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In Aug 2014 theCrag community made 22,175 updates and and added 453 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Matt Tranter 142points
2 Wuji 67points
3 Tristan 51points
3 David O'Donnell 51points
5 Neil Harvey 21points
6 20points
7 Christopher Lean 18points
8 Vaughan Shanks 11points
8 Kenton Horsley 11points
10 Ryan Whelan 10points
11 Rod Smith 9points
12 Simon Vaughan 7points
13 Warren Price 6points
13 Ben Young 6points
13 Gavin Murray 6points
13 graeme hill 6points
13 Karl Landorf 6points
13 Giovanni Guccione 6points
19 Chris 5points
19 Jack Hinde 5points
19 Aggieseal 5points
19 Marek 5points
19 Graeme Hill 5points
19 Marek 5points
19 Mike Garben 5points

Showing all 25 climbers

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