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Rank Climber Ascents
1 Tony Williams 1,070ascents
2 Lauren Chandler 1,057ascents
3 Adam Bramwell 938ascents
4 Paul Thomson 931ascents
5 Vanessa Wills 766ascents
6 David O'Donnell 757ascents
7 Rod Smith 692ascents
8 684ascents
9 Ryan Whelan 658ascents
10 Neil Monteith 619ascents
11 607ascents
12 Ben Jenga 601ascents
13 Jason Lammers 581ascents
14 russ 563ascents
15 Stuart McElroy 560ascents
16 Ian Geatches 540ascents
17 M.Warren 536ascents
18 Mic 531ascents
19 lloyd wishart 516ascents
20 James Hardy 497ascents
21 Tim Haasnoot 494ascents
22 Justin Clark 488ascents
23 shaunm 468ascents
24 warwick payten 466ascents
25 Stephen Hawkshaw 460ascents

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