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Table of contents

1. Mt Ninderry 92 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 152.993413, -26.552727

Unique Features And Strengths:

Technical vertical faces, pumpy overhangs, stamina routes, boulder problems in the sky, steep cave climbing, this crag has it all. Great summer climbing with brilliant views from the seaside walls


Sportclimbing at Mt Ninderry began in 2010 with the now-classic Nitroglycerin. Prior to this occasional parties ventured up the odd trad route, though this activity went largely unrecorded. Many of the new climbs are true sportroutes while others are ''adventure sport'' with varying rock quality and trickier routefinding. A handful of long slings are handy and a 60m rope will suffice for most routes.

Access Issues:

Mt Ninderry is an access sensitive area. Please car pool to minimise parking problems. No access via Ninderry Rise Estate. Access is now from Yandina-Coolum Rd - take Barcrest Drive to the end, turn L onto Tinarra Close and follow to the cul-de-sac. Park in front of the war memorial gardens. Do not park on the grass and no overnight parking - complaints have been made to the council. At the top of the gardens you'll find a couple of old seats beneath mango trees. There's a cairn behind them and a trail leading up through long grass. Easy 15-20mins walk and you arrive near the Deadly When Aroused pillar. Turn L to Nitro/caves area and R to seaside walls. Thong enthusiasts beware, after any rain the 'easy' walk in becomes a slippery mess, even to the most seasoned veterans of 4wd approach thongs.


Wear a helmet, use a stick clip, be safe and tread lightly and quietly. Be careful of the grass trees and orchids. Don't impinge upon potential trad routes with new bolts. Respect tagged projects and the individuality of existing lines. And please dispose of human waste properly!

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Bitter Sweet Break-off

10min walk east of Sayonara Bitches along the cliff base, facing east. Stick clip first bolt. Start in centre left of cave and follow the obvious rib through the overhang onto the slightly hung headwall.

FFA: Michael Jansen, 2013

FFA: Brenton Owens, 2013

20 Sport 11m, 4
2 A Broken Hold Never Heals

Start 2m right of BSB, Superman start into the roof following obvious line to headwall. Joining BSB at its 4th bolt.

FFA: Michael Jansen, 2013

22 Sport 10m, 3
3 Sayonara Bitches

Eastern most route on the seaside walls. Bit of a ramble, however, the steepest 20 you'll ever climb for the top 6 metres!

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2012

20 Sport 27m
4 * The Last Airbender

Hidden cave gem! Up PPP then veer R and downclimb behind PPP pillar. Ascends back wall trending L. Tree belay on ledge, then walk off and rap down ETN.

FFA: Jerome, 2010

22 Sport 18m 2, 7
5 ** The Pale Potbellied Paedophile

A hard crux through the roof, especially for the vertically challenged, followed by fun cranking over a bucket or two, to an exciting topout.

FFA: Jerome, 2010

21 Sport 20m, 7
6 ** Swordsman With An Umbrella

Starts two metres left of TPPP in corner crack. Climbs easily up crack till prow is reached at second bolt (optional small cam beneath second bolt). Tough move through prow and sustained climbing follows, which trends slightly left the whole way. Lower off just before ledge.

FFA: Matt Schimke, Terry Forbes, 2012

23 Sport 22m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
7 * Neo Nasi Goreng

Bouldery start (don't use tree, yes sensei!) a few metres to the right of ETN. Move left at second bolt onto face with some thin climbing before encountering a steep top with chain just below lip.

FA: Matt Schimke, Terry Forbes, 2013

19 Sport 25m, 9
8 *** Enter The Ninja

Arete RHS; Begin up crack or face to high first bolt near arete. Engaging climbing for the confident leader. Now with anchors for lower-off.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2010

19 Sport 27m, 6
9 ** Katana

Other side of arete from ETN. Use long runner on first bolt of ETN then L around arête to high FH on face. Jugs and crimps to the break. A move L on edges sets you up to attack the face. Sustained crimping over the bulge leads back to the arête and a welcome FH. Up arete to break, final bolt (long runner) and anchors of ETN.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2010

25 Sport 28m, 7
10 Scattered Ashes

Climb the (somewhat green!) crack and flake L of enter the ninja, with some interference from the tree. Head L on the ledge and up the crack dissecting the bulging buttress. Take care with the chockstones and blocks up high to topout on ledge w/ anchors.

FA: Unknown

FFA: Patrick Simon, 2010

19 Trad 28m
11 ** The Iron Fist

Face and rooflet between unclimbed wide crack and SA. Climb pitch1 of FitS then R to belay. Start up thin edges, through a bouldery section, then quest to glory with more moderate climbing through the overhang to an exciting and exposed finale.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2013

25 Sport 13m, 5
12 ** Fletcher in the Sky

10BR to anchors (+1 optional belay bolt on ledge). Moderate ledge-y stuff on P1 then sweeeet clean face above. Belay on ledge a good idea (grade 18, 5BR to there) but reasonable as a single pitch with a few long runners in the first half and an attentive belay. From the ledge, get your crimp action on. A thin bouldery section is followed by excellent edging up an immaculate steep wall to anchors.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2012

23 Sport 26m 2, 11
13 ** Eden's Racksports

Delicately ascend through the large easy vegetated gully. Use long slings to reduce drag for 2nd half or break the whole climb into 2 pitches. Traverse right at the easy ground for 4 meters to the obvious crack. Plug in your gear and enjoy pro until about 3 meters from the top where you break left to easier ground. Tree belay. Easy walk to Katana. Very loose large stuff at top-out.

FA: Unknown

FFA: Patrick Simon, Jonathon Kilchester, 2011

20 Trad 29m
14 ** Aileen's Arete

Face and arete L of ER crack. Accessed from P1 of FitS. 5BR to anchors. Diagonalling left, this diminutive route packs a whallup. Committing blind moves down low, tricky all the way to the anchors. If you fall below the last bolt, beware the tree!

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2013

24 Sport 9m, 5

Ocean vista wall

The following routes exist on the large Ocean Vista Wall facing R to L. This wall is in shade from about 10:30am in summer and all day in winter. Follow the steps up gully to access the sector.

15 ** Mad Cows On Acid

The furthest R route on this sector. Climb wall to ledge. Power out R side of cave, over cruxy bulge, and up headwall above. Long runners handy in cave.

FFA: Jerome, 2011

24 Sport 25m, 11
16 * Full Contact

Middle line out of cave. If lead in one pitch, anchor in and pull the rope through the first 4 draws before proceeding to reduce drag.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

25 Sport 27m, 12
17 Full Contact p1

Not bad in it's own right.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

22 Sport 10m, 4
18 * Bloodsport

7 bolts to anchors from the cave. Climb as for FC to the cave. This is the L line directly above the anchors. Severe Body-English is necessary to solve the boulder problem out the cave. The climbing eases significantly as the angle relents, though still keeps you punching through the overlap. To minimise drag, safety into the anchors and pull the rope through the first 4 draws before continuing out the cave.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2012

25 Sport 27m
19 Double Dragon (Right)

9 BR to anchors. Deceptively steep face and blunt arête. Sustained and bouldery, with a difficult and arresting crux. Not for the feint of heart. Stick to the line and avoid the junk rock out R or piking into the cave.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

23 Sport 24m, 9
20 * Double Dragon (Left)

Shares the start with it's twin, then L onto the ledge. Direct up following the bolts through crimpy face. Maybe a tad contrived but does not climb the easy stuff out L. Trend R above hard section to join the top of DDR.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

24 Sport 25m, 10
21 Little Buddha

Black face/arete. Punchy little route. Sustained difficulty with long moves between good holds. Good stuff! May get an extension soon…

FFA: Ben O'Connell, 2010

22 Sport 12m, 4
22 *** Zazen

Good compression boulder problem then glory to the chains!

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2010

26 Sport 22m, 9
23 ** Gone Windsurfing

Wildly fun! Recommended for the experience. Don't mistake the last bolt with the mallion on it for the finish - double bolt anchors at the top.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2010

24 Sport 25m, 7
24 ** Funnel Web

Named after an angry former inhabitant! 9 BR to anchors. Start in the back of the black cave. Burly climbing through cool hanging features. The sustained headwall still packs a bite!

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

25 Sport 20m, 9
25 ** Kill Bill

Begin with long moves up L side of cave followed by diabolical crux around the arete. Continuous climbing up face with difficulty dramatically easing to anchors of NT.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2012

27 Sport 15m, 8
26 Killer Funnel Web

First two bolts of Kill Bill to its third FH (but don't clip it) before traversing R into Funnel Web at its third FH and finishing up this.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 2012

25 Sport 20m

Lower tier

The following three routes are located on a small lower tier of rock under the main cliff. To access, fix a rope to the bolt at the top of the gully, just beneath the start of Funnel Web, and abseil down.

27 *** Sweep The Leg

On the little wall down gully below FW. Very technical climbing with a diabolical crux. May need some lichen cleaned off. Packs it in for a short route!

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

26 Sport 10m, 6
28 ** Cobra Kai Karate Club

L of STL. Tough crux, but fall-offable all the way!

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

24 Sport 11m, 5
29 No Can Defend

L of CKKC. Good little route with a few difficult sections and an excellent warmup for the harder stuff around here.

FFA: Dan Mackenzie, Tom Gallagher, 2012

21 Sport 12m, 4

Past lower tier

Now back up to Ocean Vista Wall above...

30 *** Ninja Tactics

On Ocean Vista Wall. Clip first bolt from large boulder and pull onto the crux start. Pocketed face above to lower off. Classic.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2010

22 Sport 18m, 7
31 * Sho Kosugi

Dappled face into cave. Use long sling (about a metre) on bolt in cave then R onto the giant fang (bolt on tip)! Up to DBB. Very exciting!

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2010

22 Sport 20m, 7
32 ** Yoshimi Battles

SK into cave, then L line of bolts out cave to very top of wall. Exposed exciting finish!

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2012

22 Sport 25m
33 Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique

Face and blunt arete just L of manky crack. Joins COYS in cave.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2010

22 Sport 18m
34 Choke On Your Sushi

Good route at the grade. Stickclip recommended. Use long draw in cave. Beware loose rock in top section but it doesn't detract from the experience.

FFA: Jerome, 2010

21 Sport 18m, 5
35 Chokin’ Sho Kosugi’s Sushi


FFA: Kenny Walker, 2012

23 Sport 23m, 6
36 One Inch Punch

Short and sharp! L side of cave and cool little headwall above. Sweet exposure for a short route.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

22 Sport 9m


The following 2 routes climb the pinnacle high on the L. Take a couple of long slings (1mtr +) to lower off anchors on ledge, or rappel instead. NOTE: These two routes are closed during the Peregrine Falcon nesting season (August - December).

37 Indi and The Samurai

Dappled face of high pinnacle. Climbs the face proper not the crack and flake to the R (maybe only grade 18 this way?). If done properly this route is short, thin and technical. Use long slings (1.5mtr on anchors which it shares with IaTN) if setting up TR.

Please note: Closed during Peregrine Falcon nesting season (August- December)

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2010

21 Sport 9m, 3
38 Indi and The Ninja

Steep arete on pinnacle. What it lacks in length it makes up for with exposure and pumpiness! Use 1+mtr slings on anchors if lowering or alternatively abseil off to clean.

Please note: Closed during Peregrine Falcon nesting season (August- December)

FFA: Kenny Walker, Luke Sonnenburg, 2010

19 Sport 11m, 4

The next route can be found at ground level at the bottom of the gully and just before moving around to the following two routes. It is located almost directly beneath STL.

39 The Big Boss

One of the better warm ups on the cliff. An isolated route but well worth doing on great rock. 6 UB’s lead up the steep and juggy wall to anchors over the lip.

FA: Matt Schimke

19 Sport 12m, 6
40 * Deadly When Aroused

On isolated pillar between 2 areas, just right of where the new track hits the cliff. Look for the tiny cave with bolts above it. Hard steep bouldery start followed by a few intersting sections throughout. Use long runner on 3rd. Air-y climbing up arete to chains out L.

FFA: John 'Deadly with the Ladies' Davies, 2011

21 Sport 18m, 9
41 *** Kachinderry

Variant finish to DWA. At the roof hand traverse R along the lip then crank for the top. Powerful moves and a tricky mantle. Wildly exposed fun climbing which deserves to be more popular.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

23 Sport 17m, 9

Caves area

This area is a ten minute walk from the Ocean Vista Wall around the SW side of the mountain. Winter sports virtually all-day shade while in summer some routes see afternoon sun. Due to the complex architecture, a diverse style of routes can be found, though steep is generally the rule. Peregrines stifle climbing and development here between July and Dec. Hungry mozzies also like to hang around depending on conditions so bring some spray!

42 Knuckleduster

R side of Nitro Wall. Begin under bulge. Use some longer runners in first half. Above 5th bolt climb direct up cracked face and avoid the choosy scramble up the pillar out L (subtract a grade this way). Keeps punching all the way to the chains!

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2012

25 Sport 17m, 9
43 ** Harvey Wallbanger

Easy to begin then up steep white wall to black headwall. Trends L at the obvious slopey break, then up past last bolt to chains. Its worth being careful of the tree below you at some points.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

24 Sport 15m, 7
44 Semtex

Really cool low dyno (unless you're Long-arms Schimke), then a baffling upper crux which can be solved with some knee-trickery. Hard to grade as the sequence is short, but hard/bizarre. It goes without saying the chalked holds out right on Harvey Wallbanger are not in. 7 ringbolts to anchors. Rebolted December 2013.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 2012

29 Sport 7
45 *** Nitroglycerin

Already a classic

FA: Jerome, 1992

FFA: Jerome, 2011

25 Sport 15m, 5
46 *** Saturday Night Nitro

First 5 bolts of SNP, then logically R into the business section of Nitro. Hard crimpy V5 boulder problem into grade 24 climbing.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2012

26 Sport 15m, 6
47 *** Saturday Night Palsy

Easy past a few bolts, then power endurance with minging crimps and wide spans. Hard crimpy boulder problem to a more moderate mid-section to core intensive spans at the top. At the 5th bolt move naturally R into Nitro for a few moves then back L to the 6th. The route sticks to the wall so the back wall out L is off limits until clipping the chains. A direct is possible going up and left from the jug at bolt 5, with a couple long reaches to the next clip, at perhaps a grade harder.

Set by Kenny Walker

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2015

28 Sport 14m, 7
48 Toils Of A Gamescore Whore

Very limestone-esque climbing up face and corner L of flying buttress

FFA: Cameron Fairbairn, 2011

23 Sport 17m
49 ** The Korova Milkbar

Fun steep monkeying on amazingly solid funk! Committing and rewarding. Start on chossy shelf a metre to the left of TOAGSW on U bolts. Move left a move at fourth bolt, and make sure you don't miss the fifth bolt, which is hiding above one of the rooflets.

FA: Matt Schimke, Terry Forbes

22 Sport 20m
50 ** She Who Snoozes

Starts on higher terrace just right of Dontworry.com. Slab past three bolts under roof. Monkey out and through on huge holds. Take the left side of the arête past a harder move, then slab headwall.

FA: Lee & Sam Cujes, John O'Brien, 2013

22 Sport 20m, 10
51 *** Dontworry.com

Slab to headwall to exposed step-around to techy corner. A bit of everything! If you're up for the adventure it's not to be missed.

FFA: Jerome, 2011

21 Sport 25m, 10
52 ** Ninderry Air

Easy to find; it’s the biggest roof on the mountain. Much less intimidating than it looks from below. Start 6m L of Dontworry.com at the tree. Prepare yourself for some adventure-sport climbing! Take the time to get the rigging right for this one or you won’t be able to clip the anchor due to drag. Doable with a single rope if you use LOTS of long slings. Easy ramble to the roof. Punch the juggy roof, turn the lip and if you’ve done everything right you’ll be able to pull rope for the anchor clip Impossible to clean from the anchor, so back-jump the roof and lower-off. Rebolted Dec 2013.

FFA: Lee Cujes, Sam Cujes, JJ O'Brien, 2012

25 Sport 25m, 11
53 What The Left Hand Don't Know

3m L of NA. Up runout, easy jugs for three ringbolts (long slings). Pull L into steep runnel and thug up to the base of 50 degree overhung headwall (grade 18 to here). The permadraw hanging over the lip points the way. A hard and direct boulder problem to the blind (and tiny) hold over the lip. Difficult moves are followed by a mantle onto the lip hold. A great sequence of bouldering in a super exposed position, only slightly spoilt by the fact that there’s tempting easy ground off L (not in). Hard to grade. 18 V7? Save your rope and clean from the permadraw and leaver-biner. Rebolted December 2013.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 2012

28 Sport 25m, 11
54 ** Vertigo

Starts 3m R of Pneumothorax in hollowed out cave.

FFA: Jerome Gobel, 2012

23 Sport 30m
55 * Vertigo-Pneumo Link

Links the beginning of Vertigo into last bolt of Pneumothorax. Sling a protrusion on the traverse. Not an integral route in it's own right but a linkup of the easiest sections of both routes.

FA: Patrick Simon, Fraser Pocknee, 2014

19 Sport 18m
56 ** Pneumothorax

Steep continuous jugging! Stickclip high first bolt in roof. Follow FH's (60cm sling on third bolt) right across jugs, before heading straight up to the anchors on slab.

FFA: Jerome Gobel, 2012

22 Sport 18m, 5
57 ** Tension Pneumothorax

The continuation of Pneumotharax past 3 more bolts through orange bulge to anchors. You can also access this by climbing TT to its third last bolt and heading right into this climb at the ledge (rope probably runs better this way).

FFA: Jerome Gobel, 2013

25 Sport 25m
58 ** Tick Typhus

Starts up P for two bolts (use long slings), and climb straight up to U bolt (long sling again). Continue up 3D corner to small ledge above on the right. Make a move back left and tackle the steep black corner (avoid moving way out right at last bolt into no mans land) to chains over the lip.

FA: Matt Schimke, 2014

25 Sport 25m, 8
59 Tim Burton Tunnel

FFA: Alex Coombes, 2010

15 Sport 13m
60 *** Birds Of Prey

A very proud line with classy climbing that follows TSSS to the anchors, veers R, then straight up aiming for the beautiful orange headwall and arete at the very top of the cliffs. Veer R up the final arete, ignore the distracting bolts just to the left. A few things to note: 1. To climb with minimal drag backclean the first bolt, use extenders for last BR and anchors on TSSS (or clip the last bolt on Tim Burton Tunnel and backclean the TSSS anchor). 2. It’s not possible to lower to ground from final anchors using a 60m rope so clean this climb in two pitches or use a 70m rope. Climb named with respect for the peregrine falcons that nest close by, so as much as this is a great climb, it should only be climbed outside of the falcons nesting season.

FFA: Jerome Gobel, 2012

24 Sport 35m, 16
61 (Jerome's Project)

BoP LH finish.

Sport Project
62 * Three Stroke Scree Slope

“Despite appearances all the holds are bomber... I challenge you to pull anything off!” - J. Make him a wager. Enjoyable climbing on big, nicely moulded holds.

FFA: Jerome, 2011

18 Sport 15m
63 ** Skeleton Coast

R of the manky steep crack. Excellent climbing with a few hard sections. Joins TSSS at its last bolt. 23 if climbed the original method of moving right through steep fingery crux.

FFA: Jerome, 2011

22 Sport 17m
64 Scream Like A Man

R hand route in cave (L of manky crack). Very poor rock

FFA: Daniel Farquhar, 2011

22 Sport
65 Quiet Rage

Starts a couple of metres to the left of SLAM. Juggy for the first 3 bolts. High clip in the roof, and a great sequence of bouldering leading out left onto big 'ledge feature. Work your way up and right on jugs to a pumpy finish in black crack/corner. High anchor over the top.

Set by Glen Foley, 2011

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2014

25 Sport 15m
66 ** Screaming Rage.

Climb QR to fourth bolt, and instead of heading right along the big feature, go straight up through the roof and overlap. Pumpy moves lead to a hard throw to hidden finishing jug. Better and more sustained than QR.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2014

25 Sport 10m, 5
67 Got Any Shoes Stranger?

Up QR for two bolts, then L through bulge.

FFA: Glen Foley, 2011

24 Sport
68 Struggle Snuggle

Super bouldery crux. no Kneebars here...

FFA: Nate Foster, 2011

26 Sport 13m
69 ** Getting Buck (Right)

An alternate finish to to the Getting Buck link-up, fnishing up QR instead of SR.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 2014

26 Sport 15m, 9
70 ** Getting Buck

Link up. Begin up A to the 4th bolt, then follow the steep underbelly across SS and GASS (3rd clip of each) to finish up last 2-3 bolts of SR. If instead you keep going R and finish up QR (black corner) it's Getting Buck (Right) at low-end 26.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2014

27 Sport 15m, 9
71 *** Absinthe

Up the steepest part of the cave. Start at the faint 'A' on the wall with low first bolt. A key hold broke when this was 26, changing the sequence and making it much more bouldery and sustained.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2011

FFA: Rob Saunders, 2014

27 Sport 14m, 7
72 yag si moT

Climbs well pity it's rubbish rock. Needs a good day of cleaning and sorting out of the clusterfuck of bolts.

FFA: Glen Foley, 2011

23 Sport 14m, 5
73 Hangover Overhang

Runout after second bolt, but still quite fun.

FFA: Jeff MC

18 Sport 10m
74 Have Another Home Brew

Small wall to a burly little roof and mantle. Quite fun as a warm up, and an enjoyable miniature piece of climbing.

FFA: Jerome Gobel

19 Sport 10m

Sunset buttress

This diminutive buttress of excellent rock is located five minutes walk from the cave. Follow the cairns along the cliff base. Good for morning warmups, this crag glows golden in the afternoon sun. A few quality short routes abide so far.

75 Leo's Slab

R side route on Sunset Buttress. Beautiful rock.

FFA: John DWTL Davies, 2012

19 Sport 10m
76 Goanna Balm

Begins from ground level. Cruxy and heartbreaking to the chains!

FFA: Gareth Llewellin, 2012

21 Sport 14m
77 Tiger Balm

Begins on ledge, Face L side of runnel. Good climbing on excellent rock. Several grades harder if you're short.

Set by @kenny

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2012

19 Sport 12m
78 * Way of the Exploding Fist

Technical and sustained with multiple cruxes. Stay true to the line, particularly above bolts 4 and 5, where committing moves to thank-god jugs keep you honest.

FFA: Kenny Walker, 2012

24 Sport 12m, 5
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
79 The Slug Method

On large trailside boulder found when walking from the frontside carpark. Standing start, up on small holds and over the lip

FA: 2013

V0 Boulder 3m
80 Millipede

Sit Start at SSS, and traverse right coming to good foot holds and up next to the step on the track

FA: Michael Jansen, 2013

V1 Boulder 7m
81 Silly Sandshoe Man

2m left of TSM. Sitting start beneath small cave, up right sidepulls to mantle.

FA: 2013

V0 Boulder 3m
82 Wizard Motor

1m left of SSM. Sitting start, lunging moves to mantle

FA: ?

V1 Boulder 3m
83 Crustacean Cross

standing start on furthest left with hand matched on level slab. Traverse right along top section to top out at SSM.

FA: 2013

V2 Boulder 5m
84 Mantis Mantle

Standing start at flat slab go straight up and top out.

FA: 2013

V0 Boulder 2m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
85 Cardiac Arete

Standing start on right hand arete top out above

FA: 2013

V0 Boulder 2m
86 Slinky

Start on obvious side pull to right of boulder, stretchy moves to solid holds and top out

FA: 2013

V1 Boulder 4m
87 * Breath Taker

Standing start on obvious righthand side pull. Traverse slightly left across flat wall and top out in centre of boulder.

FA: 2013

V2 Boulder 4m
88 Umbilical Cord

Standing start, straight up to top out

FA: 2013

V0 Boulder 3m
89 Bushy Hair

V1 for tall people. V3 for short people. Start on 2 finger crimp for left hand hop up to balancy feet through crimps on face to top out.

FA: 2013

V1 Boulder 3m
90 Avoid the hulk

same start as Hulk heading straight up avoiding big green jug, top out on crimpers.

FA: 2013

V2 Boulder 3m
91 Hulk

start on two crimps head up slightly to the left using green jug, top out.

FA: 2013

V1 Boulder 3m
92 Easy way out

Left of boulder, mantle up to finish

FA: 2013

V0 Boulder 2m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
15 Tim Burton Tunnel Sport 13m
V0 Cardiac Arete Boulder 2m
Easy way out Boulder 2m
Mantis Mantle Boulder 2m
Silly Sandshoe Man Boulder 3m
The Slug Method Boulder 3m
Umbilical Cord Boulder 3m
18 Hangover Overhang Sport 10m
* Three Stroke Scree Slope Sport 15m
19 *** Enter The Ninja Sport 27m, 6
Have Another Home Brew Sport 10m
Indi and The Ninja Sport 11m, 4
Leo's Slab Sport 10m
* Neo Nasi Goreng Sport 25m, 9
Scattered Ashes Trad 28m
The Big Boss Sport 12m, 6
Tiger Balm Sport 12m
* Vertigo-Pneumo Link Sport 18m
V1 Bushy Hair Boulder 3m
Hulk Boulder 3m
Millipede Boulder 7m
Slinky Boulder 4m
Wizard Motor Boulder 3m
20 Bitter Sweet Break-off Sport 11m, 4
** Eden's Racksports Trad 29m
Sayonara Bitches Sport 27m
V2 Avoid the hulk Boulder 3m
* Breath Taker Boulder 4m
Crustacean Cross Boulder 5m
21 Choke On Your Sushi Sport 18m, 5
* Deadly When Aroused Sport 18m, 9
*** Dontworry.com Sport 25m, 10
Goanna Balm Sport 14m
Indi and The Samurai Sport 9m, 3
No Can Defend Sport 12m, 4
** The Pale Potbellied Paedophile Sport 20m, 7
22 A Broken Hold Never Heals Sport 10m, 3
Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Sport 18m
Full Contact p1 Sport 10m, 4
Little Buddha Sport 12m, 4
*** Ninja Tactics Sport 18m, 7
One Inch Punch Sport 9m
** Pneumothorax Sport 18m, 5
Scream Like A Man Sport
** She Who Snoozes Sport 20m, 10
* Sho Kosugi Sport 20m, 7
** Skeleton Coast Sport 17m
** The Korova Milkbar Sport 20m
* The Last Airbender Sport 18m 2, 7
** Yoshimi Battles Sport 25m
23 Chokin’ Sho Kosugi’s Sushi Sport 23m, 6
Double Dragon (Right) Sport 24m, 9
** Fletcher in the Sky Sport 26m 2, 11
*** Kachinderry Sport 17m, 9
** Swordsman With An Umbrella Sport 22m
Toils Of A Gamescore Whore Sport 17m
** Vertigo Sport 30m
yag si moT Sport 14m, 5
24 ** Aileen's Arete Sport 9m, 5
*** Birds Of Prey Sport 35m, 16
** Cobra Kai Karate Club Sport 11m, 5
* Double Dragon (Left) Sport 25m, 10
** Gone Windsurfing Sport 25m, 7
Got Any Shoes Stranger? Sport
** Harvey Wallbanger Sport 15m, 7
** Mad Cows On Acid Sport 25m, 11
* Way of the Exploding Fist Sport 12m, 5
25 * Bloodsport Sport 27m
* Full Contact Sport 27m, 12
** Funnel Web Sport 20m, 9
** Katana Sport 28m, 7
Killer Funnel Web Sport 20m
Knuckleduster Sport 17m, 9
** Ninderry Air Sport 25m, 11
*** Nitroglycerin Sport 15m, 5
Quiet Rage Sport 15m
** Screaming Rage. Sport 10m, 5
** Tension Pneumothorax Sport 25m
** The Iron Fist Sport 13m, 5
** Tick Typhus Sport 25m, 8
26 ** Getting Buck (Right) Sport 15m, 9
*** Saturday Night Nitro Sport 15m, 6
Struggle Snuggle Sport 13m
*** Sweep The Leg Sport 10m, 6
*** Zazen Sport 22m, 9
27 *** Absinthe Sport 14m, 7
** Getting Buck Sport 15m, 9
** Kill Bill Sport 15m, 8
28 *** Saturday Night Palsy Sport 14m, 7
What The Left Hand Don't Know Sport 25m, 11
29 Semtex Sport 7
? (Jerome's Project) Sport Project