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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Blue Mountains Lower Blue Mountains The Heights Bull Ant Wall
21 Trigger Happy Park Ranger (Project- Josh)

A current project by Josh up right side of cave.

Unknown 8m
Blue Mountains Lower Blue Mountains Mulgoa lookout Lookout Climbs
22 Todds Helm

follow RBs. Tops Out. Tree for anchor. needs a clean after heavy rain.

Unknown 8m, 3
Blue Mountains Leura Sublime Point Lookout
17 Tumbleweed
Unknown 8m
21 WS
Unknown 8m
Blue Mountains Leura Sublime Point West Face (Main Area) Lower Cliff Subjacent
9 Sublimation
Unknown 50m
12 Substitution
Unknown 37m
14 Subterfuge Direct
Unknown 83m
10 Conscious
Unknown 43m
9 Subconscious
Unknown 47m
14 Submaxilla
Unknown 55m
11 Subtle
Unknown 45m
Blue Mountains Leura Sublime Point West Face (Main Area) Lower Cliff Arunga
10 Slurp
Unknown 33m
9 Burp
Unknown 71m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Katoomba Cliffs The Three Sisters Honeymoon Point
6 Tourist Route
Unknown 30m
7 Tourist Traverse
Unknown 40m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Katoomba Cliffs The Three Sisters Eastern Block
22 The Oderneisse Line
Unknown 40m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Katoomba Cliffs The Three Sisters East Face
14 Easy Route
Unknown 20m
18 Treatment Works
Unknown 20m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Katoomba Cliffs The Three Sisters Southern Routes
12 Dick Me Chimney
Unknown 96m
14 Elephant Walk
Unknown 96m
16 South West Buttress
Unknown 200m
14 Skyline Traverse
Unknown 240m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Katoomba Cliffs The Three Sisters Halfway Ledge
16 Vertical Diarrhoea
Unknown 90m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Katoomba Cliffs Echo Point Echo Point Walls
23 Jezreel
Unknown 35m
22 Wayne's World
Unknown 75m
21 Shaken & Stirred
Unknown 65m
24 Ice Cubes
Unknown 45m
24 Driving Home
Unknown 85m
22 Tailspin
Unknown 200m
23 Silent Echo
Unknown 75m
24 Alive in a Bitter Sea Variant
Unknown 190m
23 Exercising the Devils
Unknown 100m
22 Iron Lady
Unknown 100m
16 Iron Lady Variant
23 Bryden's Dinky
Unknown 160m
22 The New Right
Unknown 40m
21/22 Sharp End Tremors
Unknown 70m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Katoomba Cliffs Malaita Wall
23 Scratching the Itch
Unknown 75m
25 Merl
Unknown 75m
18 50 Million Beers
Unknown 70m
17 Pinnacle Route
Unknown 200m
13 Malaita Point
Unknown 250m
18 Malaita Crack
Unknown 70m
20 Crack of Despair
Unknown 70m
17 Evisceration
Unknown 80m
17 Arete of Terrible Disfigurement
Unknown 80m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Narrow Neck Rhum Dhu
13 Night Cap

"A pleasant climb on good rock."[JME] JME also declared both bolt anchors "unnecessary".

Start: About 15m left of IOU at obvious layback cracks.

  1. (28m) (crux). Up layback, through bushes and up blocks to below overhang. Piton runner, over bulge on good holds, and continue up thin wall into belay cave, bolt anchor.

  2. (18m) Over the bulge to left, and up to bolt anchor. Scrambling remains.

FA: A. Campbell, P. Smith & M. Horne, 1966

Unknown 46m
6 Gin and Tonic

Variant start to Rhum Cognac. Start: Chimney/gully about 15m right of Rhum Cognac slab.

  1. (10m) corner to ledge (tree).

  2. (30m) move left into chimney and up to join the Rhum Cognac V-chimney.

FA: F. Field, G. Hoar & R. Cunningham, 1958

Unknown 40m
17 Tooth & Nail (Boars Head)

#Historical "The glamour climb of the area. A spectacular looking face and its first ascent (after several free attempts) was the first to use extensive artificial aids. 3/8" eyebolts are needed." [BA]

Start: Scramble up Green Salad Gully to slight overhang on left, beneath which the climb traverses onto the face.

  1. (28m) Traverse left onto face, Terrier (eyebolt) runner on nose, continue up to pulpit type stone.

  2. (10m) (crux, was M2) chossy crack and left to bolt belay.

  3. (6m) Left up to small ledge and bush belay.

  4. (22m) Tricky start, then right and off to finish an airy and exhilarating (exposed) climb.

FA: R. Kippax & D. Rootes, 1961

Unknown 70m, 4
15 Humbaba

Start: 10m left of Desperately Seeking Stephen.

  1. Up gully 5m and right to ledge (bolt belay). Nose and slab (6 bolt runners) then right to join Desperately Seeking Stephen at last bolt runner.

FA: Jones & Babka, 1989

Unknown 30m
18 Desperately Seeking Stephen

Start: At undercut arete 200m W of Devils Hole.

  1. 8? bolt runners to chain. 1.5-2.5 cams

FA: A. Jones & A. Farquar, 1988

Unknown 45m
Diversion Ahead
Dead End

Set by Mac & Zac

UnknownProject 25m, 6
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Narrow Neck Narrow Neck Crags Main Bivouac Ledge
22 Hey There Big Boy Direct Start
Unknown 5m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Narrow Neck Narrow Neck Crags Herbaceous Gully
19 Fool's Mate Direct Start
Unknown 62m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Narrow Neck Diamond Falls Access Ledge
19 Homo Ignoramus P1
Unknown 30m
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Narrow Neck Diamond Falls Mr Wall
project Project (Ben)

Independent line starting a few metres right of Rhythm Method.

project Open Project 1
project Open Project 2
Blue Mountains Katoomba Area Radiata Plateau Nellies Glen
16 Scorpio
Unknown 49m
14 Aquarius
Unknown 28m
15 Capricorn
Unknown 33m
12 Taurus
Unknown 40m
15 Sagittarius
Unknown 43m
16 Aries
Unknown 57m
13 Zodiac Crack
Unknown 45m
9 Leo
Unknown 47m
15 Virgo
Unknown 41m
14 Libra
Unknown 43m
Blue Mountains Medlow Bath Colosseum
23 Lost at Birth

Start: Unknown. Piton and bolt runners and large cams?

  1. Slab.

  2. Seam.

FA: P. Stebbins, 1992

Unknown 35m
Blue Mountains Medlow Bath Valley Farm
20 Street Legal

The arete left of Running Gun Blues. Up the arete and wall carefully past the nose then up the arete to a bolt on a small ledge. Crux past the bolt and up trending left to the corner. Up to belay.

FA: Rod Young & Mark Burton, 1980

Unknown 46m
21 Running Gun Blues

The wall left of Hard Day's Night. Straight up the wall to reach L into a wide crack. Up onto small ledge then follow the line through two more bulges (crux) to the top of the cliff.

FA: Rod Young, Ant Prehn & Mark Burton, 1980

Unknown 40m
Blue Mountains Medlow Bath The Sporting Complex
Mystery bolt line

About 8m R of p2 of LaCS is a line of bolts. It looks like you'd have to rap in as it starts in the middle of nowhere.

Blue Mountains Medlow Bath DG's
21 Mad Taffy Traverse

Traverse the crack for the Howlin Wolf (?? not listed) to the lower offs.

FA: mad taff Tony Williams, 2004

Unknown 25m
21 Chainsaw Juggler

Climb the crack (crux) then get on the overhang thru the dinner plates to lower offs.

FA: Tony Williams, 2004

Unknown 10m
8 Exotic as I am

Right hand buttress first lin eafter corner.

FA: Nora Adam/ Tony Williams, 2004

Unknown 12m
Blue Mountains Medlow Bath
23 Yurtle the Turtle

Carrots. Grade only a rumour. Looks good.

Start: Behind bushy tree on north-facing orange wall.

Unknown 20m
Carnivore Corner
High Drama
Blue Mountains Blackheath Area Megalong Valley Crags James Bond Main Wall
23 Live and Let Die

The name is wrong

Unknown 12m
Blue Mountains Blackheath Area Megalong Valley Crags The Phoenix
19 Little Drummer Boy

FA: Julian Anderson/Chris Coghill

Unknown 26m
18 Shortcut to Exposure

FA: J Anderson & C Coghil

Unknown 45m
Blue Mountains Blackheath Area Megalong Valley Crags Spider Crag
18 Shazzam

The obvious, large undercut arête. Start around left on easy block. Traverse right to arête and first bolt. Then up via 6 rings and medium cams to DRBB. (The direct start is about 20,) 2) 6m Ugly thuggery through overhung mess. 5 bolts, no lower off.

FA: dale tweedie, 28 Sep 2013

Unknown 29m, 2
23 Buy me a Pony

Start at arête 30m R of Shazzam. Jump to jug, then traverse immediately right. Up through bouldery section (crux), then left to great climbing up arête. 13 rings plus cams (one large ~4, one small ~0.5). Top belay. Note: Descent for this and other routes is by rapping from rings above Bam ba Lam.

FA: dwebster, 28 Sep 2013

Unknown 35m
Blue Mountains Blackheath Area Rusty
24 Lockjaw
Unknown 25m
25 Tetanus Shot
Unknown 25m
24 Gruntfuttock
Unknown 22m
24 It"s really lloyd"s
Unknown 18m
25 (Hairy Yam
Unknown 12m
23 Budgie smuggler
Unknown 18m
Blue Mountains Blackheath Area Mt Blackheath Area Blackheath Lookout
17 Centrefold

Start: Same as 'Calm'.

To tree on right wall, wall via bolts, right to arete then lookout.

FA: H. Luxford, 1985

Unknown 30m
6 Knees

Start: 300m right of 'Solo Climb' at huge right angled corner with chimney in right wall.

  1. 23m Chimney to tree.

  2. 20m Chimney to tree.

[No you are not not reading double - Ed.]

FA: 1968

Unknown 43m
Blue Mountains Blackheath Area Mt Blackheath Area Mt Blackheath
15 Sugarland Express
20 Stuntman
20 Gimme Shelter
19 The Great Escape
19 Case of the Smilling Stiffs
18 Pink Panther
21 Phallanger
18 Time Bomb

Showing 1 - 100 out of 922 routes.