• Grades: AU
  • Approach time: 15
  • Ascents: 6


Depending on which 'track' you took from the carpark up towards The Main Wall, you might have walked through a steep gully between 2 of 3 large rounded boulders. If not, locate Cosy Corner. These boulders and this gully are just down and L across the hillside from this climb.


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Grade Route

There is a sustained overhanging finger crack on the uphill side of the gully, just L of Gecko. Climb this if you can.

FA: Phil Benson & Chris Watson, 1990

FFA: Kevin Lindorff, 1991

On the uphill, eastern wall of the gully is a curved overhanging flake.

FA: Phil Robertson, 1987

On the downhill side of the boulder downhill from Gecko is a blackwood tree in front of an arching overhang. Follow the arch past a low nut and 2 BR then straight up.

FA: Simon Fenton & Ray Renton, 1988

On the boulder in this group closest to Cosy Corner there is a 1.5m high block near the SW corner. Bridge to face from block. PR. 2BR.

FA: John Holgate & Chris Watson, 1988

follow the crack from the bottom R hand end L to and across the to of The Bridge.

FA: Mark Sullivan & John Miller, 1991

As for TTA but straight up arĂȘte to L side. Finish up arĂȘte or L 1m then up.

FA: Iain Sedgman, Stephen McDowell & Andrew Webb, 1989

There is a large boulder half way between Thingamejug and Elephant Rock. Climb the NW corner on sandy rock with no pro.

FA: Chris Watson & Phil Benson, 1990

This cliff is unlocated

If you know where this cliff is the please take a minute to locate it for the climbing community. contact us if you have any issues.


Check out what is happening in Thingamejug.