directissimo Man 12Unknown 8m
51 Fadel B1Boulder
52 * Cryptic Clue 22Unknown 10m
53 * Anagram 21Unknown 10m
54 Ode to a Robotic Arm 19 M1Aid 15m
55 Toes and Thumbs 13Unknown 12m
56 Mr Queasy 18Unknown 12m
57 Konked Out 16Unknown 12m
58 ** Zundapp 18Unknown 20m
59 Sundy Mockry 13Unknown 12m
60 Paunch 12Unknown 10m
61 No Corruption 12Unknown 12m
62 * Fat and Married 18Unknown 15m
63 * Get Out Oscar 17Unknown 12m
64 Stung 10Unknown 15m
65 Jesus Trousers 15Unknown 12m
66 Time Warp Direct 18Unknown 12m
67 ** Time Warp 17Unknown 12m
68 *** Perchance to Dream 18Unknown 20m
69 ** Spazattack 18Unknown 18m
70 Spazattack Direct 23Unknown 18m
71 *** Drury Line 20Unknown 25m
72 ** Being A Pirate 26Sport 20m
73 ** Hooter 17Unknown 20m
74 * Grasshopper Island 15Unknown 20m
75 Wetcheck 13Unknown 20m
76 Mrs Malaprop 17Unknown 15m
77 V8 Donk 18Unknown 25m
78 *** Hood 16Trad 30m
79 * Subvert the Dominat Paradigm 15Trad 25m
80 ** Bismark 15Trad 25m
81 * Doug's Rat Rozanne 22Unknown 15m
82 ** Felix 18Trad 15m
83 Motorcycle Mama 11Unknown 15m
84 * Illegal Move 19Unknown 12m
85 * Otto Sausages 18Unknown 12m
86 * Bonsai 25Unknown 7m
87 * Squak 17Unknown 23m
88 Ungar 17Unknown 25m
89 *** Plastiacine Thylacine 22Unknown 25m
90 ** Virag 16Trad 25m
91 *** Wolfetone 18Trad 25m
92 * A Salted Battery 25Unknown 10m
93 Baby Animals 16Unknown 8m
94 * Mr Whimpy 16Unknown 14m
95 * Fruitless 18Unknown 12m
96 Bumper Crop 12Unknown 10m
97 Old Man's Hands 9Unknown 8m
98 Good O's From Heaven 25Unknown 10m
99 Surprise, Surprise 22Unknown 12m
100 *** Acerb 22Unknown 20m
101 *** Onklunk

The direct finish to Sweetie, and great climbing in a super location. Start as for Acerb but go R. Clip the first BR of the lip of the roof, then launch out R (technical) to a stance and the second BR. Trend back L and climb up on sidepulls and a tiny foothold (crux) to jugs, to finish up Sweetie.

26Trad 20m
102 *** Sweetie 12Unknown 20m
103 Nappy Rush B2Boulder 5m
104 *** Yoda 19Unknown 25m
105 Yoda Direct Start 21Unknown 25m
106 ** Chocolate 16Unknown 25m
107 ** Brittle Little Mothers 16Unknown 20m
108 Ulysses 16Unknown 25m
109 * Maisma minus 15Unknown 25m
110 *** Albatross 23Unknown 30m
111 A Ginger Cat Ate Rebecca 16Unknown 20m
112 Yeti Flakes 17Unknown 25m
113 Unfinished Symphony 11Unknown 8m
114 Fingers and Thumbs 13Unknown 15m
115 Team Pursuit 16Unknown 15m
116 Team Pursuit Direct 20Unknown 15m
117 If This Pavement Should Stray Or Rome, Smack It In The Bum, I Love Debra B1Boulder 8m
118 Hooning the Block 13Unknown 15m
119 York Street 15Unknown 15m
120 ** Sheening With the Dovens 18Unknown 25m
121 *** Greenknowe 12Unknown 15m
122 * Queasonaire 18Unknown 15m
123 ** Caged 21Unknown 18m
124 * Shivan 14Unknown 16m
125 Joyride 15Unknown 10m
126 Juvenile Hall 14Unknown 10m
127 ** Bulging Biceps 18Unknown 12m
128 Rocket Fuel 15Unknown 15m
129 Blue Turtles 16Unknown 15m
130 ** Snoober 17Unknown 17m
131 * Papillion 11Unknown 15m
132 Middled Aged Crisis 16Unknown 8m
133 ** Canary 15Unknown 20m
134 * Bird on a Wire 18Unknown 12m
135 Sein Zum Tode 10Unknown 12m
136 Fist 13Unknown 12m
137 The Prave 10Unknown 10m
138 Heidelberg Direct 17Unknown 20m
139 Expiry 13Unknown 20m
140 *** Lumbar Cruncher 23Unknown 23m
141 Rudge 16Unknown 20m
142 *** The Danger Hog Shuffle 17Unknown 25m
143 ** Wee Ratty 13Unknown 8m
144 Quine 18Unknown 18m
145 Exactuary 14Unknown 10m
146 Big Electric Cat 12Unknown 10m
147 Gilmigrim 13Unknown 10m
148 Triangel Smile 14Unknown 6m
149 Small Acoustic Dog 21Unknown 8m
150 * No Hi Jinx 17Unknown 12m
151 *** Wailing Wall 26Unknown 12m
152 Argonautica 16Unknown 15m
153 Velveteen 16Unknown 7m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
8 ** Finn Trad 25m
9 Old Man's Hands Unknown 8m
Tormentil Unknown 15m
10 Ape Trad 20m
** Bumble Trad 25m
Seagull Trad 15m
Sein Zum Tode Unknown 12m
Stung Unknown 15m
The Prave Unknown 10m
11 Little Black Balls Unknown 12m
Motorcycle Mama Unknown 15m
*** Orison Unknown 20m
* Papillion Unknown 15m
Unfinished Symphony Unknown 8m
Vulpecula Trad 30m
12 Big Electric Cat Unknown 10m
Bumper Crop Unknown 10m
Directissimo Man Unknown 8m
*** Greenknowe Unknown 15m
No Corruption Unknown 12m
Paunch Unknown 10m
Scharnhorst Trad 15m
*** Sweetie Unknown 20m
13 Cromlech Unknown 18m
Expiry Unknown 20m
Fingers and Thumbs Unknown 15m
Fist Unknown 12m
Gilmigrim Unknown 10m
Hooning the Block Unknown 15m
Sundy Mockry Unknown 12m
The Ants Pants Unknown 15m
Toes and Thumbs Unknown 12m
** Wee Ratty Unknown 8m
Wetcheck Unknown 20m
14 Catoblepas Unknown 20m
Exactuary Unknown 10m
Juvenile Hall Unknown 10m
* Shivan Unknown 16m
Triangel Smile Unknown 6m
15 ** Bismark Trad 25m
** Canary Unknown 20m
* Grasshopper Island Unknown 20m
* Hummer Unknown 15m
Jesus Trousers Unknown 12m
Jot Jot Splat Trad 15m
Joyride Unknown 10m
Lejand Trad 12m
* Maisma minus Unknown 25m
Rocket Fuel Unknown 15m
* Subvert the Dominat Paradigm Trad 25m
York Street Unknown 15m
16 A Ginger Cat Ate Rebecca Unknown 20m
Argonautica Unknown 15m
Baby Animals Unknown 8m
Blackheads and Beauty Spots Trad 15m
Blue Turtles Unknown 15m
** Brittle Little Mothers Unknown 20m
** Chocolate Unknown 25m
Drugs on Sunday Trad 12m
Genetic Junk Yard Unknown 25m
*** Hood Trad 30m
Konked Out Unknown 12m
Mega Smegma Unknown 25m
Middled Aged Crisis Unknown 8m
* Miss Rightboy Trad 20m
* Mr Whimpy Unknown 14m
* Mulliner's Code Unknown 20m
Rudge Unknown 20m
Team Pursuit Unknown 15m
Torque Arm Trad 15m
Ulysses Unknown 25m
Velveteen Unknown 7m
** Virag Trad 25m
17 ** Bicycles Don't Fly Unknown 15m
** Chook Fever Trad 15m
* Daytime Delinquents Unknown 14m
** Ferio Unknown 12m
Garage Sale Unknown 12m
* Get Out Oscar Unknown 12m
Heidelberg Direct Unknown 20m
** Hooter Unknown 20m
Mrs Malaprop Unknown 15m
* No Hi Jinx Unknown 12m
** Snoober Unknown 17m
* Squak Unknown 23m
*** The Danger Hog Shuffle Unknown 25m
** Time Warp Unknown 12m
Ungar Unknown 25m
Yeti Flakes Unknown 25m
18 ** Anzac Day Trad 20m
* Bird on a Wire Unknown 12m
* Boys in Bikinis Trad 15m
** Bulging Biceps Unknown 12m
** Don't Jolt That Bolt Unknown 22m
** Electric Exercise Bike Unknown 15m
* Fat and Married Unknown 15m
** Felix Trad 15m
* Fruitless Unknown 12m
Maelstrom Unknown 20m
*** Mick Goes to Moonah Trad 15m
Mr Queasy Unknown 12m
* Otto Sausages Unknown 12m
*** Perchance to Dream Unknown 20m
Ploughman's Launch Unknown 20m
* Queasonaire Unknown 15m
Quine Unknown 18m
** Sheening With the Dovens Unknown 25m
** Spazattack Unknown 18m
Time Warp Direct Unknown 12m
V8 Donk Unknown 25m
*** Wolfetone Trad 25m
** Zundapp Unknown 20m
19 *** Alekhine's Defence Unknown 12m
Gecko Unknown 12m
* Illegal Move Unknown 12m
*** Something Scurrilous Unknown 25m
*** Tim's Excuses Unknown 25m
*** Yoda Unknown 25m
19 M1 Ode to a Robotic Arm Aid 15m
20 *** Drury Line Unknown 25m
** Liars and Losers Unknown 15m
* Rogering the Rock Unknown 20m
** Tall Dudes Unknown 12m
Team Pursuit Direct Unknown 15m
The Naughty Bottom Burp Unknown 12m
*** The Spastic Acrobat Trad 15m
21 * Anagram Unknown 10m
** Caged Unknown 18m
Small Acoustic Dog Unknown 8m
Yoda Direct Start Unknown 25m
22 *** Acerb Unknown 20m
* Cryptic Clue Unknown 10m
* Doug's Rat Rozanne Unknown 15m
*** Little Squeaky Feet Unknown 22m
** Maggot On A Brick Unknown 8m
** Picnic in the Front Room Unknown 15m
*** Plastiacine Thylacine Unknown 25m
** Punks and Lepers Trad 22m
Surprise, Surprise Unknown 12m
* What Bunny Likes Best Trad 15m
B1 Fadel Boulder
If This Pavement Should Stray Or Rome, Smack It In The Bum, I Love Debra Boulder 8m
23 *** Albatross Unknown 30m
*** Lumbar Cruncher Unknown 23m
Spazattack Direct Unknown 18m
24 ** Better Get A Bucket Trad 18m
25 * A Salted Battery Unknown 10m
* Bonsai Unknown 7m
Good O's From Heaven Unknown 10m
26 ** Being A Pirate Sport 20m
*** Onklunk Trad 20m
*** Wailing Wall Unknown 12m
B2 Nappy Rush Boulder 5m