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Table of contents

1. Mountain Quarry 107 routes in Crag

Sport, Trad and other styles

Long/Lat: 116.062187, -31.914800

Unique Features And Strengths:

Perth area's premier outdoor climbing crag with a large number of sport and trad climbs, close to the city with good parking.


Mountain Quarry is the Perth area's premier outdoor climbing crag. It is located within Greenmount National Park, north of Coulston Road. It is very well-developed with a large number of bolted routes, having first been visited in the 1960s and developed ever since. As well as many sport routes for all experience levels, it also offers a number of trad and multi-pitch routes.

Access Issues:

The gravel road into the quarry runs off the carpark on Coulston Road and has a combination-locked gate (normally locked), the code to which can be obtained from the Department of Parks and Wildlife Perth Hills District office (9290 6100). The quarry is also easily accessible on foot from the car park on Coulston Road. Don't leave valuables in your car.


The quarry is situated on the north side of Coulston Road. The entrance to the car park is about 100 metres past the junction of Coulston and Hudman Roads. If the gate lock combination is known, the drive into the quarry is straightforward in a 2WD vehicle. The walk up the hill from the car park is about 5 minutes. Don't leave your car unlocked even when you are climbing nearby, opportunistic thieves on motorcycles are known to visit.


When the quarry was first visited in the mid-60s, it was a forbidding, rock-strewn death trap ringed by loose and menacing boulders on the skyline. The place is completely different today. Development at 'Mountain Quarry' was slow due to the lack of naturally protected lines at the then current level of climbing.

A breakthrough arrived in March of 1988 when Mark Colyvan from Armidale NSW freed the old Michael Adams - Tony Fowler aid route Damper A2 at the new grade of 23. The line was renamed 'Skywalker' and it still stands as a strenuous test piece for the grade. It takes a left traversing undercling and jam crack at the most obvious roof in the Quarry (on the right as you enter). In April 1988, Mike Law made a whirlwind visit and created Fuzz Bucky, with a chip here and a chip there. This climb can be found on the blank low angled wall facing the entrance. Originally grade 24, now 26, as far as the author knows this climb has not received a second ascent. These visits sparked new activity by locals, now armed with bolt kits

The first of these 'new' lines was Urban Ethics (22), a good quality face climb by father and son team R & R Master. Others joined in with a number of good climbs in the 20 - 21 range. Harry Butler produced Vader (22), an excellent line that has dumped a few budding hardmen, and 'Power Play' (20), a gently overhanging flake crack originally done on aid. Ron Master with Michael Adams then put up Go For Broke (21M2), a route involving some exposed face climbing with delicate aid moves to finish. Other routes for that year were Butler's 'Chrysalis', an unrepeated loose face climb, and R & R Master's sustained Hang Ten, which the team later straightened out at grade 24.

Sporadic activity continued through 1989 - 1990. A shaded seasonably wet bay at the back of the Quarry produced Split Personality, again by R & R Master. This climb takes a flake, wall and crack system with 2 variants at grades 17 or 21. These two also bolted and climbed Mullup (21), a good quality route with a delicate but well protected crux. David Wagland appeared on the scene in April 1990 to climb the classic Barren Awakening (23M1). This line consists of a wall and open corner at the central end of the Quarry facing the entrance. The crux involves a bracket bending dyno past the first bolt. Attempts to free the aid have failed.

Progress continued and the first sports-type climbs appeared but not without some controversy. On entering the Quarry, a small bay to the left is encountered which contains a steep 10m wall, with an obvious gently overhanging thin flake crack. This problem was first climbed, on aid, by Peter McKenzie who took a ground fall when his pitons zippered on the final placement. Several years later, a visiting UK climber was witnessed successfully soloing the climb after several times falling from half height. Then three bolts appeared courtesy of Shane Richardson, who did not know the past history, and City Limits was given a grade of 26.

Gary Matier put up Sylvia (21), on an obvious granite buttress in contact with a dark collapsed dolerite dyke, and The Force (22); a good line with varied wall climbing. Matthew Rosser contributed a sustained and technical climb on compact dolerite at grade 22, this line is called Land of the Orange Druggie. R & R Master were back again in 1991 with 'Fringe Benefits' (23). This climb shares its start with Vader but instead of moving left to the arete, takes a thin seam and wall through the left edge of the 'Skywalker' roof. The team also climbed a sister route to Wagland's Barren Awakening, which uses the same upper chain anchor. Learning to Fly (23M1) contains sustained and technical cruxes, hence the name

Even more recent is Peter Koval's Month of Sundays, a weekend project that eventually yielded a well prepared and technical grade 25. A bolted line has appeared on the wall between Urban Ethics and Go for Broke, put up by Phil Calais, it is graded at 24 and known as Star Wars. This climb contains some dubious bolts and pitons, hence it is advised that gear should be checked before leading.

The sports climbing scene arrived into the quarry with a vengeance with Anthony Bell's 1993 effort Cranial Void (27), a route that seems to have all the good holds upside down! Hardbody boulderer Derek Toulalan then added Sweet Pea, originally graded 28 but now downgraded to 27. Bell replied with Black Ambience (29) but the softly spoken Gerard Chipper has had the last word with his desperate deeds on Cardiofunk (29). These are the hardest climbing routes near 'Perth' to date. Much cleaning of the dirt-covered City Limits wall by Logan Barber & Co. produced Space 'Monkey' (28) and there are two more projects nearby.

'Mountain Quarry' still has the potential for new lines and not all of them in the upper grades. However, effort will be required to remove loose rock and create the necessary bolt placements. 'Mountain Quarry' is now Perth's premier top end climbing venue.

by Ron Master

1.1. Hangten Buttress 11 routes in Area

Sport, Trad and Unknown

Long/Lat: 116.061865, -31.915359

Description:© (hotgemini)

Obvious triangular buttress on R of Quarry as you enter it. It has overhanging aretes and is about 18m high. Hang Ten is on its R edge.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Production Line 29 Unknown 15m
2 Antitrust 29 X Trad 25m
3 Above the Trust 29 Trad 20m
4 ** Cardio Funk 29 Sport 18m
5 ** Sweet Pea

Start at base tot he left and use good holds to first bolt, then ape your way to the break for a rest. Traverse with poor feet to crux then powerful moves to the top.

27 Sport 22m
6 * State of Discontent 28 Sport 19m, 7
7 *** Black Ambience 29 Sport 20m
8 Animalistic Rage 29 Sport 18m
9 * Cranian Void 27 Sport 16m, 6
10 *** Hang Ten

This is an absolute Perth classic for the grade. May be harder than 24 since the bottom section has fallen off. Awesome moves make this an enjoyable climb.

24 Sport 12m, 5
11 Crab 10 Sport 8m

1.2. Skywalker Wall 15 routes in Area

Sport, Trad and other styles

Long/Lat: 116.062256, -31.915412

Description:© (hotgemini)

The obvious large and clean orange face on the southern side of the quarry. Be careful. Large blocks on left side of face have recently fallen off face. Skywalker is particularly unstable, with parts of it now laying on the ground. Be careful, and probably re-consider, climbing any routes to the left of Urban Ethics.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Force 22 Sport 30m
2 The Thin Red Line 22 Sport 35m, 8
3 Vader 22 Trad 31m
4 * Fringe Benefits 23 Sport 30m
5 No Wasted Space 25 Sport 30m
6 *** Skywalker

This route should not be climbed due to face falling apart.

23 Unknown 40m
7 * Premature Evacuation 25 Sport 30m, 5
8 *** Star Wars

FA: Phil Calais

24 Sport 25m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
9 *** Urban Ethics

Start left of obvious crack (Power Play), by using top of pointed block and traversing left around arete (can go straight up to third bolt - same grade). Continue up run out section left of arete using ever smaller crimps. Red point crux is mantelling the shelf at top before anchors. Small cams (0.75 - 2 Camelots) could be used to protect top moves. Excellent climb and probably the best for this grade near Perth. Uses same anchors as Power Play. Anchors can be reached from top, but probably safer to abseil or be belayed from large boulders at top.

FA: Ron Master, 1988

22 Sport 25m
10 *** Power Play

Originally and aid route called Band Aid, this overhanging finger crack will result in you laybacking like never before. Protect with nuts and small to medium cams. Shares anchor with Urban Ethics. Perhaps best natural route in Perth.

FA: Greg Butler, Ron Masters, 1988

20 Trad 25m
11 *** Running With the Bulls

Technical, pumpy and un-relenting.

FA: M. Rosser

24 Sport 30m, 8
12 *** The Alchemist 25 Sport 25m
13 Chrysalis 21 Trad 22m
14 ** Conflation 21 Sport 12m, 5
15 Go For Broke

Aid climb for Premature Evacuation

21 Aid 30m

1.3. Main Wall 18 routes in Area

Sport, Trad and other styles

Long/Lat: 116.062844, -31.914852


Highest climbs in the quarry. Beware, some of these routes are seldom climbed and full of choss.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Shield of Achilles 23 Sport 55m 2, 16
2 * Barren Awakening

Start at weakness directly belloe left edge of overlap. Crux is at 3rd RB (can be aided at 23M1). Follow grooves (can use small wires), up to a flake and upper crux.

25 Sport 35m, 10
3 Learning to Fly 23 M0 Aid 35m
4 * Rage

Stick clip required for first FH. This FH is loose, and it is near impossible to stick clip it.

23 Sport 23m, 5
5 Outrage 22 Sport 23m, 7
6 Gunga Kim

Old deathroute. First pitch now hopelessly entwined in new bolted routes.

20 Trad 55m 3
7 Usurper

FA: 2013

17 Mixed 25m, 2
8 Finger Lickin' Awful Alternate Start 12 Unknown 65m
9 Finger Lickin' Awful 16 Trad 55m
10 Sex, Cigarettes and Chardonnay

Pitch 1: tricky move to gain the slab. 5BR and mid-size friends. Belay below the headwall. Pitch 2: power over the headwall, gingerly cross the slab and crank up the arete. 5BR to friends. (Mountain Quarry mini-guide, © Neil Gledhill 2008)

19 Sport 50m 2, 10
11 Psychopath 20 Unknown 30m
12 On Edge 20 Unknown 40m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
13 Ace

5 BRs plus natural gear.

18 Sport 50m, 5
14 Fear in the Face of a Carrot 20 Mixed 30m, 3
15 Frog Groove 15 Trad 45m 2
16 Thick Red Line

Start on the left of the thick red band in the rock. Nice easy climb with plenty of GIMBs to two ring bolts 3/4 the way up. Second pitch is short and runout. Could be done in one pitch.

13 Sport 45m 2, 99
17 Double Nuts

Start at the crack on the arete right of the red band.

15 Unknown 45m
18 Opiate of the Masses 17 Sport 35m, 10

1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall 11 routes in Area

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 116.062672, -31.914362

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Equilibrium 18 Sport 20m
2 The 2007 Love Handles Tour 19 Sport 55m 2, 12
3 Double Happiness 20 Sport 35m, 12
4 Thin Black Line 16 Unknown 30m
5 Triumph of the Carrot 23 Sport 25m, 9
6 Carrots For Rabbits 23 Sport 25m
7 Inside Out

Follow a series of glued on holds to a slopey start. Leave glued in holds and follow the arete to an exciting finish. All carrot bolts so bring bolt plates.

19 Sport 25m, 11
8 Carroterrorism 23 Sport 30m, 10
9 Luck of the Draw 22 Sport 25m, 10
10 ** The Wiz 25 Sport 25m, 10
11 *** Fuzz Bucky

Follow diagonally right trending line of P's across slab then directly up to double P loweroff. 11 P's and 2 P loweroff.

FA: Mike Law

26 Sport 25m, 11

1.5. Mull Up Buttress 11 routes in Area

Sport, Unknown and Aid

Long/Lat: 116.062324, -31.914279

Description:© (hotgemini)

To the R of the Black Bay and a broad gully is a large black buttress.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Green Beret / Razzle Dazzle

Free climb name is Razzle Dazzle

M2 Aid
2 Frustration and Contempt

Weird and slopey. If it seems harder than 16, you are probably doing something wrong

16 Sport 25m, 4
3 * Mull Up

Has nice climbing in it, but deserves an 'R' rating. Medium cams required for overlap and crack at top. Ultimate commitment needed to gain slab as bolt is very high. Typical hard man quarry bolting that requires a life insurance policy.

21 Sport 23m, 4
4 The Perfidious Potoroo

Follow the FH. Slopey holds and an amusing crux will see you arrive at the anchors.

20 Sport 15m, 4
5 Land of The Orange Druggie 22 Sport 30m, 10
6 ** Dinosaur Killer

Straight up the line of fixed hangers to the left of Mortal Wombat, ending at MW's loweroffs.

FA: Ross Weiter, Kate Swain, 2015

20 Sport 20m, 7
7 Mortal Wombat

Try and avoid going left onto darker rock at start.

20 Sport 20m
8 Sylvia

Up arête left of Mortal Wombat. Beware of loose rock at top.

21 Sport 20m, 9
9 Bond Corp

2 bolts to cam placement in vertical crack, 2 more bolts to DBB

17 Sport 10m
10 Blood Donor 20 Unknown 25m
11 Graffiti 6 Unknown 20m

1.6. The Black Bay 14 routes in Area

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 116.061880, -31.914254

Description:© (hotgemini)

R of the black wall is a steep broken bay about 20 metres high. A dark, shaded bay, it is wet for a good part of the year due to ground water seepage. In summer this area stays shaded which makes it a good choice on hot days.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Shut 'em Down

The right edge of the blank wall. Steep, overhanging, and so rewarding when you get it!

Set by @rossweiter, 2015

22 Sport 16m, 5
2 Motherlode

FA: Ross Weiter, Peter Thomas, 2014

18 Sport 15m, 4
3 Turbodiesel Excavator

Climb the line 2 m L of “Crazy Horse”. Interesting moves and very 3D terrain.

FFA: R Weiter & P Thomas, 2010

19 Sport 16m, 5
4 * Crazy Horse

Route starts 2m right of Turbodiesel Excavator and continues over two overlaps to anchors.

22 Sport 16m, 4
5 Aquaterra

FA: Ross Weiter, Peter Thomas, 2015

19 Sport 15m, 5
6 * Vombatia

Gingerly negotiate the blocky choss to second bolt and pull past big moves up steep slab to reach the roof. Final moves require a little faith.

24 Sport 15m, 4
7 ** Month of Sundays

Start below bolt (hanger required) and move right to FH (long draw to reduce drag) then delicately move back left to gain black slab. Hard moves up to groove and continue to small that takes gear.

FA: Pete Koval, 1992

25 Mixed 25m, 5
8 * Monday Weak

FA: Neil Gledhill,Kate Swain, 21st Jan

24 Sport 15m, 4
9 Shake, Rattle & Roll 23 Sport 20m
10 ** Split Personality

Natural gear required for top.

21 Mixed 20m, 3
11 Split Personality Direct 17 Mixed 20m, 1
12 Vital Link 21 Trad 25m
13 * The Ride of the Valkyries 18 Sport 25m, 8
14 Roar Pleasure 16 Sport 25m

1.7. Playboy Area 21 routes in Area

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 116.061752, -31.914509

Description:© (hotgemini)

Beyond City Limits Wall is a large rubble fan with a broken buttress on its right, then a less broken section before a classic V-shaped corner, the climb Playboy. There are a couple of easier routes to the left of 'Plantagenet' however they are only for desperados.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Playmate

10m left of Playboy and 6m up slope. Climb drill hole to ledge. Up and over the next slab, then follow the bolts on the second wall.

Set by Oliver Morell and Jonas Hollingworth, 2013

22 Sport 16m, 6
2 ** Playmate Direct 21 Sport 16m, 6
3 * Playboy

Slabby route in V-shaped groove. Thin seam provides good pro using nuts and cams. Be careful of loos blocks at bottom, and use good foot work to reach top.

17 Trad 28m
4 * Playboy Variant

Follow playboy to top slab and trend left to reach bolts

19 Trad 28m
5 Hustler

Start 2m left of ‘Penthouse’ on a small white triangle painted on the rock and go straight up the corner onto a blank-looking slab. Climb the first 2 slabs staying left of the bolts then up the right side of slab 3 and traverse left with hands across the top. Move further around the side and up, with a reachy move to finish. 8 RB to DBB. Don’t drop on the heads of climbers on ‘Playboy’. Alternate finish – from the last RB head right and finish at the top of ‘Penthouse’.

FA: J. Hollingworth and O. Morell, 2013

21 Sport 22m, 8
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
6 Penthouse

Follow carrots to large block at top, and do interesting moves to reach anchors. To climb at grade 18, stick left of carrots and avoid large jugs to the right.

18 Sport 28m, 7
7 Left edge

Same as for Penthouse, but go slightly right at the top, not all the way right. Small/ medium cams can be used to protect the last 4m or so of the climb.

16 Sport 28m, 6
8 Aerobics with Alan

Great warm up route, or beginner route. Bulge at midway may test some climbers.

15 Sport 20m
9 Plantaganet 14 Sport 25m
10 Placeholder

Unknown correct name - bolted route between Plantagenet and Black Slab.

13 Sport 25m, 6
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
11 Black Slab 12 Sport 25m
12 Player 10 Sport 20m, 6
13 Red Back 14 Sport 25m
14 Potatoes 10 Sport 25m
15 Peas 9 Sport 25m
16 Caught in the Act 14 Sport 15m
17 Paternity Test 13 Sport 14m
18 First Date

Really good beginner route.

10 Sport 14m, 4
19 Bumble Aye

Straight up to 3rd bolt. Head left to gain the 4th, then a balancy traverse right to the large angled handhold and the top.

16 Sport 12m, 4
20 Bumble Bee 17 Sport 12m, 4
21 Bumble Sea 11 Sport 11m

1.8. Woomera Wall 6 routes in Area

All Sport

Long/Lat: 116.061511, -31.914838

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * City Limits

Sustained, technical and insecure layaways up the thin flake on the L side of the wall. Originally aided as Woomera (M1). Reportedly first soloed by an unknown visiting UK climber, then later bolted and repeated by Richardson not knowing of the ascent.

Set by S. Richardson, 1990

26 Sport 15m
2 Project Sport Project 15m
3 Space Monkey

Follow line of 3 RB up weakness and into pocketed face to anchor above break. New FHs make this route a little safer.

Set by L. Barber, 2002

28 Sport 15m, 5
4 Project. Sport Project 15m
5 ** Choad Warrior

On right side of face follow flake lines and drill holes past 5 FH to anchors. Stay off arete at top.

27 Sport 15m, 5
6 Going for Broker

Climb far right arete, to a tree belay.

19 Sport 10m, 2

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
6 Graffiti Unknown 20m 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
9 Peas Sport 25m 1.7. Playboy Area
10 Crab Sport 8m 1.1. Hangten Buttress
First Date Sport 14m, 4 1.7. Playboy Area
Player Sport 20m, 6 1.7. Playboy Area
Potatoes Sport 25m 1.7. Playboy Area
11 Bumble Sea Sport 11m 1.7. Playboy Area
12 Finger Lickin' Awful Alternate Start Unknown 65m 1.3. Main Wall
Black Slab Sport 25m 1.7. Playboy Area
13 Thick Red Line Sport 45m 2, 99 1.3. Main Wall
Paternity Test Sport 14m 1.7. Playboy Area
Placeholder Sport 25m, 6 1.7. Playboy Area
14 Caught in the Act Sport 15m 1.7. Playboy Area
Plantaganet Sport 25m 1.7. Playboy Area
Red Back Sport 25m 1.7. Playboy Area
15 Double Nuts Unknown 45m 1.3. Main Wall
Frog Groove Trad 45m 2 1.3. Main Wall
Aerobics with Alan Sport 20m 1.7. Playboy Area
16 Finger Lickin' Awful Trad 55m 1.3. Main Wall
Thin Black Line Unknown 30m 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
Frustration and Contempt Sport 25m, 4 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
Roar Pleasure Sport 25m 1.6. The Black Bay
Bumble Aye Sport 12m, 4 1.7. Playboy Area
Left edge Sport 28m, 6 1.7. Playboy Area
17 Opiate of the Masses Sport 35m, 10 1.3. Main Wall
Usurper Mixed 25m, 2 1.3. Main Wall
Bond Corp Sport 10m 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
Split Personality Direct Mixed 20m, 1 1.6. The Black Bay
Bumble Bee Sport 12m, 4 1.7. Playboy Area
* Playboy Trad 28m 1.7. Playboy Area
18 Ace Sport 50m, 5 1.3. Main Wall
Equilibrium Sport 20m 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
Motherlode Sport 15m, 4 1.6. The Black Bay
* The Ride of the Valkyries Sport 25m, 8 1.6. The Black Bay
Penthouse Sport 28m, 7 1.7. Playboy Area
19 Sex, Cigarettes and Chardonnay Sport 50m 2, 10 1.3. Main Wall
Inside Out Sport 25m, 11 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
The 2007 Love Handles Tour Sport 55m 2, 12 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
Aquaterra Sport 15m, 5 1.6. The Black Bay
Turbodiesel Excavator Sport 16m, 5 1.6. The Black Bay
* Playboy Variant Trad 28m 1.7. Playboy Area
Going for Broker Sport 10m, 2 1.8. Woomera Wall
20 *** Power Play Trad 25m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
Fear in the Face of a Carrot Mixed 30m, 3 1.3. Main Wall
Gunga Kim Trad 55m 3 1.3. Main Wall
On Edge Unknown 40m 1.3. Main Wall
Psychopath Unknown 30m 1.3. Main Wall
Double Happiness Sport 35m, 12 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
Blood Donor Unknown 25m 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
** Dinosaur Killer Sport 20m, 7 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
Mortal Wombat Sport 20m 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
The Perfidious Potoroo Sport 15m, 4 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
21 Chrysalis Trad 22m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
** Conflation Sport 12m, 5 1.2. Skywalker Wall
Go For Broke Aid 30m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
* Mull Up Sport 23m, 4 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
Sylvia Sport 20m, 9 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
** Split Personality Mixed 20m, 3 1.6. The Black Bay
Vital Link Trad 25m 1.6. The Black Bay
Hustler Sport 22m, 8 1.7. Playboy Area
** Playmate Direct Sport 16m, 6 1.7. Playboy Area
22 The Force Sport 30m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
The Thin Red Line Sport 35m, 8 1.2. Skywalker Wall
*** Urban Ethics Sport 25m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
Vader Trad 31m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
Outrage Sport 23m, 7 1.3. Main Wall
Luck of the Draw Sport 25m, 10 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
Land of The Orange Druggie Sport 30m, 10 1.5. Mull Up Buttress
* Crazy Horse Sport 16m, 4 1.6. The Black Bay
* Shut 'em Down Sport 16m, 5 1.6. The Black Bay
** Playmate Sport 16m, 6 1.7. Playboy Area
23 * Fringe Benefits Sport 30m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
*** Skywalker Unknown 40m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
* Rage Sport 23m, 5 1.3. Main Wall
* Shield of Achilles Sport 55m 2, 16 1.3. Main Wall
Carroterrorism Sport 30m, 10 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
Carrots For Rabbits Sport 25m 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
Triumph of the Carrot Sport 25m, 9 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
Shake, Rattle & Roll Sport 20m 1.6. The Black Bay
23 M0 Learning to Fly Aid 35m 1.3. Main Wall
24 *** Hang Ten Sport 12m, 5 1.1. Hangten Buttress
*** Running With the Bulls Sport 30m, 8 1.2. Skywalker Wall
*** Star Wars Sport 25m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
* Monday Weak Sport 15m, 4 1.6. The Black Bay
* Vombatia Sport 15m, 4 1.6. The Black Bay
25 No Wasted Space Sport 30m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
* Premature Evacuation Sport 30m, 5 1.2. Skywalker Wall
*** The Alchemist Sport 25m 1.2. Skywalker Wall
* Barren Awakening Sport 35m, 10 1.3. Main Wall
** The Wiz Sport 25m, 10 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
** Month of Sundays Mixed 25m, 5 1.6. The Black Bay
26 *** Fuzz Bucky Sport 25m, 11 1.4. Fuzzbucky Wall
* City Limits Sport 15m 1.8. Woomera Wall
27 * Cranian Void Sport 16m, 6 1.1. Hangten Buttress
** Sweet Pea Sport 22m 1.1. Hangten Buttress
** Choad Warrior Sport 15m, 5 1.8. Woomera Wall
28 * State of Discontent Sport 19m, 7 1.1. Hangten Buttress
Space Monkey Sport 15m, 5 1.8. Woomera Wall
29 Above the Trust Trad 20m 1.1. Hangten Buttress
Animalistic Rage Sport 18m 1.1. Hangten Buttress
*** Black Ambience Sport 20m 1.1. Hangten Buttress
** Cardio Funk Sport 18m 1.1. Hangten Buttress
Production Line Unknown 15m 1.1. Hangten Buttress
29 X Antitrust Trad 25m 1.1. Hangten Buttress
? Project Sport Project 15m 1.8. Woomera Wall
Project. Sport Project 15m 1.8. Woomera Wall
M2 Green Beret Aid 1.5. Mull Up Buttress