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Table of contents

1. Dog Rocks 52 routes in Area

Trad, Unknown and other styles

Long/Lat: 144.302714, -37.008823

Access Issues: inherited from Mt Alexander

Most of Mt. Alexander is a national park, so while climbing is permitted general rules apply; dogs are not permitted, ask before bolting, etc.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Ebb And Flow

Start on fallen over log, up obvious crack to direct finish up and over, don't go around the arete. May need to place a directional if top-roping to avoid whipping into tree.

FA: Neil Monteith, Kent Paterson & Ti, 2005

20Sport 8m, 3
2 * McDogs 21Unknown 15m
3 ** Dick McGinty 19Trad 15m
4 * Old Habits 22Unknown 15m
5 *** Scottish Reign 24Trad 15m
6 Culloden

Right of 'Scottish Reign', climb the flexing hollow flake to the ledge.

14Trad 6m
7 Ecosse 14Trad 6m
8 Ecosse Right Hand Variant 10Trad 6m
9 Elsie 16Trad 10m
10 Bouldering Slabs - R Arete / Courtyard Arete

Up the arete above the bouldering slabs, past 2 bolts and tree branch (sling). Double bolt belay towards the back of the block.

12Mixed 9m, 2
11 Mother and Child

Climb the wall and right arete just right of the bouldering slabs. Stand start.

FA: Peter Reynolds, 2012

12 * Braveheart 18Trad 10m
13 Tartan 17Unknown 10m
14 Tam O'Shanter 22Unknown 8m
15 Jewellery 14Unknown 12m
16 Chimney Corner 10Trad 10m
17 The Kennel 7Trad 15m
18 Finger Food 27Unknown 15m
19 Stone Cold Bush 29Unknown 15m
20 The Signature of All Things

Traverse the sloping boulder from right to left, starting matched on the rail and finish with a mantle on the god holds out on the far left hand side.

FFA: Peter Reynolds, 19th Jan

FA: Peter Reynolds, 19th Jan

21 * [To be confirmed....

Directly climb the wall right of Arlo's Arete. Do not use the right arete either. Crux at the top. Solo after top rope.

FFA: Peter Reynolds, 19th Jan

FA: Peter Reynolds, 19th Jan

24Trad 6m
22 ** Severn Tide

The beautiful arete right of Mobile Phone (at least I think it is Mobile Phone!) taken on its left-hand side. Solo after top rope. No bolts or gear. Named after the River Severn.

FFA: Peter Reynolds, 2014

FA: Peter Reynolds, 2014

25Trad 7m
23 * Arlo's Arete

Climb the arete of 'Severn Tide' on its right-hand side to a tricky sloping finish. Solo after top rope.

FFA: Peter Reynolds, 2014

FA: Peter Reynolds, 2014

22Trad 6m
24 ** The Descendants

Located on the wall around the corner left of Mobile Phone. Climb the seam to the break (crux) then traverse left before finishing up the final crack. Soloed after top roping. The first seam to the break is a highball boulder problem at around V6. Soloed on the FA but could be done on gear - gear after the crux though.

FFA: Peter Reynolds, 2014

FA: Peter Reynolds, 2014

25Trad 7m
25 * Mobile Phone 19Unknown 8m
26 Semantics 18Unknown 18m
27 * Modern Logic 21Trad 20m
28 ** Mo Money 25Unknown 20m
29 Rumours 25Unknown 15m
30 Painless 20Sport 10m, 3
31 Unnamed 7Trad 10m
32 Mercy 17Sport 6m, 2
33 Fido 14Trad 10m
34 Sporran 15Trad 10m
35 Rover 12Trad 10m
36 Kilt 18Trad 10m
37 Spot 16Trad 10m
38 Haggis 16Trad 6m
39 Black Pudding 12Unknown 6m
40 ** Old Dogs, New Tricks 22Trad 20m
41 ** Jack Russel 22Trad 20m
42 Fleece 13Unknown 6m
43 My Black Sheep 15Sport 8m
44 Waiting For Sam 15Unknown 8m
45 ** Little Bo Peep 21Sport 10m
46 The Corner of Discontent

Square cut corner uphill from LBP and visible through the gully left of that route. Easy to ledge then boulder corner (bout V6) past 3 rings/Us (cant remember). Bolted by KP.

FA: 2012

26Sport 10m, 3
47 Up The Bracket

rock on over

FA: kp, nmonteith, 2005

23Unknown 8m
48 Money Talks 25Unknown 20m
49 Black Sheep 15Unknown 8m
50 Knife In The Cheese

Climb begins 4m left of Fido follows horizontal break to arete then up.

FA: Paul McWaters, Rigel Butler

12Unknown 6m
51 bolted line next to 'Jewellery' 16Unknown 13m
52 Heroin Is So Passe

Thin face with a single fixed hanger at about 4m.

FA: kp, nmonteith & ti, 2005

20Sport 6m, 1

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
7 The Kennel Trad 15m
Unnamed Trad 10m
10 Chimney Corner Trad 10m
Ecosse Right Hand Variant Trad 6m
12 Black Pudding Unknown 6m
Bouldering Slabs - R Arete Mixed 9m, 2
Knife In The Cheese Unknown 6m
Rover Trad 10m
13 Fleece Unknown 6m
14 Culloden Trad 6m
Ecosse Trad 6m
Fido Trad 10m
Jewellery Unknown 12m
15 Black Sheep Unknown 8m
My Black Sheep Sport 8m
Sporran Trad 10m
Waiting For Sam Unknown 8m
16 Elsie Trad 10m
Haggis Trad 6m
Spot Trad 10m
bolted line next to 'Jewellery' Unknown 13m
17 Mercy Sport 6m, 2
Tartan Unknown 10m
18 * Braveheart Trad 10m
Kilt Trad 10m
Semantics Unknown 18m
19 ** Dick McGinty Trad 15m
* Mobile Phone Unknown 8m
20 Ebb And Flow Sport 8m, 3
Heroin Is So Passe Sport 6m, 1
Painless Sport 10m, 3
21 ** Little Bo Peep Sport 10m
* McDogs Unknown 15m
* Modern Logic Trad 20m
22 * Arlo's Arete Trad 6m
** Jack Russel Trad 20m
** Old Dogs, New Tricks Trad 20m
* Old Habits Unknown 15m
Tam O'Shanter Unknown 8m
23 Up The Bracket Unknown 8m
24 *** Scottish Reign Trad 15m
* [To be confirmed.... Trad 6m
25 ** Mo Money Unknown 20m
Money Talks Unknown 20m
Rumours Unknown 15m
** Severn Tide Trad 7m
** The Descendants Trad 7m
26 The Corner of Discontent Sport 10m, 3
V6 Mother and Child Trad
27 Finger Food Unknown 15m
7A+ The Signature of All Things Boulder
29 Stone Cold Bush Unknown 15m