Mountain King Boulder


The crazy double stacked boulder under the tree.


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Climb the giant crack that splits the stacked boulders. Its not clean so take care not to die - the filth adds to the stars.

FA: Pablo, 2015

Mystery shrouds this line, who busted the flake then cleaned it up? Just how chipped is it? What's that smell? Like I said, mysterious.

Wild stuff! Sit start off the underling and side pull. Great moves but sharp.

FA: Evan.C, 2015

I was once in thrall to the Mountain King, bound in servitude I languished. Tips bleeding from my labours, keening lamentations ushered unwittingly from my cracked and bleeding mouth, for my family, my friends, and my beloved Ethel. As I gazed upon the rock I knew what I must do: link the start of Hall of the Mountain King into the end of Mountain King, and I set upon that granite with the crazed and anguished fervor of a man deprived of all that which defines him.

Stand start on the giant ledge and jug on the right side of the crack, traverse left across the crack using chockstone & slopers, top out easily on the high side of the boulder.

FA: Cassandra 'The Matador', Apr 2016

Pull onto the wall at full span from the low right undercling and high left sloper, then top out.

FA: Evan.C, 2015

Only makes it into the guide because of the cool name, and the fact the crux hold is made entirely of crystal. Left side of the boulder.

FA: Evan.C, 2015

Can't read it can't climb it - or perhaps you can?

FA: Evan.C, 2015

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