South West Crag

Access issues inherited from Raetjen's Gap

Private land, climbing permitted.


Some content has been provided under license from: © Cameron Roy (CC BY-SA 3.0 AU)


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Grade Route

The R side of the diagonal overhang at the L end of the wall. you can place gear on the start of SOD before launching but still goey

FA: Phillip McMillan, 1979

FFA: Gary Scott, 1979

The prominent groove near the L end of the wall is solid at the grade

FA: Phillip McMillan & Gary Scott, 1979

The next line leading slightly R with a little bulge at 4m

FA: Gary Scott, 1979

A direct line starting 1.5m R of SW and joining that route near the top.

FA: Colin Reece & Simon Barrow, 1978

Just before reaching SW tackle a scoop on th R to finish up though.

FA: M Pearsons & W Olenich, 1996

The line of scoops midway between RU and MB

FA: Colin Reece & Simon Barrow, 1978

The wall above the boulder to finish in the crack R of the summit block

FA: Colin Reece & Simon Barrow, 1978

Start beside the boulder and follow a vague line to a bird-stained bulge. Step R and finish through scoops.

FA: Gary Scott, 1979

the next dot. The diagonal line R to a notch and ledge. OR alternatively, take the LH crack at the same grade

FA: Gary Scott, 1979

A direct route over small buges just L of UM

FA: Gary Scott, 1979

Begin 1m R of Monomania and climb straight up to the notch and ledge on OD. finish easily

FA: Gary Scott (solo), 1979

Over the overhang at the thin seam 1m R of UM countinue directly up.

FA: Gary Scott (solo), 1979

Take the overhang at its widest using the blade !m R of BAP finish straight up.

FA: Simone Barrow, 1977

The L-leading diagonal that begins where the track meets the cliff

FA: Neil Smith & Dale Arnott, 1977

Over boulders 2M R of ST then L and up a roofed corner.

FA: Simone Barrow, 1977

A R to L traverse that incorporates the best bits of a number of the climbs. Stay mostly in the horizontal just below half-height the trend higher as you approach SOD

FA: Nick Neagle & Richard Harvey, 1981

The centre of the little orange wall just beyond the R end of the crag. Finish between the boulders

FA: Gray Scott, 1979

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