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Table of contents

1. Bob's Hollow 29 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 115.000759, -34.064214

Unique Features And Strengths:

Steep Limestone next to the ocean.


A sports crag on steep to vertical limestone, with solid (mostly) stalactites and stalagmites 100m from the Indian Ocean.The rock is fantastic to climb on on although there are some sandy sections, and the upper parts of the climbs may be quite sharp.

Access Issues:

The crag is in the Leeuwin- Naturaliste National Park. Whilst the local rangers seem to be quite unsure if climbing is allowed without a permit, it may be wise to contact the CALM office in Busselton.


2WD (RECOMMENED): 1st option: Follow Caves Rd south and turn onto Contos Rd. Follow this till you reach Contos Spring. Park here and walk northwards along the beach for around 45 minutes. Once you reach the second rocky outcrops entering the ocean, take the track that heads inland towards a large cave. Once at the cave/ cliff face turn right and follow this to a juction. Take the right option which remains at the base of the cliffs and walk for under 5 minutes. When you reach the bolts in the cliff you are there! 2nd Option: On Contos Rd park at the Cape to Cape walking track. Take this track northwards for roughly 45 minutes. It will follow the ridge line until it descends to the junction at the base of the cliffs previously mentioned. Turn left when you reach the track junction and walk for a few more minutes.

4WD (REALLY REALLY NOT RECOMMENDED): Travel south on Caves Rd for 2.5 km from the Caves Rd/ Redgate Rd junction. Take the 4WD track on you right which is just before the cave access road for Calganup Cave. Travel along the track (Bob's Hollow Rd) for around 3km until its end. From the end of the track follow the walking to the base of the cliffs which takes you to the cave just north of Bob's Hollow. Keep folling the track southwards until you reach the track junction previously mentioned. THE TRACK IS VERY ROCKY WHICH GETS WORSE AND WORSE AS YOU TRAVEL ALONG IT. EVEN A RAISED 4WD WILL STRUGGLE NOT TO CLIP SOME OF THE LARGE PROTRUDING ROCKS ON THE ROAD. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Where To Stay:

Contos campground is the closest legitimate choice, although it has been known for people to camp in the cave to the north of Bob's Hollow, although this is not 'permitted' by CALM. Contos Campground also links up to the Cape to Cape walking track. The is also plenty of other accommodation in the region with Margaret River close by.


Bob's Hollow is a sports crag and it seems many routes have been rebolted in the last year or two (2012- 2013). Chalk seems to be widely used.


Earliest climb seems to be from 1994.

1.1. The Hollow 18 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 115.000800, -34.064051


Shade until lunch time. Steep

Descent Notes:

Most routes have lower off rings

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Shark Skin 18Top rope 15m
2 Elongate

Left of unknown climb (constructive vandalism), over bulge with long moves and traverse right to join anchors of CV

23Sport 6
3 ** Unknown (aka Constructive Vandalism)

Clip first high bolt and continue up jugs, some of which have big moves in between.

21Sport 15m, 5
4 Constructive Vandalism 21Sport 15m
5 ** Puk Puk Sen

5 bolts to loweroff. Climb line of ringbolts immediately left of Constructive Vandalism. Thought provoking moves halfway up will result in glory or failure.

20Sport 15m, 5
6 Black Lung 21Sport 15m
7 ** Thyeses Feast

Left of the fin as you are facing wall, then steep crux ending

19Sport 15m
8 * Fin

Has been extended into the steep stuff and renamed as Thyeses Feast

17Sport 20m
9 ** Fin Right 19Sport 20m
10 ** Dependence Day 22Sport 20m
11 *** Hollow Promises 25Sport 25m
12 ** Magnas the Robot Fighter

Run up the pillar and continue directly up. Figure out the pocketed section and arrive at cave. Continue out of cave to a hard-to-clip anchor

22Sport 20m
13 *** Altered States 23Sport 25m
14 * Fire Power

Up left side of pillar on jugs to a massive 'do or die' finish

23Sport 20m
15 *** Bottomfeeder 25Sport 15m
16 *** Toy Shopping

Start on left trending flack system 5m right of Firepower. Climb up jugs to first bolt. With lots of style and power, throw yourself up to the headwall and continue up to anchors.

26Sport 20m, 5
17 * Spatular Man 26Sport 15m
18 Right of Spatula Man

Start off the higher terrace


1.2. Southern End 11 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 115.000433, -34.064617


More vertical rock with some steep sections. Longer routes that can be sharp at the top of the climbs

Descent Notes:

Most routes have lower off rings

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Revenge of the Luftwaffe

FA: Kate Swain

24Sport 20m
2 Escalade De Rasoir

Shares first 2 bolts of Sunset Cruise, then tends left up obvious ramp. 7 bolts plus double loweroff.

FA: George Firth, Mick Dempsey, 2008

18Sport 25m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
3 ** Mixed Grill

Start in left side of the cave and climb up large holds over stalagmites and traverse leftwards and over over roof with difficulty to hanging belay. Rap off here or continue left over sharp rock and strenuous climbing to anchor. Rap off anchor. 60m rope easily brings you to the ground.

FA: Regan Witham, 1994

22Sport 45m
4 * Sunset Cruise 18Sport 40m
5 *** Shaved Cat 20Sport 20m
6 Juggernaut

rope slings and bolts

18Sport 25m
7 * Unknown (left of Stalagasaurus) 18Sport 15m
8 * Stalagasaurus 18Sport 40m
9 Lover's Nuts

nice, gets sharp at the top, easy to get tied up just below the nuts

17Sport 25m
10 * Clever Trevor 17Sport 20m
11 Export Bogans 14Sport 20m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
14 Export Bogans Sport 20m 1.2. Southern End
17 * Fin Sport 20m 1.1. The Hollow
* Clever Trevor Sport 20m 1.2. Southern End
Lover's Nuts Sport 25m 1.2. Southern End
18 Shark Skin Top rope 15m 1.1. The Hollow
Escalade De Rasoir Sport 25m 1.2. Southern End
Juggernaut Sport 25m 1.2. Southern End
* Stalagasaurus Sport 40m 1.2. Southern End
* Sunset Cruise Sport 40m 1.2. Southern End
* Unknown (left of Stalagasaurus) Sport 15m 1.2. Southern End
19 ** Fin Right Sport 20m 1.1. The Hollow
** Thyeses Feast Sport 15m 1.1. The Hollow
20 ** Puk Puk Sen Sport 15m, 5 1.1. The Hollow
*** Shaved Cat Sport 20m 1.2. Southern End
21 Black Lung Sport 15m 1.1. The Hollow
Constructive Vandalism Sport 15m 1.1. The Hollow
Right of Spatula Man Sport 1.1. The Hollow
** Unknown (aka Constructive Vandalism) Sport 15m, 5 1.1. The Hollow
22 ** Dependence Day Sport 20m 1.1. The Hollow
** Magnas the Robot Fighter Sport 20m 1.1. The Hollow
** Mixed Grill Sport 45m 1.2. Southern End
23 *** Altered States Sport 25m 1.1. The Hollow
Elongate Sport 6 1.1. The Hollow
* Fire Power Sport 20m 1.1. The Hollow
24 Revenge of the Luftwaffe Sport 20m 1.2. Southern End
25 *** Bottomfeeder Sport 15m 1.1. The Hollow
*** Hollow Promises Sport 25m 1.1. The Hollow
26 * Spatular Man Sport 15m 1.1. The Hollow
*** Toy Shopping Sport 20m, 5 1.1. The Hollow