Topo #6218

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 * City Limits

Sustained, technical and insecure layaways up the thin flake on the L side of the wall. Originally aided as Woomera (M1). Reportedly first soloed by an unknown visiting UK climber, then later bolted and repeated by Richardson not knowing of the ascent.

26 Sport 15m Unlink route
2 Project
Sport Project 15m Unlink route
3 Space Monkey

Follow line of 3 RB up weakness and into pocketed face to anchor above break. New FHs make this route a little safer.

28 Sport 15m, 5 Unlink route
4 Project.
Sport Project 15m Unlink route
5 ** Choad Warrior

On right side of face follow flake lines and drill holes past 5 FH to anchors. Stay off arete at top.

27 Sport 15m, 5 Unlink route
6 Going for Broker

Climb far right arete, to a tree belay.

19 Sport 10m, 2 Unlink route

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